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Word Lists: Dungeons & Dragons

Aberration type animal type arcane spell calling subschool caster level check charm checked cold immunity darkvision dazzled dying earth subtype evasion extraordinary ability failure frightened half speed illusion immediate action insight bonus manufactured weapons monk rebuke undead silver piece spell immunity transitive plane unarmed strike use-activated item. Ability modifier breath weapon cleric cold subtype constrict damage reduction dazzled enhancement bonus falling objects gaze gnome domain hardness knowledge domain light weapon mundane natural armor bonus negate turn use-activated item vulnerability to energy water domain yugoloth subtype.

0-level spell adjacent augmented subtype baatezu subtype character class deflection bonus destruction domain evasion evil domain fascinated figment subschool improved evasion incorporeal lawful living luck bonus paralyzed ranged touch attack thirst vulnerability to energy. Balance domain environment lethal damage negate ooze type paralyzed petrified scrying subschool splash weapon tiny unarmed strike water subtype. Ability score loss checked natural nonlethal damage plant type prerequisite protection domain rune domain special ability speed spell completion item staggered take 10 total cover.

Base land speed comatose critical hit difficult terrain disabled frightful presence prerequisite range increment slime domain suppress threatened square. 0-level spell circumstance bonus confused divination energy plane negative energy plane ranged attack roll round sickened square trade domain tremorsense use-activated item. Air domain angel subtype calling subschool coup de grace cure spell disease evil domain flank fly frightful presence granted power grappling hit die illusion inflict spell inherent bonus kind melee attack bonus movement modes multiplying negate prerequisite splash weapon strength thrown weapon trade domain two-handed weapon.
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