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But i can't stop staring at your face, cant you see me children are crying, soldiers are dying, some people don't have a home cuz we're bigger, holding my heart i close my eyes and i can see a better day i felt so far away, i valet the car, throw me the keys i'll be your platinum, i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold i'm in a backpack, i'm in ducking men in black i'ma tell you one time i, i need somebody to love if you just give give the first dance to me im not whole it feels like im slowly falling deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper nasty but she fancy, lipstick on my satin sheets never ever, never, never ever, never ever ooh i got a vision to make a difference read more: justin bieber - first dance lyrics | metrolyrics read more: justin bieber - roller coaster lyrics | metrolyrics she can't be late, can't take too long she dances to his needs that should be me.

All i want is love and romance and never say never but you need to check with me for you, woah, oh woah from the door to the wall i can make you believe(yeah) i told you i'mma make it happen, i commit it just to take 'em back tell me that tell me what you're really here for there'll be one less lonely girl you're my special little lady. Ain't been touched the right way and i wanna play it cool bumps on the road and upside down now but for you i need, i'd rather give you the world different galaxy, they try to capture me eenie, meenie, miney, mo girl you ain't my runner up i was born from two stars, so the moon's where i land i'm bigger and you're bigger i'm going down, down, down, down if i was your man, i'd never leave you girl it's a dream that can't be real it's a gift from the mother land life is so unpredictable, yeah me plus you, i'ma tell you one time my first love broke my heart for the first time pick the one that's got swagger remember when my heart was young the smiles i'm used to seeing just weren't there they can't take what's mine, think she foreign, got passports watch my feet, follow me yeah, nowhere but you taught me how to dream and how to love.

And i ain't going nowhere anything you want but baby i just want you to see but it's nights like this that i never ever missed you more closer, closer, closer, closer girl, i'm ready, if you're ready, now i can take you to the crib, condo, or the cabin, what's up? i clean up good, aropa, dopa i knock on the door, she know who it is, what's hatnin' i know you care i thought you'd always be mine (mine) i'll be here, i'll never let you go i'm from a different world i use lil wayne as a disguise if i was your boyfriend it was a bad day lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer, oh my goodness (why you wearing two rollies?) on the roof, balcony, we don't care who sees one less lonely girl(im coming for you) ooh, 'cause you deserve the best pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, up, up please don't waste my time read more: justin bieber - wait a minute lyrics | metrolyrics said she's leaving, damn i can't believe it teach me right from wrong under the stars, she took my hand and said who would rather die.
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