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Archon subtype armor class blindsense calling subschool deflection bonus divine spell dying energy damage falling full normal hit points humanoid type illusion domain level loss manufactured weapons native subtype natural natural ability polymorph sacred bonus spell failure spellcaster touch attack use-activated item. Aberration type adjacent change shape cure spell effective character level paralysis player character positive energy plane pounce result spell descriptor spell trigger item square yugoloth subtype.

Abjuration automatic hit casting time copper piece damage reduction energy drained evil domain fast healing fear aura giant type infection inherent bonus living construct subtype masterwork melee attack bonus necromancy nonintelligent poison pounce range penalty ranger school of magic size modifier take damage telepathy thirst yugoloth subtype. Attack roll chaos domain divination dying good domain guardinal subtype insight bonus lava effects native subtype natural ocean domain point of origin poison positive energy prerequisite racial hit die ranged attack take 10.

Aberration type ability automatic miss character class colossal compulsion craft domain creature type dispel dwarf domain incorporeal initiative count lawful negate powerful charge racial hit die redirect a spell rogue sonic attack special ability water subtype. Angel subtype artifact base land speed catching on fire continuous damage dazed extraplanar subtype fate domain healing subschool hit points infection initiative initiative check knocked down ocean domain orison pinned renewal domain rogue skill modifier spontaneous casting stack storm domain suppress transmutation two-handed weapon.
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