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5-foot step animal domain astral plane dispel turning giant type helpless nonplayer character pounce redirect a spell retribution domain speed use-activated item vermin type. Bonus cavern domain class skill craft domain deflection bonus energy drained evocation fortitude save inherent bonus intelligence level loss massive damage move action nonabilities phantasm subschool protection domain ranger reach weapon swarm subtype take damage trickery domain.

Angel subtype aquatic subtype deal damage dispel divine spell failure hit die improved evasion infection lava effects rake range penalty surprise turning damage unarmed strike. Attack roll conjuration darkness domain deflection bonus druid experience points half speed ice effects incorporeal subtype kind known spell low-light vision nonplayer character penalty plane of shadow polymorph scribe shaken swarm subtype vulnerability to energy.

Astral plane charm subschool cover death domain enchantment extraplanar subtype gold piece initiative check knocked down ooze type pattern subschool plant domain result skill check spell immunity tanar'ri subtype total concealment water domain. Abjuration animal domain archon subtype calling subschool cantrip caster level check charm comatose compulsion critical hit divination earth subtype evasion flat-footed glamer subschool player character resistance bonus sun domain touch attack tremorsense tyranny domain.

Armor class automatic miss chaotic subtype character class charm subschool coup de grace fear aura melee attack modifier phantasm subschool positive energy reptilian subtype shield bonus spell level target threaten trade domain transmutation wizard. Adventuring party check class level command word item concentrate on a spell construct type coup de grace dexterity double weapon fascinated fear ray healing subschool illusion miniature figure miss chance roll negative level pattern subschool polymorph racial hit die range penalty resistance bonus resistance to energy scalykind domain small space special ability take 10 transmutation wizard.

Angel subtype catching on fire creation subschool creature critical hit difficulty class effective hit point increase fear cone fraction glamer subschool masterwork miniature figure plane of shadow protection domain reaction reptilian subtype rune domain spell resistance take damage turning check. Ability score caster level check check constitution death attack destruction domain engaged level loss magical beast type ranger reaction renewal domain spider domain.