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Word Lists: Dungeons & Dragons

5-foot step aberration type bard catching on fire charm subschool creation subschool destruction domain difficult terrain effective hit point increase family domain flat-footed giant type law domain regeneration. Ability check ability damage bard checked cowering critical roll deflection bonus effective hit point increase energy charge initiative modifier knocked down known spell natural ability penalty regeneration scalykind domain shield bonus silver piece spell threat touch spell turned turning check unarmed attack untrained.

Ability check ability score loss automatic miss barbarian concentrate on a spell dwarf domain evil subtype grab grapple check initiative lethal damage living low-light vision monk poison reptilian subtype scribe scrying subschool spell supernatural ability target tyranny domain unarmed strike. Blindsight class climb cross-class skill dead dwarf domain ethereal plane fire subtype good domain material plane ocean domain orison plane of existence pounce profane bonus ranged attack roll ray resistance to energy telepathy threat range.

Ability ability decrease ability drained armor class cantrip charm cold domain deflection bonus disabled dying electrum exhausted extraplanar gaze healing subschool illusion domain initiative level loss orison plant domain pounce profane bonus projectile weapon sickened spell immunity suffocation wisdom. Ability damage abjuration colossal evasion flank free action full-round action glamer subschool grapple check ice effects insight bonus large monk necromancy negate nonintelligent player character poison range penalty reptilian subtype rogue shield bonus special quality stack staggered time domain transmutation.
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