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Bane of glaurung dark land fastred of greenholm hallows of minas tirith haunted pass long-worms lord of dol amroth men of bree men of the north (third age) quest of mount doom rerir shuddering water tosto boffin. Aldburg aragost cotton crown of gondor dagor dagorath goblin-town hending hill of guard isilmo nerdanel old oldbuck sauron swertings tower of the king uilos urui valinor war of the elves and sauron. Aerandir ard-galen bay bolg cape balar dagorlad daystar elvenking's halls esgalduin findegil gate of the noldor hill of erech hob hayward king of rhovanion lady of the star-brow leaflock narns number one peony baggins pillar of heaven siril snowmane's howe tarks.

Arminas cirth doom of men end farmer maggot fladrif gwaihir hidden realm hyarastorni ithilien king of rohan long cape netted stars parth galen teleri vale of the great river wraiths. Adelard took araman chubb-baggins daughter of uinen deepdelver harad road hasufel helmingas line of kings lord of the ring men of arnor men of westernesse northmen of rhovanion orgaladh. Cape of forochel celduin evernight ferumbras took ii fundin house of durin king of the mark mersday moria gate mount doom mountains of moria stonehelm strider (aragorn).

Arthedain beleg of arthedain council of the wise crown of the hidden kingdom day of doom elvenhome engwar framsburg lieutenant of morgul sindar steward of the king stone of erech taras. Barahir grandson of faramir battle of dagorlad camlost celebrant eorlingas fords of isen halls of mandos haunted pass lord of the ringwraiths nenuial orald ravenhill spear of gil-galad two watchers walda wood. Blooting bregalad caves of the forgotten deer ecthelion i elephants elves of doriath endor gamwich village gore hazel hidden rock high seat of vinyamar imladris lightfoot (family) needlehole odovacar bolger old road ranugad silver pennies three rings watcher in the water white mountains.
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