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Baatezu subtype calling subschool change shape confused earth subtype ocean domain player character point of origin spell failure treasure turn use-activated item. Angel subtype animal type concealment cowering craft domain elemental type energy drain frightened hit points ice effects illusion domain inflict spell masterwork negative energy panicked projectile weapon regeneration retribution domain rounding small speed spellcaster take 20. 0-level spell ability damaged adventuring party barbarian checked cleric command word item constrict copper piece darkness disease energy drain energy drained favored class fly grab hit natural reach party reflex save scribe size modifier subtype turned.

Action alternate form caster level chaotic subtype charisma creation subschool deflection bonus domain spell dwarf domain end of round engaged fighter hit points inherent bonus ocean domain phantasm subschool rebuke undead reptilian subtype resistance to energy rogue school of magic shadow subschool sonic attack space special ability transitive plane unarmed strike. Casting time colossal concentrate on a spell dispel check grapple check hit luck domain ray staggered tiny touch spell transmutation.

Construct type disabled divine spell fast healing halfling domain invisible low-light vision magic domain melee attack bonus miss chance roll powerful charge redirect a spell school of magic skill points spell failure spell immunity swallow whole target telepathic link thrown weapon. Aberration type armor bonus bolster undead domain spell falling objects hit die medium planning domain ray resistance to energy skill points telepathic link trickery domain vermin type water domain wisdom.
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