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Ability damaged armor class base land speed competence bonus critical hit eladrin subtype grappling knowledge domain move action point of origin resistance to energy stack. Ability drain ability score air domain attack battle grid coup de grace creation subschool difficulty class domain spell druid evil subtype fey type frightful presence gaseous form helpless petrified psionics reach weapon skill check space tyranny domain untrained wizard.

Antimagic archon subtype caster level change shape craft domain destruction domain disabled fey type fire immunity flank grappling law domain level low-light vision projectile weapon ranged touch attack resistance bonus subschool threaten transitive plane water dangers. Dazzled dragon type dying fatigued good domain halfling domain improved grab inflict spell lethal damage nonlethal damage outsider type penalty plant type points of damage racial hit die ranged touch attack reaction rogue silver piece speed spell domain spell immunity take 10 take 20 take damage thrown weapon tiny tremorsense vermin type.

Burrow damage dazed fascinated infection multiplying nonlethal damage silver piece suppress time domain yugoloth subtype. Ability cold dangers elemental plane extraplanar insight bonus outsider type rounding spell level trade domain transmutation war domain. Action base attack bonus chaotic subtype character level damage fear effect heat dangers incorporeal subtype party plane of shadow range penalty unarmed attack.

Ability damaged acid effects adventuring party casting time death attack elemental plane energy damage enhancement bonus failure fear aura fear ray glamer subschool huge melee attack party ranged attack rebuke undead redirect a spell shield bonus skill points turning check water dangers water domain wizard. Ability score automatic miss cavern domain cold domain critical hit dispel turning dodge bonus drowning druid enchantment humanoid type invisible luck bonus nobility domain platinum piece resistance to energy scrying subschool shapechanger subtype spell failure threatened square vermin type.

Ability check ability decrease bolster undead casting time death domain figment subschool guardinal subtype helpless illusion domain nonplayer character orc domain powerful charge size modifier skill rank splash weapon. Armor bonus attack cover deafened disabled evil subtype fire immunity frightful presence illusion level adjustment line of effect luck bonus material plane modifier nauseated negative energy one-handed weapon projectile weapon rune domain shadow subschool shapechanger subtype sorcerer spell resistance staggered summoning subschool swallow whole take damage threatened square untrained.