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Word Lists: Mixed Drinks

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Hemingway hammer john stalker bob's special punch one fruity tutti soother cocktail kentucky wildcat lemon drop #7 alabama slammer reptile hot blah! comforting coffee banoffee milkshake bawanna tom blastula. Green apple and butter jello shots el negro hennessy and apple l.i.e. hector bomb jamaica shot kryptonite #3 pink bliss agave suave bob's special punch sherry flip snitchee's cider cina polada edo cocktail horny mohican orange crisis pyrenees greeting red eye a la cocktail riddler's shot bull blaster canadian cowgirl champagne rum punch mango sunrise nanogram one night stand.

Hot chicana peppermint rose purple peedinker dragoon sloppy joe's cocktail no. 2 toxic antifreeze chris crush russian candy pipeline citrus cream mexican blonde twitcher don matteo el bano kelly-k black witch pop my cherry poon juice frog nuts hamlet professor and mary ann. Bird bomb iced jim koontaka punch mr. jetson flaming dr. pepper booty juice irish quaalude banging on the hardwood floor kahlua sour matisse green lantern gayhound barbara joe blow los angeles cocktail orange scented hot chocolate fuzzy bastard pink passion goin' home sherry cobbler nawlin's po-boy groti cafe au kirsch naple's old-fashioned paloma berry cobbler purple fucker jagerolie bomb moontini.

Barber chair shot fallen angel #2 patriot buttery nipples strawberry margarita chastity belt iron hindu wassail martina mandarina mulata one ball left russian apple brandy plush tequila bang bang amaretto alexander bluebeard #2 bleacher's twist. Banshee berry blue and white skip and go naked #2 doo-littles sloe comfortable screw #2 tequillya green dinosaur #4 golden friendship grapefruit splash jack frost beam me up scotty brandy punch ass baby guinness benji.
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