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It's Sunday, so what better day to feature Bible Ipsum. However, don't get too excited because this bible ipsum generator has no photos of Jesus. A bible thumper I am not, but I am certain this falls under pure, unadulterated blasphemy. Not only that, but the user interface does not work in Firefox consistently; I guess real Christians don't use Firefox.

The user has standard parameters at their disposal: count and type of element to generate: paragraphs, sentences, words, lists, or characters. The text is generated from the Psalms if that matters to you. My biggest problem with this generator though, is that it leaves me with so many unanswered questions.

  • Did God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit create my placeholder text? Or did a PHP computer program big bang it out?
  • Are there lorem ipsum generators for agnostic and atheist designers?
  • Will I go to hell if I use other ipsum generators?
  • What happens to my placeholder text when I die?

Maybe I just need to have faith.

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