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Word Lists: Beck Lyrics

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And the ground is much too clean and the guns of her mind, aim a line straight at mine breakdown a stick tight empty smile mask! don't be confused gah what the fuck? got the flavor. oh! got so low your mom won't drum hey, i know who you are it's a habit i can't break she's a magical, sparklin' tease. soul sucking jerk fish voice that something strange happens to you the end of the galaxy, the middle of the road there was a bandit, we couldn't stand it well the band got killed yea, nothin' happenin' you beg, he won't listen.

'cause nobody knows at the dancin' children covering eveything you said dried up whiskey i wanna get with you, oh girl living in a waste of space no dreams in the night you lie power is raunchy rent-a-cops are watching there's a dead hobo on the patio think i'm stranded but i don't know where with the burnin' waves yellow cat laying flat on the road. Ah yea, fake it 'til you make it and i'm scared to keep on going on my way and my chevrolet terraplane but the grit was in our food fix my thoughts i was beige i'm browsing through the supermarket town i've seen the end of the day come too soon it takes a backwash man to sing a backwash song jockin my mercedes looking for a life to call our own mexican speed-metals, things my body can't get no relief round the roses scumbag cryin' on his pillow sucking in the bandagesi was walking down glendale blvd. the ticker tape feeds the mind turning out of a tin can well the last thing i saw was a big long saw with a southern accent you knew i was packin heat you never lose in your razorblade shoes.

A letter being written on a torso a lion in the cage and the typecast heathen with the future all rancid awaken primal feeling blowin' like horns about to shout cabos, sueltos enlazan mi cabeza everything will be fine hooooo! yeah i lay upon the gravel i'll rip my uniform and bend the floor to the early mornin' i'm trying to feel all of my feelings no one knows how low we'll go oh yeah, come on pull me back where i belong she's a witness to her own glory. she's all right, on my computer someone missing something special people sleep in moss there was aphids on the lettuce till the ugly truth showed me what it did we're on a back road something to see where the blackout moons cut the weather of ... with cellular headsets on their skulls you came, you went you can see what's inside young girls, they call them the diamond dogs.
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