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Word Lists: Mixed Drinks

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Grinch's christmas blue dolphin #2 dixie pearl frog on a wire jimmy two times evil death mix shamrock #2 mouse trap three musketeers ugly african lullaby white splash mean green machine high moon albysjon warm apple pie jaffa schnapps jubilee on the square emerald isle cooler alligator bait #2 just what the doctor ordered. Irish lumberjack bananas and cream liquid uranium bad news bear belfast bomber celtic liquid room cloudberry dream cream fizz east india cocktail #1 fin n' tonic georgia peach iced tea hummingbird #2 balalaika paddy's caffeine poison blackbeard italian coffee blanche chubbie moose one cock and two balls honey bee cocktail raspberry bliss flim flam crotch shot pop the cherry circus peanut busted nut.

Cherry bomb #2 cheshire cat fluffy dog iguana #2 belmont peach passion hemingway special ricard tomate hula hoop amaretto spritzer pickled tink. Cherry spritzer ginemade an orgy of liquors flaming lamborghini #2 absolut citron limonata bittersweet with a twist brandy sling shotgun damn jager coffee crisp shot fleet street red dwarf chocolate shock martian hard on mister christian rye whiskey cocktail slippery surprise red headed stepchild #2 santa's little helper.

7 fag juice miller's killer cocktail bourbon cooler stabilizer upper cut cajun comforter charger dixie julep five star general ghostbuster h.d. italian margarita journalist cocktail kameleon wassail purple nasty urban jungle mel's swing cherry poppin' scotty. Bubblegum delight home grown english irish trespasser miscegenation hitler's chocolate cake paul's manhattan frozen purple peedinker bob's moscow mule cran-rum twister drunk driver ixtapa texas rattlesnake ambience wild slippery mudslide peppermint stick nutty irishman blue grapes canadian cowgirl reindeer's tear maple's antigel milf.
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