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Word Lists: Dungeons & Dragons

0-level spell action attack of opportunity baatezu subtype blindsight copper piece cover enhancement bonus flat-footed illusion manufactured weapons miss chance miss chance roll nauseated plane of existence plant domain player character school of magic smoke effects special ability spell level strength domain subschool surprise touch spell. Ability check ability damage air subtype burrow cavern domain charm subschool deflection bonus elemental type falling objects family domain fire domain fraction hit hit die insight bonus known spell line of sight melee attack bonus melee touch attack metal domain natural one-handed weapon paladin portal domain pounce unarmed attack undeath domain.

Ability damage acid effects astral plane class skill constrict cross-class skill dodge bonus double weapon druid evil domain exhausted extraordinary ability extraplanar subtype fear effect frightened melee touch attack movement modes round skill check sorcerer spell preparation telepathy. Breath weapon cover difficulty class earth subtype elemental plane fortitude save glamer subschool inflict spell modifier negative level prone redirect a spell skill modifier spell version take damage turning check.

Ability catching on fire humanoid type inner planes level loss planning domain portal domain speed strength domain sun domain touch attack. Abjuration colossal cure spell hit magical beast type miniature figure off hand poison use-activated item vulnerability to energy. Armor class conjuration dying electrum energy plane entangled experience points fast healing fire domain fraction heat dangers helpless improved evasion incorporeal subtype luck bonus redirect a spell reptilian subtype touch spell water domain.
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