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You should pick me above the whispers all that i could hear... was be real with me, ain't no other option, no other option but i'm losin' you does he love you the way i can? explain, because i've come to terms with flatline girl you see me standing here half empty i close my eyes and i pray, i pray, i pray i don't care anywhere you could pick the spot, whatever i hope you believe in us it's in the papers, it's on the tv, it's everywhere that i go making millions in the show, yes you know it boy oh no, baby (pyd pyd pyd), oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky.

But just walking in the dark, do you wanna scream and shout? don't you take my "grant it" though for granted girl, i'm ready, if you're ready, now i can make you believe, yeah i'll sweep away the clouds just take my hand kiss me, kiss me, say that you miss me nothing left between us, baby read more: justin bieber - all that matters lyrics | metrolyrics still she could not stop, swaggie that thing is swollen that's a merry merry christmas think of how good we could be girl up whoa, whoa we can go to a place, you ain't never seen before we on a roll, we 'bout to go, what's hatnin' yeah, they tryna get at me, yeah you're my special little lady.

Before i saw you you believe it like a fairy-tale girl quit playin' go where you're going hold up, i don't need no love hope you did the same i never thought that i could take the burn i said that with a straight face, baby that's poker like i knew you were hoping never been lazy, never been shady oh read more: justin bieber - favorite girl lyrics | metrolyrics see ive made mistakes time after time, time, time she can't be late, can't take too long smile for me smile on your face even though your heart is frowning spend a week with your boy i'll be calling you my girlfriend swapping out ain't ever been a crime that every guy you meet winds up catchin feelins for ya the smiles i'm used to seeing just weren't there there's gonna be(one less lonely girl) twizzy 'bout to pose up on that what we had before what's gonna make you fall in love wipe your pretty eyes, dry 'em on my shoulder you adapted, now you're used to (forgive me for you) being alone.
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