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Word Lists: Jive

Cat domi early black icky killer-diller man in gray mellow off-time jive ow! pigeon set of seven brights slave too much. Cat clambake fruiting gimme some skin growl gut-bucket hide-beater icky jack jitterbug jive lamp latch on lily whites melted out mezz murder peola righteous rug cutter set of seven brights sharp stache unhep vine whipped up whipped up zoot suit. Boot chirp come again comes on like gangbusters dicty frolic pad hep cat land o'darkness mezz nickel note nix out set of seven brights what's your story whipped up.

Apple barrelhouse crumb crushers doghouse duke foxy gravy left raise mess meter nickel note nix out off the cob off-time jive out of the world peola ride righteous tick to dribble zoot suittogged to the bricks two cents yarddog. Comes on like gangbusters cut out doghouse domi drape dutchess early bright focus frisking the whiskers gimme some skin gravy latch on lay your racket line mitt pounding ofay off-time jive orchestration ready sad set of seven brights twister to the slammer vine wrong riff zoot.

Barrelhouse buddy ghee cat chick early bright fews and two frame fruiting gabriels have a ball hep cat hip home-cooking lamp land o'darkness lane mash me a fin mellow skins what's your story zoot whipped up zoot zoot suit. Barbecue blip blow the top cut out dig doghouse dreamers duke gate jive lamp lead sheet left raise ready salty so help me solid the man whipped up what's your story. Chick doghouse dreamers gammin' get in there gimme some skin icky lay some iron pecking set of seven brights skins stand one up to dribble yeah, man twister to the slammer wrong riff yarddog.
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