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Word Lists: Archaic Words (Tolkien)

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Afield attercop beset close-serried conclave cony craven crocks cumbrous essay fender longfather mast-lands nuncheon perforce sooth strand turnkey vagabond waif whither wile. Bebother circlet commons darkling doom fastness fawn footpad furlong girdle grandsire livery mew sheaf slowcoach stead tarn thrawn twain wan wheedle. Anon bight blazoned burgeon byre cloven fetter flagon gloaming hallow hew hobnob pallid unquiet vie vittles whereat. Cur fealty flank heed lave march oft riven thenceforward torch twain wrack.

Adamant bond chine clave dwimmer-crafty fastness fell flank forsooth founder girt gloaming hallow mantle misgive redound repair rumour sortie tippet twine vambrace worst. Afield confines cracker dank descry freshet garnet gimlet hoar house-man midge nicety nuncheon surety thain thrall tuppence waif. Abide benighted besom chine corslet daunt eaves fey fillet flotsam forespeak girdle lower raiment riven salver spinney vie. Booby burnished craven flummoxed forgo prosy sluggard traffic upheave ware.

Alms-guest baluster carven cony dingle dwimmer-crafty feign forsooth hog-back portent quaff stoop whelm. Aghast burg crocks falter feign fillet harry hobnob hog-back leave leechcraft mayhap muff ostler prosy scree semblance slot sooth staves tilth toothsome troth trothplighted unrecked upbraid wraith. Canker coverlet declaim dissemble forgo gammer gangrel girdle haste kerb leech malefactor mark propound shale slowcoach sooth sparkler straightway tipsy tithe traffic wont yonder.
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