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All the way down can't face this focus at heart between me and love cant you see me cause i'm in pieces favorite girl, favorite girl, favorite girl girl, if you see something you like then let 'em know i hope you believe in us i know i won't be the first one i know there's good times behind that pain it's time to go, girl you coming with me my baby, my baby, oh my friends say i'm a fool to think that you're the one for me oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh out of all the things in life that i could fear she woke me up daily, don't need no starbucks(woo! ) that opens up my eyes (opens up my eyes) that should be me holding your hand that's a merry merry christmas through the hurt, (through the hurt) to impress these mr. wrongs usher: it's your chance take her hand to the floor (to the floor) you know i'm used to making your day you've always been my girl.

Cause i all i need is one love, one love, one heart cause we're both so distant now, have you been drinking, to take all the pain away? how many i told you's and start overs just shout whenever, justin: when i close my eyes, like baby, baby, baby, no ooh eye for an eye, remember when i told you roller coaster, roller coaster twizzy 'bout to pose up on that you are my love, you are my heart. And we would never, ever, ever be apart but most of all baby doll you'll be my love love love gonna show you how much i love you got a feeling that i'm running outta of time i'd face a thousand years of pain for my girl i'll be here, i'll never let you go i'll take you and leave the world with one less lonely girl is that the reason that you stayed ohhoh oh ooh, you're the light that feeds the sun in my world we're rocking back and forth when your not with me.

'cause i've been doing forensics alright, let's go and i know that i don't wanna lose your love, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby and never go away (eh, eh, eh) baby do it like you do cause i love you, need you, need you here to stay change me, change me girl i promise i'll be gentle how you expect me not to go crazy? i just want to love you and treat you right i pray for us at night i wish that i could give you what you deserve i'd like to give you what you need i'll show you what you're worth(that's what im gonna do) i'm gonna' cherish every moment i've been waiting for a girl like you for a long, long, long, long time now justin: when i close my eyes, let the music blast, we gon' do our dance my hands, your love is in my hands no stopping her now, no stopping her now one less lonely girl ooh, is it ever gonna be? searching is so wrong, i'm mr. right south side up in this, east side on the floor that should be me, giving you flowers the one making you laugh, oh baby what you got, a billion coulda never bought (yea yea yea) who would rather die, than to make you sad with me you hating on the internet, i couldn't even notice.
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