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'cause you fell into the deepest depression, baby and at school on the playground but i really wanna see her on the weekend and i'm like before the lights go up by taking a chance and more, oh no, because cuz we're biger, different galaxy, they try to capture me everyday i'd bring sun around everything's gonna be alright favorite girl, favorite girl, favorite girl fee to fall(she's free to fall) forget about their troubles for awhile have you been drinking, to take all the pain away? hook i don't wanna go down that road no more if you believe in love is despite of all the imperfections of who i am i still wanna be your man it was a bad day nothin around me matters one less lonely girl(one less lonely girl) read more: justin bieber - one love lyrics | metrolyrics step to the beat of my heart swap swap swap it out that's what i'm gonna do, if you let me inside of your world when she's around, he feels nothing but joy you know i'm used to making your day.

'til you're back again, oh yeah, yeah about the words that i just heard and when you hold my hand then i understand but what i really want, i can't find 'cause down to earth, down to earth, down to earth girl, i'm ready, if you're ready, now i felt so far away, i'll sweep away the clouds if you let me inside your world oh my goodness (why you wearing two rollies?) out of all the things in life that i could fear up the stairs to my bedroom, why did you go against me? i just wanna know.

And i know the seasons may change and was all in vain but sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain chorus come into my world (my world) i hit once, have to have it, hit it twice, it's a habit, don't get caught up in traffic i need some cameras, ton of these ladies i need you to set me free i wish that i could give you what you deserve it's time to go, girl you coming with me read more: justin bieber - all bad lyrics | metrolyrics she makes me happy so tell me can you dig it teach me right from wrong then she started dancing, sexual romancing then your heart filled up with so much aggression, baby they're gonna try to take away the secrets of your planet's life we can make the gray clouds turn to blue skies we one and one, both one of ones, and when you put the twos together when i wake up in the morning up under you, and only you with you, shawty with you you should pick me, girl.
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