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Considering the holiday, I decided to put up another food-themed ipsum generator. This one is called cupcake ipsum and it's pretty sweet.

The design is well-done and features cute spot-color illustrations of dessert items like cupcakes, doughnuts, and pie. It's not my style but perfectly appropriate for the site's name and theme.

Parameters include:

  • Paragraph Count
  • Paragraph Size with three options: long, medium, and short
  • Start with "Cupcake Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet" checkbox (a feature borrowed from and appropriately tweaked)
  • "Give your text some Love" checkbox which appears to randomly insert the phrase "I love" into the generated text

Out of all the food & beverage generators I've reviewed thus far, this one sports the best design. The parameters aren't anything special but I suppose it's good to have a fun and family-friendly ipsum generator at your disposal. I'd like to see a pulldown menu option to be able to add my own topping to my cupcake ipsum: whipped cream, sprinkles, powdered sugar, jujubes, etc.

If you are looking to sweeten up your design review process, then you should consider Cupcake Ipsum for your next project.

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