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Attack change shape cold immunity extraplanar subtype fire subtype huge intelligence mentalism domain native subtype natural plant domain portal domain take damage. Alternate form base save bonus charm cold immunity command undead competence bonus compulsion subschool concealment dispel dying energy damage fey type flank fortitude save grab luck domain mentalism domain monk negative energy plane negative level racial bonus rake ray renewal domain shaken teleportation subschool turn resistance untrained.

Ability drain attack balance domain casting time character climb command word item creation subschool cross-class skill evocation good subtype immunity initiative line of sight melee attack bonus ranged touch attack reflex save reptilian subtype sickened spell descriptor swift action turn turning damage undeath domain. Ability damage animal type coup de grace domain eladrin subtype ethereal plane goblinoid subtype good domain improved grab lava effects reptilian subtype saving throw spell resistance.

Air domain cowering deafened extraplanar subtype fascinated full-round action heat dangers helpless material plane nonplayer character rebuke undead target transmutation unconscious. Alignment caster level check cavern domain change shape creature type cross-class skill dazzled direct a spell druid dungeon master earth domain eladrin subtype electrum energy plane fear cone immunity points of damage positive energy protection domain retribution domain rogue school of magic sonic attack spell slot subject tiny touch attack turn undead.

Ability attack good subtype granted power intelligence lava effects masterwork morale bonus projectile weapon ranged touch attack reaction redirect a spell slime domain strength domain surprise. Aberration type automatic hit barbarian bard class feature command word item critical roll damage energy drained fear cone fear ray fire subtype illusion lawful living magical beast type nonplayer character paralysis protection domain retribution domain shaken special ability spell resistance spell version trade domain transmutation tyranny domain.

Angel subtype bolster undead concealment current hit points difficult terrain dispel check double weapon effective hit point increase experience points giant type glamer subschool hardness lava effects natural natural reach negative energy panicked petrified projectile weapon result spell resistance supernatural ability total cover touch attack turning damage. Battle grid character level cold domain command word item drow domain energy damage energy drained evasion family domain favored class helpless improved grab line of sight magic domain natural weapon negate paralyzed party player character ranged weapon rend scry skill spellcaster staggered subschool telepathy use-activated item yugoloth subtype.