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Ally animal type automatic hit catching on fire conjuration constrict direct a spell disease domain spell enemy fast healing medium miniature figure mundane necromancy paralyzed pinned regeneration retribution domain rogue round scrying subschool shaken shield bonus threat touch attack turn resistance. 0-level spell angel subtype catching on fire effective character level eladrin subtype ethereal plane heat dangers incorporeal knocked down party school of magic skill modifier total concealment total cover wizard.

Bard constrict creature type difficulty class earth subtype fire subtype good subtype illusion domain immunity improved evasion magic domain mentalism domain prone shadow subschool size modifier spell-like ability subschool surprise water dangers. Action adventuring party ally artifact astral plane barbarian base land speed chaotic subtype dispel check engaged frightful presence ice effects monk natural reach polymorph prerequisite ranged touch attack shaken skill sonic attack spellcaster threaten turn undeath domain.

Ability modifier attack of opportunity climb cover diminutive environment figment subschool gold piece invisible kind light weapon movement modes profane bonus racial hit die range penalty rend turn undead will save. 5-foot step ability decrease animal type armor class cavern domain destruction domain difficulty class enhancement bonus entangled fly frightened good subtype hardness healing domain kind luck bonus petrified plane of shadow positive energy ranger retribution domain rogue shaken sonic attack special ability spell trigger item splash weapon stunned target.
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