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Bow echo chromosphere cirriform corona deepening dry bulb thermometer dry slot ecology freezing rain graupel gust hoarfrost hook echo instability low latitudes mixed precipitation nephelococcygia nimbostratus opaque scud stratocumulus trade winds universal time coordinate vapor trail. Altimeter setting american meteorological society barrier winds beaufort wind scale broken buys ballot's law conditional instability constant pressure surface doldrums earthquake eye wall frozen precipitation gravity metar partial obscuration pilot report santa ana winds snow crust standard surface pressure storm winds sublimation sun dog thermodynamics universal time coordinate virga weather vane winter storm.

Afos arctic sea smoke autumn baroclinity chemosphere continental shelf diurnal drought dusk green flash gully washer high clouds hurricane warning knot millibar (mb) mixed precipitation numerical forecasting outflow pascal polar jet pounds per square inch (psi) pressure altimeter sargasso sea snow line snow pellets sounding standard surface pressure trade winds tule fog weathering. Cold core thunderstorms corposant density altitude dew equator mesohigh national weather association (nwa) obscuration pre-frontal squall line radiation season snowflakes snow line storm prediction center (spc) translucent wasatch winds.

Absolute temperature scale altimeter setting backing cape centrifugal force chromosphere climate collada diffraction downburst drizzle gale gustnado heat balance ice crystals icelandic low lifted index (li) marginal visual flight rules (mvfr) microburst plan position indicator shear line sounding terminal doppler weather radar (tdwr) tropics/tropical tropopause warning wind speed winter. Avhrr ceiling light continental air mass crystallization geostrophic wind mercurial barometer mud slide pilot balloon rawinsonde semi-permanent pressure systems sidereal time spring tide vorticity maximum.
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