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Word Lists: Stones & Rocks

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Amphibiolith brontolith coprolith cyclolith hydrolith lithochromatics lithoglyph lithology lithomancy lithometer lithopaedium lopolith phytolith pneumatolith polylith regolith sebolith sialolith stromatolith uranolith. Anthropolith brontolith coprolith lithochromatics lithontriptic lithophagous lithophone lithotome phonolith polylith postholith prepalaeolith protolith spongolith stromatolith uterolith. Amphibiolith antilithic cardiolith hippolith inolith litholabe lithophilous lithostatic lithotripsy phytolith sebolith stromatolith.

Acrolith alvinolith asthenolith cyclolith encephalolith hepatolith hippolith hydrolith lithectasy lithic lithification lithodomous lithogenous lithomancy lithophagous lithophilous lithophone lopolith neolith pneumatolith polylith psammolithic rhinolith sialolith stercolith tonsillolith tripolith ureterolith. Albolith alvinolith brontolith cardiolith dacryolith lithification lithochromatics lithochrysography lithography lithontriptic lithopaedium lithophosphoric odontolith otolith peristalith phlebolith prostatolith rhinolith statolith stercolith trilith urolith.

Chololith chromolith cyclolith eolith hydrolith laccolith lithic lithofractor lithogenesis lithogenous lithography litholabe lithophilous lithophone lithophyte lithostratigraphy lithotripsy odontolith oolith ureterolith uterolith. Batholith broncholith hippolith lithification lithodomous litholabe lithomancy lithophosphoric lithotripsy prostatolith. Antilithic archaeolithic asthenolith cystolith inolith lithobiotic lithogenous lithoglyph lithosphere microlith neolith oolith peristalith statolith stromatolith trilith.
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