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Chaos domain circumstance bonus cleric copper piece energy drained evocation lava effects law domain plane of existence prone yugoloth subtype. Battle grid charisma colossal compulsion subschool dispel check dwarf domain extraplanar subtype fast healing good subtype half speed hit die inflict spell morale bonus natural ability panicked paralyzed plant type reach weapon renewal domain size modifier slime domain spell preparation subtype take 20 turning check unarmed attack vulnerability to energy.

Air domain balance domain bard character level cold subtype command word item compulsion subschool constitution creature type damage reduction deafened dispel turning divination enhancement bonus fear aura flank full normal hit points huge intelligence masterwork modifier plant domain player character skill check spell spell level spell-like ability subtype take 10. Blown away character class cold dangers craft domain dungeon master enchantment force damage initiative count lethal damage line of effect psionics rake ranged attack roll threatened square turning check.

Artifact character class dexterity entangled fortitude save illusion domain modifier profane bonus rake spell immunity telepathic link tyranny domain. Archon subtype armor class attack of opportunity augmented subtype battle grid concentrate on a spell critical hit dazed dispel check double weapon druid dwarf domain environment ethereal plane falling objects fatigued hardness helpless inflict spell lawful low-light vision miss chance outer plane plant domain ranged attack resistance bonus school of magic staggered threat.
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