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Word Lists: Dungeons & Dragons

Armor bonus cold subtype compulsion diminutive drowning ethereal falling fast healing improved evasion ooze type orison paralyzed projectile weapon protection domain ranged touch attack spell descriptor staggered swallow whole tremorsense turning damage. Attack of opportunity blinded command word item favored class knocked down level adjustment luck bonus melee planning domain slime domain swarm subtype. Adventuring party animal domain blinded cold subtype constitution constrict disease fascinated good domain law domain level loss light weapon monk morale bonus negative energy paralyzed reaction sacred bonus stunned telepathy.

Ability drained attack attack of opportunity calling subschool character class class feature craft domain destruction domain energy drained evil subtype fascinated flight frightened gargantuan glamer subschool magic domain melee attack roll metal domain plane of existence points of damage polymorph positive energy range penalty ranged weapon sacred bonus scrying subschool sonic attack splash weapon thirst touch spell. 5-foot step air subtype burrow climb concealment domain spell ethereal fear aura free action initiative level loss medium mundane nauseated nonplayer character plane of existence result round scrying subschool skill rank stack supernatural ability surprise teleportation subschool tiny trample travel domain turn undead.

0-level spell alternate form balance domain base save bonus current hit points darkness domain deafened fine flight low-light vision melee touch attack moon domain rounding spell failure suffocation temporary hit points touch spell. Ability check artifact base land speed charm constrict cure spell fatigued fire subtype goblinoid subtype good subtype heat dangers off hand paralysis retribution domain scry telepathy threaten turn resistance. Astral plane blinded fear effect free action invisible known spell point of origin range increment ranged attack wisdom.
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