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Word Lists: J.R.R. Tolkien Glossary

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Bowman deeping dimrill dale eldarion elves of gondolin ezellohar fens of sirion goldenbed green hills of gondor guild of venturers haunted pass heren istarion hildigard took house of fingolfin maeglin mellon noontide of valinor north-realm smials steel-silver tower white tree of valinor. Bywater road cair andros elven-folk golden lord of gifts mellon meneldil oaks orbelain wild men. Aldamir angbor arahad i barahir son of hador celduin certhas daeron crown of durin elendur king of arnor elves of the west forest of region gilly brownlock gilrain lord of nargothrond reckoning of rivendell riders of rohan.

Ailinel blue wizards chica chubb dolmed doom of men dunland ereinion gil-galad fuinur gate of steel grey haudh-en-elleth hill of himring kingdom lady of the shield-arm minuial morannon nibin-noeg pansy baggins ponto baggins, son of balbo quenya tarlang's neck telumehtar umbardacil. Enerdhil galadhon iant iaur muzgash nernehta sauron steadfast thalion thorondir thranduil tree-people wayward west road. Book of mazarbul echad i sedryn elves of nargothrond fladrif gilmith green dragon mithrim, lake orcs of the red eye pelargir rochand southlinch towers of gondor woodland realm.

Aragorn i asgon axe of tuor azog bowman ciryon city of the kings elatan house of the stewards (line) ibun kine of araw malduin mountains of terror niphredil orthanc-stone tar-ardamin tar-hostamir three-farthing stone war of the elves and sauron. Barad eithel bracegirdle calacirian damrod deeps of time dor daedeloth dwarf-tongue everard took farmer cotton fundin great gate of minas tirith hedgehogs lindon narmacil ii pinnath gelin regent of gondor return of the noldor sweet galenas underhill village wood.
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