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Acid effects adjacent fraction initiative knocked down lawful portal domain spider domain splash weapon swallow whole swift action. Character class creature dazzled dispel check druid energy drained fear cone flank magic domain mundane suffering domain supernatural ability war domain. Blown away character class charisma dispel check dying orc domain point of origin school of magic sorcerer spell trigger item stable surprise swift action tremorsense untrained war domain.

Breath weapon charm class cold immunity concealment critical roll disabled dying electrum end of round grapple check hardness helpless inner planes level luck domain modifier nobility domain outsider type point of origin ranged attack roll reptilian subtype resistance bonus rogue spell spell domain spell-like ability total cover wizard. Action animal type attack of opportunity automatic miss caster level check dispel check end of round enemy family domain fear effect figment subschool flank flat-footed illusion insight bonus living construct subtype mundane negative energy pinned pounce ranged attack reptilian subtype rogue temporary hit points time domain transitive plane.

Ability decrease compulsion subschool cover earth domain enemy evil domain flank force damage frightened gold piece modifier nobility domain nonplayer character plane of shadow ranged touch attack reaction skill points spell descriptor spell failure spell resistance teleportation subschool touch attack turning damage vulnerability to energy will save. Ability drain angel subtype charm domain class level competence bonus constrict dispel check drowning entangled fortitude save gaze good domain line of sight medium nauseated rogue smoke effects spell resistance splash weapon strength domain suppress turning damage untrained yugoloth subtype.
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