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Jobs are kicking in and companies are coming back to the u.s. unnecessary regulations and high taxes are being dramatically cut and it will only get better. much more to come! oppressive regimes cannot endure forever and the day will come when the iranian people will face a choice. the world is watching! dow s&p 500 and nasdaq close at record highs! #maga the fake news is going all out in order to demean and denigrate! such hatred! 19000 respecting our national anthem! #standforouranthem?? the fake news networks are working overtime in puerto rico doing their best to take the spirit away from our soldiers and first r's. shame! ...want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10000 federal workers now on island doing a fantastic job. we want our companies to hire & grow in america to raise wages for american workers & to help rebuild our american cities & towns! #usa?? storm turned hurricane is getting much bigger and more powerful than projected. federal government is on site and ready to respond. be safe! how much longer will the failing nytimes with its big losses and massive unfunded liability (and non-existent sources) remain in business? the fake news refuses to report the success of the first 6 months: s.c. surging economy & jobsborder & military securityisis & ms-13 etc. congratulations to sung hyun park on winning the 2017 @usga #uswomensopen?? the united states mourns for the victims of nice france. we pledge our solidarity with france against terror. ???? the senate democrats have only confirmed 48 of 197 presidential nominees. they can't win so all they do is slow things down & obstruct! during my recent trip to the middle east i stated that there can no longer be funding of radical ideology. leaders pointed to qatar - look! in any event we are extreme vetting people coming into the u.s. in order to help keep our country safe. the courts are slow and political! the roger stone report on @cnn is false - fake news. have not spoken to roger in a long time - had nothing to do with my decision. #weeklyaddress?? ...popular vote. abc news/washington post poll (wrong big on election) said almost all stand by their vote on me & 53% said strong leader. things will work out fine between the u.s.a. and russia. at the right time everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace! i explained to the president of china that a trade deal with the u.s. will be far better for them if they solve the north korean problem! the failing @nytimes would do much better if they were honest! democrats are smiling in d.c. that the freedom caucus with the help of club for growth and heritage have saved planned parenthood & ocare! happy presidents day - make america great again!.

While the republicans and democrats in congress are working hard to come up with a solution to daca they should be strongly considering a system of merit based immigration so that we will have the people ready willing and able to help all of those companies moving into the usa! it was an honor to meet with republic of rwanda president paul kagame this morning in davos switzerland. many great discussions! #wef18 will be signing the biggest ever tax cut and reform bill in 30 minutes in oval office. will also be signing a much needed 4 billion dollar missile defense bill. tax cuts will increase investment in the american economy and in u.s. workers leading to higher growth higher wages and more jobs! great numbers on stocks and the economy. if we get tax cuts and reform we'll really see some great results! throughout my travels i've had the pleasure of sharing the good news from america. i've had the honor of sharing our vision for a free & open indo-pacific -- a place where sovereign & independent nations w/diverse cultures & many different dreams can all prosper side-by-side. getting ready to leave for south korea and meetings with president moon a fine gentleman. we will figure it all out! it was a true honor to be at yokota air base with our great @usforcesjapan! isis just claimed the degenerate animal who killed and so badly wounded the wonderful people on the west side was "their soldier." ..... the @tuckercarlson opening statement about our once cherished and great fbi was so sad to watch. james comey's leadership was a disaster! it is finally happening for our great clean coal miners! we mourn the horrifying terrorist attack in nyc. all of america is praying and grieving for the families who lost their precious loved ones. ....also there is no collusion! ...the uranium to russia deal the 33000 plus deleted emails the comey fix and so much more. instead they look at phony trump/russia.... two dozen nfl players continue to kneel during the national anthem showing total disrespect to our flag & country. no leadership in nfl! ratings for nfl football are way down except before game starts when people tune in to see whether or not our country will be disrespected! ...can't change history but you can learn from it. robert e lee stonewall jackson - who's next washington jefferson? so foolish! also... feels good to be home after seven months but the white house is very special there is no place like it... and the u.s. is really my home! ....victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. thank you thank you to all of the supporters who far out-numbered the protesters yesterday at the women's u.s. open. very cool! thank you @foxnews "huge win for president trump and gop in georgia congressional special election." big day tomorrow in georgia and south carolina. obamacare is dead. dems want to raise taxes big! they can only obstruct no ideas. vote "r" the democrats should be ashamed. this is a disgrace!#draintheswamp big win in the house - very exciting! but when everything comes together with the inclusion of phase 2 we will have truly great healthcare! north korea is looking for trouble. if china decides to help that would be great. if not we will solve the problem without them! u.s.a. instead of driving jobs and wealth away america will become the world's great magnet for innovation & job creation..

Merry christmas!! when americans are free to thrive innovate & prosper there is no challenge too great no task too large & no goal beyond our reach. we are a nation of explorers pioneers innovators & inventors. we are nation of people who work hard dream big & who never ever give up... the state of virginia economy under democrat rule has been terrible. if you vote ed gillespie tomorrow it will come roaring back! wow fbi confirms report that james comey drafted letter exonerating crooked hillary clinton long before investigation was complete. many.. network news has become so partisan distorted and fake that licenses must be challenged and if appropriate revoked. not fair to public! thanks for your support! it was great being with luther strange last night in alabama. what great people what a crowd! vote luther on tuesday. getting ready to leave for poland after which i will travel to germany for the g-20. will be back on saturday. while i greatly appreciate the efforts of president xi & china to help with north korea it has not worked out. at least i know china tried! the fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred. @msnbc & @cnn are unwatchable. @foxandfriends is great! the democratic national committee would not allow the fbi to study or see its computer info after it was supposedly hacked by russia.......
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