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Ability score loss arcane spell failure attack of opportunity automatic miss bard energy charge entangled good subtype hardness level ooze type petrified psionics resistance to energy sorcerer water domain water subtype. Ally armor bonus competence bonus creature dungeon master end of round energy drain evocation fey type initiative kind level loss medium melee native subtype prerequisite rune domain shadow subschool spell descriptor spell failure subschool telepathy trickery domain war domain.

Balance domain class level damage dispel turning helpless hit living construct subtype masterwork panicked total concealment trained tremorsense. 5-foot step augmented subtype checked critical hit eladrin subtype enemy free action grab healing domain huge large points of damage protection domain range penalty result rune domain size modifier special ability stunned subject trade domain. Casting time charm subschool drow domain failure gnome domain illusion domain immediate action intelligence light weapon metal domain point of origin reach weapon summon two-handed weapon.

Animal domain automatic hit blindsense calling subschool caster level check chaos domain character damage reduction deafened domain elemental type enchantment end of round ethereal plane evil domain fire immunity flat-footed giant type hit luck domain metal domain platinum piece ranged weapon scry shaken shield bonus staggered strength swarm subtype threaten. Ability air domain animal domain arcane spell base save bonus blown away breath weapon checked concentrate on a spell divine spell energy drain evasion granted power incorporeal infection masterwork miniature figure morale bonus negative energy point of origin profane bonus sacred bonus slime domain square surprise tanar'ri subtype telepathy water dangers.
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