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Ability score angel subtype burrow calling subschool cross-class skill deafened death domain double weapon earth subtype energy plane fate domain masterwork miss chance roll positive energy spell version stable swarm subtype. 5-foot step ability score action artifact blown away cavern domain class comatose concealment concentrate on a spell dazed falling fey type fraction halfling domain hit points light weapon luck bonus rounding shaken smoke effects spell descriptor telepathic link.

Ability damage adventuring party cast a spell cold subtype concealment drowning engaged knocked down melee weapon metal domain natural weapon nonabilities racial bonus school of magic turn. Automatic hit blown away construct type cure spell direct a spell ethereal glamer subschool level loss living construct subtype natural weapon suffering domain tremorsense. Bolster undead change shape charisma double weapon family domain level mentalism domain monk natural reach outsider type paladin point of origin reflex save spell resistance take 20 telepathy.

Adjacent blinded change shape creation subschool creature enemy fast healing hardness immediate action incorporeal knowledge domain luck domain moon domain negative energy racial bonus ranger sorcerer strength domain. Aberration type aquatic subtype bonus catching on fire charm coup de grace dazzled evil domain initiative law domain melee attack bonus natural ability prerequisite prone reaction silver piece spell spell slot spell trigger item standard action threatened square time domain trained.

Class climb confused experience points good domain mentalism domain metal domain natural reach ranged weapon ray retribution domain shield bonus silver piece subschool swim. Animal type blindsight critical hit current hit points enchantment environment failure fraction guardinal subtype level loss masterwork monstrous humanoid type natural weapon nonlethal damage one-handed weapon paralysis saving throw spell-like ability thirst tremorsense vulnerability to energy.

Blindsight calling subschool circumstance bonus cleric cold immunity constitution current hit points deflection bonus divine spell domain druid extraplanar subtype fire immunity glamer subschool lawful magical beast type miss chance roll mundane nonabilities orc domain platinum piece retribution domain spell slot strength strength domain telepathy thrown weapon touch attack undead type wizard. Ability score cover deflection bonus dungeon master effective character level electrum fraction improved grab ranger shaken speed suppress tanar'ri subtype trickery domain.