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Balance domain construct type dazed extraordinary ability fatigued initiative luck domain smoke effects spell-like ability subschool thrown weapon turned. Air subtype coup de grace dispel turning frightened hardness helpless incorporeal subtype ocean domain one-handed weapon ray sonic attack speed unarmed strike. Ability score loss animal type cast a spell cavern domain compulsion subschool constitution evocation fatigued frightened glamer subschool improved grab monk natural ability regeneration strength undeath domain wisdom.

Blindsight bolster undead cold immunity damage disease grapple check hit mundane off hand pattern subschool poison sickened take 20 tremorsense turning damage unconscious untrained water dangers. Alternate form augmented subtype blindsense bolster undead caster level check class level command undead continuous damage coup de grace disease earth subtype enemy energy drain fire subtype flight full-round action good domain hit points line of effect massive damage masterwork panicked petrified reaction resistance bonus scribe skill check suppress threat war domain.

Adjacent class level cleric dragon type evasion family domain fear cone fear effect fear ray fine frightened gaseous form good subtype initiative luck domain manufactured weapons multiplying nonintelligent pattern subschool ranged weapon reptilian subtype skill modifier smoke effects speed suffering domain trained tremorsense turning damage. Bolster undead change shape compulsion concentrate on a spell construct type damage evasion fascinated illusion domain nonlethal damage paladin plane of existence renewal domain rounding swarm subtype use-activated item.
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