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I think by now everyone knows about the Gangnam Style song. I still don't quite get it (I'm only 3.1415926547 % Korean) but I did enjoy SNL's spoof of it that featured Seth MacFarlane.

With that being said, this ipsum generator randomly uses the lyrics to the song to create its text. The majority of the words are the English phonetical translations of the original Korean lyrics. Besides the paragraph parameter, there are three other numeric options:

  • Your Gangnam Style level?
  • How many sexy ladies do you want to dance with?
  • How many times do you want to talk to the sexy ladies?

These correspond respectively to the following lyrical phrases which it randomly inserts into the generated placeholder text:

  • Oppan Gangnam Style
  • Sexy Lady
  • Baby Baby

I'm categorizing this in both "Fun" and "Serious" categories because if you set all three of the parameters to values of 0, the generated text would function as traditional Lorem Ipsum by not distracting from the design.

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