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Word Lists: Stuff White People Like

The ted conference ray-ban wayfarers hating people who wear ed hardy pea coats the onion unpaid internships girls with bangs modern furniture michel gondry lawyers plays wrigley field not having a tv tea farmer's markets religions their parents don't belong to. Moleskine notebooks political prisoners pea coats the onion bumper stickers music piracy st. patrick's day shorts t-shirts bicycles toyota prius natural medicine japan sarah silverman plays sushi vegan/vegetarianism gifted children wes anderson movies barack obama assists coffee.

Bob marley mad men frisbee sports unpaid internships the idea of soccer bicycles lawyers plays 80s night microbreweries having two last names. Picking their own fruit ray-ban wayfarers moleskine notebooks pea coats free healthcare music piracy san francisco being the only white person around co-ed sports bicycles natural medicine japan sarah silverman the sunday new york times indie music netflix the daily show/colbert report wrigley field hating their parents diversity.

The world cup where the wild things are taking a year off ugly sweater parties pea coats self aware hip hop references bumper stickers grammar new balance shoes free healthcare music piracy having gay friends modern furniture bottles of water natural medicine indie music arrested development renovations snowboarding manhattan (now brooklyn too!) david sedaris writers workshops being an expert on your culture traveling non-profit organizations asian girls barack obama diversity organic food.
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