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Black gate brego dry river echoing hills elendur son of isildur ennorath fengel firth of drengist haysend inland sea of helcar keepers of the three rings lothlann overlithe ring-finder sam gardner sorontil stunted people tarondor of arnor. Bald hill dragon-reek elessar, the elfstone ered nimrais folco boffin mounds of mundburg nurn pimpernel took royal road starwards telemnar white tree of minas tirith. Aravorn bree-land carchost cotman crissaegrim east-west road ered nimrais ferdinand took finduilas of nargothrond gundabad lord of lossarnach melian mindolluin nan elmoth nellas ringwil straight way undying realm woodland realm.

Battle of the hornburg city of the kings cows dark elves ered luin first eastfarthing troop gelmir of angrod's people greenleaf gurthang halethrim halimath isen kinslaying lord of forests lord of the ringwraiths meneldil morthond vale puddifoot sack of nargothrond salmar silent land simple snowbourn river strawheads tale of years translations from the elvish. Amon obel aravorn asgon baldor bay of elvenhome blue mountains bridge of stonebows deeping wall first age gerontius took hirgon lalia clayhanger lord of forests malvegil mounds of mundburg nightingales old toby (tobold hornblower) pass of sirion revised calendar togo goodbody uldor the accursed woody end.

Cabed-en-aras eradan greymantle haleth daughter of haldad hemlock kingdom under the mountain mallorns men of eriador middle-earth minas tirith, beleriand stinker uldor the accursed wood. Cape of forochel dagnir glaurunga farmer maggot first house of the edain great lands hill-men imperishable flame mundburg seal of the stewards tarostar tumhalad westmarch of the shire withywindle woses. Endless stair eorlingas ferdinand took hobbits of bree lord of deeping-coomb narvi telumehtar thranduil tirion translations from the elvish udalraph.
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