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Word Lists: Dungeons & Dragons

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Ability modifier air domain angel subtype bolster undead command word item dungeon master evocation failure flank giant type negate one-handed weapon psionics reaction shaken sorcerer swallow whole turn undead turning check yugoloth subtype. Ability damaged ability score loss automatic miss barbarian command word item direct a spell enchantment energy charge evil domain good subtype miss chance roll moon domain paladin panicked plane of existence size skill modifier spell domain staggered take damage unarmed strike.

Animal type automatic miss blindsight change shape copper piece death domain double weapon dungeon master family domain frightened gold piece half speed hardness immediate action incorporeal inflict spell negative energy paladin plane of shadow planning domain ranger spell failure water dangers. Darkvision entangled fly fraction ice effects melee touch attack native subtype pattern subschool rogue thirst. Angel subtype blown away domain end of round falling initiative check lava effects rend sorcerer spider domain strength trade domain.

Armor class blindsight calling subschool character level compulsion subschool domain energy damage engaged evil domain fire domain helpless improved evasion magical beast type massive damage modifier monk natural reach necromancy negative energy plane repose domain rogue school of magic skill points spell starvation surprise take 10 turning damage vulnerability to energy water domain. Battle grid fly fortitude save incorporeal subtype melee attack bonus natural reach points of damage repose domain scalykind domain skill modifier starvation summoning subschool threaten undead type.
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