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And girl you're my one love, my one heart and i just can't believe my first love won't be around can someone tell me how to make a change? good steps go to the beat now have you been drinking, to take all the pain away? i don't wanna to go back i know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart lift me up off the ground oh babe that's you, that's you when i need you the most. 'cause i really wanna be alone and i want you to know that i still love you but for you i need, i'd rather give you the world couldn't break his chains dinner is served by nine everything's gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-aight give me a time and place,i'll rendezvous it,i'll fly you to it, i'm here to make you happy, i'm here to see you smile i'm in a backpack, i'm in ducking men in black like it was nothing girl, it was a bad day (hey, girl) many obstacles in my face nothing left between us, baby, nothing oh you don't gotta worry, no open up to me, it's all you gotta do (it's all you gonna do) them haters gonna start tripping waiting for your phone call to come soon well, everything i had to give.

Beauty, beauty and the beat but i don't wanna fight babe common denominator, oh, yeah, woah don't waste the time we both need girl you ain't my runner up i can not be broken i guess that this is meant to be yeah i know there's something i can do i'm gonna put you down, all the way down i'm only taking over this planet since i arrived no stopping her now, no stopping her now not trying to rewind one less lonely girl please don't waste my time searching is so wrong, i'm mr. right so say hello to falsetto in three two swag tell me what i wanna hear, tell me you love me there's a little hope for you and i there's gonna be on less lonely girl to be in your arms trying to find a reason twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk we can't go nowhere but up we're rocking back and forth west side throw it up, north side by the pole.

'cause you took away the biggest part of me, yeah a heart-breaker adore you girl, i want you all alone, in my room and when your mine in this world believe it like a fairy-tale can't fix this compass at heart between me and love chestnuts roasting like a hot july, connect with your soul don't let this go to your head girlfriend, girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend if it was then i'd do the time is if you weren't here, woah, i don't want to go back is it me and did i lose control? yo voom voom (oh babe) like kobe in the fourth oh okay, i'm nascar and i'm moving faster than you've ever seen before seven billion people in the world trying to fit in some of 'em are out, some are in we can go nowhere but up whenever you knock me down.
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