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Barograph cooling degree day doldrums ecology frontal passage gust front heat index indian summer lake effect snow middle latitudes muggy nocturnal thunderstorms overcast pre-frontal trough rain season shear shower southern oscillation syzygy thermometer thermosphere trade winds triple point tropics/tropical warning. Air quality standards atmosphere barotropy condensation convergence crystallization disturbance diurnal downburst drifts d-value equinox firewhirl friction layer mesocyclone negative vorticity advection nowcast pressure jump santa ana winds sea breeze siberian express snow standing cloud storm storm prediction center (spc) straight-line winds subsidence troposphere vernal equinox.

Absolute temperature scale barometric pressure blizzard cloud bank debris cloud green flash greenwich mean time (gmt) heat wave inches of mercury (hg) isallobar lightning marginal visual flight rules (mvfr) obscuration ozone layer prevailing visibility sea breeze sea spray shear snow roller solar day subsidence thermodynamics tropical disturbance tropical wave tropopause updraft warm high waterspout wind vane winter storm. Absolute instability aneroid barometer cold air funnel cold front coromell duststorm friction layer frozen precipitation geosphere horse latitudes ice jam meridional flow national meteorological center (nmc) newhall winds obscuration peak gust perigee plan position indicator precipitation resolution snow devil solar day subrefraction subtropical supercooling tropic of cancer wave cyclone x-rays.

Advection fog backscatter biosphere calorie cape continent frontal passage greenhouse effect ground fog growing season intermountain high line echo wave pattern (lewp) mesoscale convective system (mcs) nimbostratus noctilucent clouds north pacific high pressure st. elmo's fire tropical cyclone warm low wave cyclone. Calm coriolis effect halo microbarograph minimum national severe storms laboratory (nssl) ocean scattering shear snowfall supercooling tropical cyclone unstable/ instability water vapor (h2o).
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