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Join me live for the #sotu biggest tax bill and tax cuts in history just passed in the senate. now these great republicans will be going for final passage. thank you to house and senate republicans for your hard work and commitment! the united states has been reminded time and again in recent years that economic security is not merely related to national security -economic security is national security. it is vital to our national strength. #apec2017 the real story on collusion is in donna b's new book. crooked hillary bought the dnc & then stole the democratic primary from crazy bernie! congratulations to roy moore on his republican primary win in alabama. luther strange started way back & ran a good race. roy win in dec! thank you to doug parker and american airlines for all of the help you have given to the u.s. with hurricane flights. fantastic job! wow senator luther strange picked up a lot of additional support since my endorsement. now in september runoff. strong on wall & crime! see you tonight huntington west virginia!#makeamericagreatagain??tickets: ...what about all of the clinton ties to russia including podesta company uranium deal russian reset big dollar speeches etc. big win today for building the wall. it will secure the border & save lives. now the full house & senate must act! ?? make america great again! so good to see the saudi arabia visit with the king and 50 countries already paying off. they said they would take a hard line on funding... thank you for such a wonderful and unforgettable visit prime minister @netanyahu and @presidentruvi. just learned that jon @ossoff who is running for congress in georgia doesn't even live in the district. republicans get out and vote! despite what you hear in the press healthcare is coming along great. we are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture! the fake news media (failing @nytimes @cnn @nbcnews and many more) is not my enemy it is the enemy of the american people. sick! ..ryan died on a winning mission ( according to general mattis) not a "failure." time for the u.s. to get smart and start winning again! the #marchforlife is so important. to all of you marching --- you have my full support!.

Best wishes to the republic of korea on hosting the @olympics! what a wonderful opportunity to show everyone that you are a truly great nation! it was an honor to meet with republic of rwanda president paul kagame this morning in davos switzerland. many great discussions! #wef18 shoplifting is a very big deal in china as it should be (5-10 years in jail) but not to father lavar. should have gotten his son out during my next trip to china instead. china told them why they were released. very ungrateful! my meetings with president xi jinping were very productive on both trade and the subject of north korea. he is a highly respected and powerful representative of his people. it was great being with him and madame peng liyuan! ..(enthusiastic dynamic and fun) and the american legion - v.a. (respectful and strong). too bad the dems have no one who can change tones! biggest story today between clapper & yates is on surveillance. why doesn't the media report on this? #fakenews! .@loudobbs just stated that "president trump's successes are unmatched in recent presidential history" thank you lou! failing @nytimes which has been calling me wrong for two years just got caught in a big lie concerning new england patriots visit to w.h. #buyamericanhireamerican?? make america great again! jeff sessions is an honest man. he did not say anything wrong. he could have stated his response more accurately but it was clearly not.... thank you for a wonderful evening in washington d.c. #inauguration the democratic national committee would not allow the fbi to study or see its computer info after it was supposedly hacked by russia.......

Was @foxandfriends just named the most influential show in news? you deserve it - three great people! the many fake news hate shows should study your formula for success! thank you rand! i hope the fake news media keeps talking about wacky congresswoman wilson in that she as a representative is killing the democrat party! bob corker gave us the iran deal & that's about it. we need healthcare we need tax cuts/reform we need people that can get the job done! ..north korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to china which is trying to help but with little success. thank you to all of the great men and women at the u.s. customs and border protection facility in yuma arizona & around the united states! i will be holding a major briefing on the opioid crisis a major problem for our country today at 3:00 p.m. in bedminster n.j. "under trump gains against #isis have dramatically accelerated" it's hard to read the failing new york times or the amazon washington post because every story/opinion even if should be positive is bad! watch @foxandfriends now on podesta and russia! why isn't the house intelligence committee looking into the bill & hillary deal that allowed big uranium to go to russia russian speech.... after being forced to apologize for its bad and inaccurate coverage of me after winning the election the fake news @nytimes is still lost!.
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