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Arcane spell caster level check dazzled deflection bonus domain spell energy drain ethereal guardinal subtype kind luck bonus melee touch attack modifier ooze type paladin profane bonus ranged attack stunned summon threat range vermin type. Acid effects automatic hit baatezu subtype breath weapon casting time constrict coup de grace creature fighter fire subtype material plane paladin spell immunity stunned thirst tiny use-activated item. Battle grid charisma death attack dwarf domain failure falling favored class fire domain humanoid type immunity improved grab initiative count metal domain outer plane ranged weapon rounding school of magic smoke effects spell spell resistance staggered strength domain subtype take damage threatened square.

Ability damaged air subtype attack charm class level cold domain compulsion subschool critical roll end of round ethereal extraplanar subtype good subtype grappling incorporeal initiative check line of sight penalty pounce powerful charge projectile weapon ranged weapon rogue shaken spell descriptor square summon. Artifact blinded command word item elf domain fey type heat dangers infection mentalism domain panicked plant type scalykind domain small special quality time domain.

Adjacent conjuration darkness deafened dragon type druid dwarf domain earth domain energy drain engaged family domain frightful presence manufactured weapons nonplayer character overlap plane of shadow reach weapon retribution domain stunned suppress water dangers. Animal type base save bonus casting time catching on fire character level checked difficulty class divination evil subtype exhausted favored class fire subtype full normal hit points full-round action granted power illusion invisible lethal damage melee weapon monk negative energy plane nonintelligent planning domain range increment size starvation subtype swallow whole swift action.
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