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Before we get into our discussion of Lorem Ipsum Generators on the web, itís worth talking about the history of Lorem Ipsum text. According to the Lorem Ipsum Wiki, the text was derived from a Roman philosophical book from 45 B.C. It has transformed from its original form and been used in the typesetting industry since the 1960s and possibly earlier. It is used in design and layout in order to prevent the actual copy from taking away from the design review. Its evenly distributed ďwordsĒ read like actual text but because the words donít hold meaning they do not detract from the overhaul digestion of the layout. As far as I know, lipsum.com was the first Lorem Ipsum generator on the web. I have personally used this tool for web development projects until I eventually opted to keep a large text file of "lipsum" on my computer. While I like the website and the fact that it is the "original gangster," I would like to see the user interface improved and a slightly more contemporary design implemented. With that being said, the tool works and if you want the original latin-based placeholder text, itís a great site to use. Note: If someone knows of an older lorem ipsum generator, please let me know!
Lorem Ipsum (Lipsum)
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