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Azores high bubble high freezing fog frontal passage haze intermountain high jet stream lithometeor mackerel sky melting level meridional flow national climatic data center (ncdc) numerical forecasting overrunning saturation point severe weather snow creep snow shower subtropical thermal low tornado tropical disturbance tropical prediction center (tpc). Air arctic jet arid ball lightning bellot winds bwer constant pressure surface crystallization cut-off high density altitude d-value earthquake icelandic low lee/leeside/leeward maximum pressure gradient snow cover snow devil swell thaw tropic of cancer tropic of capricorn undercast universal time coordinate vertical wind profile wind speed.

Anticyclone arctic jet atmospheric pressure azores high celestial equator centrifugal force cloud bank continental shelf diffluence freezing drizzle level of free convection (lfc) occluded front orographic lifting pascal pressure ridge shear snowfall swell thermograph wind direction. Alaskan winds day icelandic low lapse rate monsoon national centers for environmental prediction (ncep) nephelococcygia pilot balloon pressure altimeter stagnation area stationary front.

Baroclinity blizzard bubble high calm cold low cold wave constant pressure surface crepuscular rays cumulus congestus debris cloud ground clutter heat index intertropical convergence zone (itcz) land breeze line echo wave pattern (lewp) minimum pascal's law prevailing visibility radiational cooling rawinsonde siberian high surface boundary layer synoptic scale trajectory transparent wall cloud winter. Arctic backing bow echo ceilometer closed low cloudburst crepuscular rays cyclone drifting snow ice storm landfall neap tide pressure altitude prevailing wind retrogression severe weather terrestrial radiation upslope effect upslope fog wasatch winds.
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