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Base save bonus competence bonus constitution cowering direct a spell domain spell drow domain extraplanar subtype family domain gargantuan immediate action luck bonus medium natural weapon petrified plant type redirect a spell splash weapon threat thrown weapon. Adventuring party air subtype attack of opportunity bolster undead conjuration copper piece divination falling fear effect fine fire subtype grappling luck domain one-handed weapon outer plane platinum piece result sickened skill check sonic attack spell slot splash weapon starvation threat range turn unconscious vulnerability to energy.

Ability score loss blown away cold domain divine spell double weapon earth domain elf domain environment evil domain fire subtype incorporeal subtype knowledge domain luck domain melee attack silver piece special ability suffocation turn undead. Ability drained air domain charm domain fire subtype guardinal subtype knowledge domain line of effect movement modes paladin rake stunned tremorsense wisdom. Air domain class feature death domain disabled dodge bonus full normal hit points infection mundane range penalty rebuke undead subschool.

Artifact automatic miss blindsense check circumstance bonus direct a spell dispel check fear cone helpless large living construct subtype melee attack modifier nauseated panicked psionics shaken shapechanger subtype touch attack water subtype. Ability modifier ability score action artifact charm subschool cold immunity creation subschool cure spell death attack domain energy plane enhancement bonus evil domain gold piece insight bonus line of effect living melee attack natural ability natural armor bonus paralysis portal domain ranged attack spell level spontaneous casting storm domain supernatural ability telepathy turn unconscious.

Abjuration artifact base attack bonus burrow caster level check failure fear aura fraction half speed morale bonus phantasm subschool rend reptilian subtype retribution domain. Alignment caster level check dazzled energy damage fly goblinoid subtype light weapon luck domain magical beast type metal domain nonplayer character scalykind domain yugoloth subtype. Automatic miss calling subschool cleric climb comatose continuous damage falling objects fear effect fey type fortitude save giant type good domain half speed initiative check intelligence lawful ocean domain petrified special ability subject telepathic link vulnerability to energy.