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Frightful filler for your damned designs


Hold on to your brains folks, because Zombie Ipsum creates a "macrabre feast of frightful filler." There is no denying that a real artist worked on the design of this website; all aspects of this generator are cleverly themed and exceptionally creative.

The "braiiins" behind this cool lorem ipsum text generator are Josh Fisher and Rich Brooks. In fact, if you check the blog, developer/blogger Rich posted some early Zombie sketches by designer Rich. "He probably isnít thrilled about this... no one likes to have their baby pictures shown on a first date, but I just love them." Odd, since I get first dates by showing off my baby pictures. I tell people that I am my own son and I rake in the single moms.

Parameters include a paragraph count (1-5) and three different styles of ipsum to generate: Regular, Lite, and 50% More Brains. I honestly am too enamored with the design to determine the differences between these styles. :)

In case you were worried, no zombies were hurt in the development of this website.

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