Jive Ipsum

Word Lists: Jive

A hummer beat it out beef bright bust your conk capped down with it gammin' gimme some skin got your boots on mash me a fin ofay rock me slide your jib the man togged to the bricks two cents. Barrelhouse beef bring down canary chick cut out cut rate down with it drape final gate hide-beater jack jeff joint is jumping kill me lock up main on the hitch mitt pounding moo juice muggin' murder signify skin-beater snatcher spoutin' stand one up timber trickeration vine.

Frame fruiting gammin' hide-beater hip kill me off-time jive ow! pad pigeon sharp to dribble too much wren yeah, man. A hummer beat up the chops boogie-woogie comes on like gangbusters frame freeby frolic pad jelly kopasetic lay some iron meter mezz send spoutin' v-8 zoot. Break it up come again cop dig dry-goods fall out fine dinner fry jumped in port land o'darkness mezz peola pounders riff unhep. Battle black and tan blew their wigs blip break it up dime note doghouse duke dutchess fruiting gravy hard spiel hip icky jack knock kopasetic licking the chops lily whites line man in gray mezz signify skins spoutin' susie-q take off threads yarddog zoot.

Beat up the chops fews and two grease home-cooking hype lay some iron licking the chops to be stashed togged to the bricks wren trucking wren. Beat cogs dreamers early black fraughty issue front gate grease hard spiel killer-diller lay some iron melted out murder ready rug cutter yeah, man wrong riff. Battle cubby domi focus frisking the whiskers fry gabriels igg ow! square. Alligator beat up the chops blew their wigs cut out down with it dreamers fall out fews and two fruiting gate hard spiel hincty jive killer-diller main kick mitt pounding ruff signify skin-beater sounded off threads two cents wrong riff truck zoot.
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