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Mother-f*cking placeholder text


This is one of my favorite "fun" ipsum generators. Perhaps it's because I'm a fan of Samuel L. Jackson or maybe because I can actually hear him asking me the parameter questions from the form:

  • How many fucking paragraphs?
  • Want a mother-fucking header tag?
  • Add some fucking bitch-ass <p> tags?

There are three modes of generation:

  • Slipsum Classic: Uses movie quotes of Samuel L. Jackson
  • Classic Ipsum: Creates the traditional Latin-based placeholder text
  • Slipsum Lite: This appears to be movie quotes of Samuel L. Jackson that do not have profanity in them.

If you are someone who as actually submitted a design or layout for review with Slipsum Classic, please send me a screenshot and a transcription of your client's response! Also note that both Slipsum Classic and Slipsum Lite contain intelligible sentences that lack the traditional Lorem Ipsum attribute of not distracting from the design.

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