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Animal domain attack of opportunity blindsense caster level competence bonus deflection bonus dexterity domain spell dungeon master fast healing fear ray flight gaseous form goblinoid subtype guardinal subtype illusion luck domain melee attack bonus miniature figure move action nobility domain nonplayer character reaction skill stack stunned turn resistance wisdom. Armor class attack attack roll cold dangers dazzled death attack fear cone gnome domain hardness healing subschool illusion initiative count level adjustment light weapon magical beast type negative energy plane positive energy plane powerful charge scent slime domain stunned tiny vermin type.

Ability drained barbarian character class creature type dispel check double weapon enchantment insight bonus large rebuke undead redirect a spell resistance bonus saving throw spell slot teleportation subschool threat tiny trickery domain war domain. Ability damaged dazed elemental plane fear effect fighter hardness ice effects knowledge domain miniature figure miss chance roll plant domain school of magic tanar'ri subtype turned. Ability adventuring party air subtype archon subtype calling subschool critical hit diminutive dispel drow domain fear cone flight frightful presence knowledge domain magic domain multiplying overlap powerful charge renewal domain skill check skill rank spellcaster subschool suffering domain supernatural ability swim.

Ability drain augmented subtype barbarian check disabled drow domain evocation fear cone hit initiative check natural ability orc domain plane of shadow polymorph scalykind domain spell slot stable subschool suppress swim total cover. 0-level spell aquatic subtype breath weapon cantrip chaotic subtype compulsion subschool conjuration damage reduction direct a spell failure favored class hit points improved grab initiative modifier nonplayer character ooze type projectile weapon round subtype time domain treasure.
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