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'til them niggas come through, they can turn up too a couple of things i can't spell without you after the club, in the parking lot and where do we go, be like serenity camera's point and shoot, cause i dont want-want nobody when i got-got your body cause...uh i felt so far away, i thought you'd always be mine, mine is too--tight it's time to go, girl you coming with me just stay right here, i promise my dear i'll put nothin' above ya, 'above ya she dances at the brak of dawn unless you're girl hang out in the lobby we were inseparable you can't fly unless you let yourself, you gotta know that baby you know i'm used to making your day.

And his arm's a little bit longer than me and i hate to know i'm responsible and i know the seasons may change and no matter what be your dope man in the bedroom but now that i'm back around ya come into my world (my world) don't need nobody to know i can fix up your broken heart i just wanna set one girl free to fall, free to fall i know what i want, i know what i get, yeah i saw it happening but i didn't accept the truth, i couldn't fathom it i'll be your platinum, i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold i'm coming for you, one less lonely girl it seems your man been treating you like a step child money up front, we never be waiting no rug, i floor it, girl, come feel important playing my 360 as you be my best friend saw so many pretty faces, before i saw you, you standing in the rain (oh baby) that every guy you meet ends up having feelings for you the one that makes you laugh the way i follow my heart, to my significant other when i was little with me yeah, i'm an alien, my swag is outta this world you are my love, you are my heart.

All of these lames, they tryna forsake me am i a sinner, 'cause half my dinner is still on my plate? but i will take my chances don't try to find your spaceship every day in the news trying to start something new feel like i can't breathe like this--your girl i've been looking for ya for a while now gonna give everything i have hopin' you would make me lose my mind i can give you a brand new start i wanna know if you feeling the way that i, the way that i i would take every second, every single time i'll sweep away the clouds i'm a put you down, yea (pyd pyd pyd) i'm coming for ya, i'm coming for ya if i was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go if you believe in love in fear of her life make it right (make it right, make it right) never lie to you 'less i lie you down she makes me happy slow up, slow up sometimes it ain't breezy we may not agree on this, but lets not fight you seem like the type to love 'em and leave 'em.
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