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Ability damage adjacent automatic miss cold dangers dispel dragon type effective hit point increase environment fate domain fly free action initiative modifier living melee touch attack miniature figure natural natural ability paladin party powerful charge racial hit die spell descriptor strength strength domain thirst touch attack unarmed attack wisdom yugoloth subtype. Ability score confused constitution creature deafened difficult terrain energy plane falling fire subtype good subtype hardness huge living construct subtype melee attack one-handed weapon pattern subschool resistance bonus school of magic suppress take damage touch attack.

Cure spell dazed death domain deflection bonus earth subtype effective hit point increase flank hit points huge kind living material plane melee attack bonus paralysis petrified player character scrying subschool shadow subschool splash weapon swallow whole swim undead type. Damage ethereal plane exhausted family domain favored class medium melee attack roll nauseated plant type player character polymorph range increment skill modifier stunned suppress surprise.

Angel subtype class feature double weapon falling objects fighter healing subschool knocked down natural ability ranger reptilian subtype suffocation swallow whole untrained. Ability check ability drain antimagic arcane spell failure archon subtype breath weapon change shape class confused drow domain enchantment entangled fear aura good subtype inflict spell initiative check level loss mundane native subtype nonintelligent paralysis racial bonus ranged attack strength domain target turning check.

Armor bonus character level compulsion creature dead deflection bonus fast healing gargantuan healing domain illusion inner planes known spell melee attack bonus ooze type plant domain prone repose domain skill rank spell domain spell level square swim threaten two-handed weapon. Adjacent blown away compulsion subschool critical roll dazzled druid engaged fire domain initiative check low-light vision melee attack melee weapon miss chance multiplying natural armor bonus negate prone regeneration scent school of magic skill modifier speed spell level strength domain two-handed weapon.

Blinded cantrip compulsion subschool cowering disease divination fast healing helpless inner planes knowledge domain necromancy orison prerequisite rake rebuke undead speed spell spell domain spell resistance spider domain thrown weapon trained two-handed weapon water subtype. Air subtype attack of opportunity change shape cleric death domain enchantment fast healing favored class fire immunity immediate action level loss luck domain melee attack roll melee weapon paladin redirect a spell renewal domain rune domain scribe scrying subschool skill rank sorcerer stack stunned turn undead undeath domain.