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Arandur bar-en-nibin-noeg bowman cotton brandywine celebrant ereborian cirth gaffer gamgee harlond in gondor hathaldir hatholdir heir of isildur high-captain of angband indis kings of men long-worms nellas orc-liquor prince of ithilien spring of arda windfola. Aeglos (spear of gil-galad) anborn angband bats black serpent carnen carrock cock-robin deep elves elves of the light firien wood first age forest of fangorn gate-keepers hildigrim took last alliance of elves and men morgai morrowdim seal of the stewards straight stair uffo boffin west wild wood.

Aragorn elessar biter coranar deeping-coomb dernhelm elder king elostirion estelmo falls of rauros little lune lord of belegost return of the noldor rochallor sackville unlight. Bifur brandywine bridge erellont grey-elven lord of nogrod mirabella took mountains of terror pelargir pelendur prince of ithilien summerfilth tarondor of arnor tol galen. Cordial of imladris firs gift of men golug king of rhovanion lady of rivendell land of bow and helm orcs of the red eye west-gate of moria wizards.

Belecthor i bywater pool carnen golden-haired guild of venturers morgul noegyth nibin thuringwethil tombs tookland tower william huggins. Andram baraz bree cerin amroth day of doom elder king lebennin mordor night-fearers orchaldor seven stars shards of narsil sterday. Araval belthronding cabed naeramarth citadel of gondor crown of the hidden kingdom deeping-stream dweller in the deep gil-estel gilrain ivy bush kings' norbury lord of the mark morannon nogothrim ponto baggins, son of balbo rodyn rowan steel-silver two trees of valinor wainriders war of the dwarves and the orcs water.
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