Skate Ipsum

A gnarlier lorem ipsum generator.


For all you shredders out there, I give to you a "gnarlier lorem ipusm" in Skate Ipsum. The first thing that caught my eye on this website was the header graphic. When I say "caught my eye" I really mean that I glanced over it because it looks like a gnarly banner ad. Clearly this author is a developer and not a designer which is corroborated by the fact that he offers an API and JQuery plugin for his placeholder text. This is the first ipsum generator I've come across that offered a JQuery plugin, and while I doubt I'd ever use it, the nerd in me throws out hella respect for it.

Parameters include a standard paragraph count, a "start with Skate ipsum" option throwback to lipsum, and an output format. The latter option allows the placeholder text blocks to be wrapped with paragraphs with <P> tags and JSON output. This is also the first time I've seen JSON output offered as an option in a dummy text generato; the author clearly likes his JavaScript.

A concussion ended my skateboarding career many moons ago, but I will always love (to make fun of) the way valley girls, surfers, skaters, and bros talk. What else to say... a sporty-themed ipsum generator with a boring design but lots of API options is waiting for you.

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