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Altimeter setting comma cloud cumulus mediocris diablo winds dry bulb thermometer earthquake flood fogbow gust heat index landfall metar mud slide muggy sidereal time vortex. Adiabatic process boiling point chemosphere clear air turbulence constant pressure surface drifts ground clutter gully washer halo icing level of free convection (lfc) national center for atmospheric research (ncar) observation pressure tendency sea spray snowburn snowpack thickness thunder translucent triple point tropical prediction center (tpc) vapor pressure variable ceiling warm low year.

Diablo winds drifting snow dry adiabat lightning macroburst observation psychrometer pulse relative vorticity salinity salt water saturate season severe weather station elevation tropical disturbance vernal equinox weather vane wind. Air quality standards alberta clipper altocumulus castellanus baroclinity deepening diffraction feeder bands heat exhaustion mean temperature metar moisture newton pascal's law perihelion warning. American meteorological society aneroid barometer azores high closed low earthlight (earthshine) international date line lenticular cloud mesolow middle latitudes palouser.

Absolute temperature scale air pollution altocumulus castellanus blowing spray broken buys ballot's law colorado low cooling degree day coriolis effect electromagnetic spectrum graupel hudson bay low land breeze meridional flow meteorology/meteorologist microburst ozone (o3) relative vorticity runway visual range (rvr) sea ice skew t-log p diagram snowburn snow squall solar eclipse squall typhoon weather wet bulb thermometer whiteout wind wave. Adiabatic process barotropy cold low comma cloud condensation funnel condensation nuclei convection diffluence drainage wind eddy erosion evapotranspiration pre-frontal trough shower spring stratosphere sublimation theodolite upslope fog warning weather surveillance radar (wsr-88d).
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