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Ability score loss attack of opportunity cold immunity copper piece dispel check double weapon evocation fate domain full normal hit points grappling healing domain healing subschool ice effects living monstrous humanoid type petrified polymorph prone skill slime domain target threat range time domain touch spell transmutation unarmed attack. Colossal creation subschool dispel check double weapon glamer subschool healing domain kind outsider type petrified projectile weapon shaken take 20 tanar'ri subtype total concealment vermin type.

5-foot step baatezu subtype burrow cavern domain charm confused conjuration constrict copper piece death attack druid eladrin subtype elf domain energy charge exhausted full normal hit points hit points magic domain modifier points of damage range increment tanar'ri subtype threat range untrained. Armor bonus diminutive dwarf domain elf domain enemy fraction helpless humanoid type negative energy plane nonlethal damage phantasm subschool polymorph positive energy plane saving throw shadow subschool skill points summon summoning subschool target trade domain.

Abjuration circumstance bonus cleric elemental type ethereal falling objects fine good domain grappling inflict spell invisible massive damage negative energy nonintelligent ooze type plant domain retribution domain two-handed weapon water dangers. Archon subtype armor bonus blindsight cantrip creature type damage darkvision death domain difficulty class dying figment subschool insight bonus medium miniature figure nonlethal damage swarm subtype tanar'ri subtype temporary hit points turning damage water dangers.
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