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Lorem ipsum as the Lord intended


I never kept up with the very public "breakdown" of Charlie Sheen. Sometimes, I just don't want to look at the car wreck, meth mouth, mangled body, etc... But I always enjoy clever fun being made from the tragedies. ;)

This celebrity ipsum generator appears to use sentences lifted from radio and blog rants of Charlie Sheen. The ironic beauty of this generator is that his rants make more sense when the thoughts are randomly slapped together.

Described as "Lorem Ipsum as the Lord Intended," this generator offers three parameters:

  • HTML Element Type
  • Number of Elements
  • Sentences per Element

I like the Sentences per Element option and think I might add this to my Gangnam Ipsum Generator.

Charlie Sheen, if you are out there... you should use this generator to create the content for your next tour.

Vatican Assassin - Charlie Sheen
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The 60's called. They want their ipsum back.