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Litter your copy with more kitty.



There are a lot of nice things to say about this "furrier alternative to Lorem Ipsum." I like the modestly comedic spot-color design because it actually has some character as opposed to a trite web 2.0 paint-job. I love the unrolled toilet paper next to the sleeping cat and the "litter your copy with more kitty" catch-phrase coming out of the cat in the logo (which reminds me of The Oatmeal's comic btw). Admittedly, I also dig the over-sized paragraph count parameter and submit button. As the world ditches software in favor of "apps," I think user-interface design is becoming inherently more simple as well.

There are three types of placeholder text you can generate with this tool:

  • Standard Scoops: thoughts and activities of a cat
  • Lorem Only - Traditional lorem ipsum
  • Just Breeds - Cat breeds and felines of the animal kingdom

Boolean options (checkboxes) under the heading "Add Catnip" are:

  • Add a Title
  • Add Sub copy
  • Start with "Cat ipsum dolor sit amet..."

The first two options are not as useful as they could be because the heading tags are not included in the output. I could only get the increased font sizes and weights of the title and sub-copy to carry over when pasting into MS Word; and who does design in MS Word?

Because the "standard scoops" generation is so hilarious I've decided to include a sample below the jump.

Cat Ipsum
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