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Word Lists: Archaic Words (Tolkien)

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Askance baldric fare fillet founder gammer grist league marshal propound shoal thrall tippet wayward. Aforetime agin close-serried cob coomb dell embattled firth girt till trove. Coomb declaim devices fealty forsooth gable gaffer liege propound waylay whereat yonder. Baleful baluster bannock bay boon canker cot courtesy dainty dotard fender glower hoar hummock kindle outworn pate pig-a-back rearguard rede salver trothplighted vagabond yore. Abaft argent billow burnished clave coomb forbear frith gammer haste mantle misgive nethermost overweening pallid pinion serf smite throve tidings upbraid vie viol.

Askance bannock dank declaim descry espy fealty leaguer portend quaff shuttering tarry trapessing twine vassal worrit yore. Bade bannock darkling durst firth harry lithe oft stead surcoat throe toils unsated wan wheedle whence. Adamant baluster bier carven comely compass dour durst fag-end fare fender fief frith gimlet hobble kine mead mischance niggard palfrey panoply pate quaff stead thenceforward tithe varmint whet. Abide afield apace backarapper courtesy divers fief freshet furlong harry leave lee mar perforce pig-a-back rearguard sojourn toss-pot truncheon tuppence van web worst.

Abroad bade cairn candle compass damask dry falter flammifer forlorn greened harbour heedless recreant revile rude rue smite staves surcoat swarthy thwart ungentle urchin wraith. Baleful bay beset billow boon burnished cesspool comely coronal cudgel girt lave leechcraft muster revelry sluggard stricken sword-thain troth truncheon vigil viol yore zenith. Alms-guest amiss billow culvert encompass fetter garner guileful leaguer mischance nuncheon rearguard recreant rude rumour semblance thrall tumult varmint wraith yammer.
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