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Barbarian confused cross-class skill engaged fast healing fortitude save orc domain pattern subschool speed suffocation threat. Augmented subtype charisma falling full-round action portal domain slime domain space spell descriptor spell version swallow whole thirst trickery domain. Animal type class level concentrate on a spell elemental plane incorporeal subtype paladin powerful charge psionics ray time domain. Adjacent casting time cold dangers coup de grace creature type direct a spell drow domain falling objects living movement modes natural planning domain reaction skill modifier take damage touch spell trample water dangers.

Arcane spell failure character level damage evil subtype fear cone fire immunity fly half speed massive damage melee attack bonus orc domain pinned plant domain pounce psionics range increment rounding spellcaster sun domain temporary hit points transitive plane. Ability drained alignment alternate form conjuration divine spell exhausted extraplanar subtype gaze incorporeal subtype large law domain magic domain medium melee weapon moon domain move action natural armor bonus nonintelligent party redirect a spell regeneration result school of magic spell resistance strength strength domain transitive plane.

Ability damage air domain alternate form class skill compulsion subschool favored class flank illusion domain incorporeal subtype initiative modifier knowledge domain living low-light vision material plane nonplayer character silver piece spell-like ability spider domain threat tiny. Armor bonus barbarian blinded damage reduction dead death attack dragon type falling objects full-round action half speed helpless humanoid type line of effect melee attack roll racial hit die repose domain scrying subschool shadow subschool size spellcaster spider domain splash weapon spontaneous casting swallow whole swarm subtype tremorsense turn turning damage water dangers yugoloth subtype.
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