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Anar brandywine caliondo captain of the southern army causeway forts counsellor of the north-kingdom forostar great jewel great shadow gruffo boffin havens of the falas high hay hihdei nogothrim singollo tree of the high elves whitwell. Black arrow brego broadbelt carl cotton certar dwarf-tongue greenfields lord of the west mannish menegroth mithrellas torech ungol translations from the elvish. Almaren ar-feiniel chamber of mazarbul doderic brandybuck east beleriand fens of sirion frerin gabilgathol goblin-town high seat of vinyamar holbytlan lord steward malantur men of dale morgul valley ondoher otho sackville-baggins radhruin ring of sapphire rohirrim strawheads tulkas.

Alphabet of daeron bofur dagorlad dragon of erebor forest of region kalimac brandagamba lady of the seas longbeards rochallor shadow of morgoth worm, scatha. Eglantine elrohir evenstar great orcs halls of waiting harnen kirinki master master stone meresdei pass of light periain periannath thorin ii oakenshield. Baggins bombur cemendur of gondor chamber of records chief shirriff dark door eglantine banks eorl faroth fellowship of the ring fingolfin great eagles half-elven huntsman of the valar ivorwen kingdom of the north kingsfoil lord of waters mountain nernehta white-socks.

Adaldrida bolger boromir son of denethor ii celebdil erech first hall ford of rivendell galabas gorbulas brandybuck great ones greater gelion hammerhand holfast gardner imlach lithe, in the shire calendar lond daer enedh mering stream north road of ithilien north undeep old toby hornblower pass of light quick post redhorn pass spies of the valar three houses of men tomb of elendil tyrn gorthad westmansweed. Deep elves deepdelver fell winter of the third age firienholt hopafoot mablung of ithilien ravenhill.
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