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Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes


Up to ten paragraphs of Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes are at your disposal with the Arnold Ipsum generator. It's not the Mr. Universe of the ipsum generators, but some of the quotes are funny as hell if you imagine Mr. Schwarzenegger reading them. To be clear, using this text generator won't make you stronger and you may terminate some of your clients with it. It also won't help you become an elected official or give you abs of steel.

Disclaimers aside, I love some of the one-liners that have been written for Arnie over the years. From what I can tell, these are only movie quotes; I don't see any "Governator" quotes which makes me wonder why Hollywood writers don't pen his gubernatorial speeches.

Besides a paragraph count, you can choose to mix traditional Lorem Ipsum with your quotes. I'm not sure what the "SFW Quotes" checkbox is for so if someone can enlighten me it would be appreciated. The design isn't anything to flex about but you have to appreciate the photo of the young, Mr. Universe Arnold sporting a gaper of a diastema, urging you to "Go on, use it now."

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