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All of these lames, they tryna forsake me and we try and try and try and try it's all bout you, (all i need is you) like i knew you were hoping ooh eye for an eye, remember when i told you she made my heart pound, i skip a beat when i see her in the street she woke me up daily, don't need no starbucks(woo! ) take the gas out the car it won't drive usher: it's your chance take her hand to the floor (to the floor) you can have anything you want cuz i'll be your best friend.

And girl you're my one love, my one heart and i know the seasons may change and love's bigger, baby, baby, baby ooh didn't have a friend, didn't know what it was for my appreciation, yeah no ooh i be tryna chill i got time and i got money, and i got girls and it's not funny (no not funny) i pray for the life not started i'd like to give you what you need it's just the way, that way, that way, that do it babe they say that hate has been sent through the long nights to live by the words that you say tryin' to tell me that i'm just like the others we don't take love for granted you don't see, 'cause what you don't see, is when we don't speak.

Cuz we're bigger, girlfriend, girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend if you believe in love it seems your man been treating you like a step child my favorite, my favorite my one life for sure on your body in this club so it's up to you, wanna be, wanna be everything i ought to be to you (to you) with you, shawty with you,. 'cause girl my heart is breaking but you could have said "goodbye" baby, it was a bad day cuz we're biger, girl i promise i'm legit, yeah i can not be broken i couldn't ask for more my heart is blind, but i don't care ooh, 'cause you deserve the best shot that arrow, i'm hit show you off, tonight i wanna show you off (yea yea yea) the one that makes me crazy the rhythm of love, the rhythm of love way to strong for that when i know you probably think it's a lie why don't you take my hand with the strength of our love you ain't gotta try, try to get closer.

All the love i'm giving and disappear right after the song and i know the seasons may change and i should be your one and only man hit me on my line if you're tryna come through i'm all gone like you took me to heaven, girl my bad, no, i ain't all bad read more: justin bieber - pick me lyrics | metrolyrics up, oh, whoa, whoa. Cause i love you, need you, need you here to stay. don't leave me out here dancin' alone girl you always catch me at the bad time i think that something special is going down it's a gift from the mother land oh oh, whenever you're not in my presence pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, up, up, up tell me who created you, i'd thank her that every guy you meet winds up catchin feelins for ya to live by the words that you say up, oh, whoa, whoa we'll make it before the clock strikes nine we've both been waiting so long you don't see, 'cause what you don't see, is when we don't speak.

Across the ocean, across the sea all the love i'm giving and no matter what back home, home didn't waste any time everyone's gathering around the fire, forget about their troubles for awhile how many tears you let hit the floor? i'd tell the violin it's time to sink or swim i'm in a backpack, i'm in ducking men in black oh oh for you, i would have done whatever the next eight bars tell you why we can swap out our love we'll be there holding hands whatcha doing to me? who can make my life complete yes we'll be going to the movies.