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Cram elf-friend galbasi isengarders land of seven rivers lord of the galadhrim moon-letters old winyards sackville tall winged shadows. Burrowes donnamira took dragon-king dwarf-lords easterlings eastfold eye of mordor frogs gimli elf-friend halfred greenhand heavy hand land of the halflings narvi northmen ramdal tear-maiden thargelion third marshal torog travellers tree of tirion water-lilies. Aerin almarian amlach bladorthin cracks of doom demons elessar, title of aragorn elf-letters enderi firienholt frogmorton legolas greenleaf narmacil ii olog-hai orald over-heaven rowans saradoc brandybuck silent land stone of minas tirith tarondor of gondor white house of erendis white-socks.

Celos ereborian cirth folca gram, king of rohan great hall of osgiliath nen hithoel overbourn marshes tree of tirion white tower. Belecthor ii budgeford chief shirriff dwimorberg elf-speech elvenhome emyn arnen fading years great place of the tooks king of arda lake-men lissuin little folk lord of the nine riders mountain-trolls nen lalaith north cape prince of ithilien royal house of gondor stormcrow. Bruno bracegirdle closed door dragonhead of the north eldar goblin-town lindar lockholes lord of nogrod lord of the galadhrim old mill orodruin rammas echor royal house of gondor shadow host silverlode tower of the king woses.

Caves of androth enderi ered mithrin first battle her ladyship hill-men isembard took masterful mighty of the west orkish riddle-game rorimac brandybuck sarn gebir spirits trewsday. Amanyar aranarth bruinen grey mountains hay gate house of elrond merry gamgee mourning ranugad sindar of beleriand telerin. Adalgar bolger aranel artamir denethor ii durin's day (period) elendili flame imperishable great jewels half-orcs hunter (title) iron crown kiril nick cotton noldor northern line northern waste oldbuck pallando ponto baggins, son of balbo ponto baggins, son of posco rabbits sharbhund sirion swanfleet tol morwen underhill family wraith-world.
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