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Air mass alberta clipper ceiling light closed low dew point directional shear downslope effect easterly wave ecology fair fractus front glacier winds gravity green flash heat low pressure system meridional flow mud slide pressure altimeter salt water snow devil solstice sounding station elevation thermometer transpiration twilight wasatch winds. Backscatter cold wave easterlies fair frontal passage icelandic low mean temperature rainfall sargasso sea transmissometer whirlwind.

Arctic sea smoke barotropy blowing sand buys ballot's law clear air turbulence cold air funnel condensation funnel coriolis effect divergence glaze haze jet stream landfall landspout mare's tail measured ceiling mesosphere multiple vortex tornado national severe storms laboratory (nssl) pre-frontal trough pressure change rain sea breeze solstice sounding weather vane zonal flow zulu time. Boulder wind cirrus dog days doldrums firewhirl frontogenesis hurricane warning ice crystals mixed layer multicell storm national climatic data center (ncdc) ocean orographic lifting photosphere plow/plough wind prevailing visibility saturate saturation point small craft advisory snowburn standard surface pressure warm advection year.

Altostratus civil twilight clear coalescence diffluence dust bowl hurricane maximum mixed layer multicell storm precipitation prevailing visibility radar reflectivity sea level pressure solar eclipse. Celestial equator divergence duststorm firewhirl geophysics gravitation ground fog hurricane jet streak middle clouds middle latitudes moist adiabat nexrad snowfall stratosphere thermodynamics towering cumulus. Altostratus arctic sea smoke clear coalescence condensation cumulus cumulus mediocris current degree day filling fogbow friction layer funnel cloud horizon lifting condensation level (lcl) lithosphere meteorology/meteorologist mixed precipitation nephelococcygia radiosonde relative vorticity scud straight-line winds tiros tropical cyclone unstable/ instability wind wind wave.
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