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This Ipsum Generator is no longer available.

Vegan Ipsum


For all you vegetable lovers out there, you now have two options for your placeholder text! I already covered Veggie Ipsum but I recently found Vegan Ipsum.

This ipsum generator offers two types of placeholder text: English Veggies and Linnaean names. The Lennaean option is from Carl Linnaeus who is apparently responsible for Binomial Nomenclature. I think this means that your dummy text will still be vegetarian but will use the scientific names of all your favorite vegetables. What's cool about this option is that the text still comes out very traditional in the sense that a lot of the scientific names for species are Latin-based.

There are a few pet peeves on this user interface that I need to point out so I can sleep tonight.

First, the radio button labels do not have label tags so I am unable to click the label text; I have to click the tiny radio button.

Second, the paragraph options are graphics and much too light to read; white text on light gray just doesn't work.

Honestly, I would have expected a Vegan Ipsum Generator to include non-vegetable food items. After all, doesn't Vegan mean not from an animal?

Vegan Ipsum
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