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Today, I present a cute, space-themed ipsum text generator. One of the first things to notice is the background image changes on each page load. Random generators can be an art form and this is one of those quirky, "extra-credit" random elements that can make your generator stand out.

The user is given a paragraph count text field and an "HTML" checkbox. The latter didn't seem to make any difference in the generated text that is overlaid on the background photo. The submit button is aptly labeled "Engage."

It's also interesting to note that the text blocks used in the generation are available for download. While it is easy to screen scrape the text, it's a nice option in case you need space-themed dummy text and are offline. I imagine freelance designers that work in outer space would appreciate this feature as long as they remembered to download it on earth first.

The logo is labeled "Beta" and I'm assuming that's more of a reference to space than the state of the application. What can I say, I like this generator. However, I don't use it for design purposes. When Carl Sagan visits me, I have him read Space Ipsum to me before bed and it lulls me to sleep.

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