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Word Lists: Mixed Drinks

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Panty ripper black army jaded dreams small bomb tequila twilight toblerone #2 equity's darling generation x green apple #2 octapussy cherry tree climber captain's cocktail villa park coco amor daddy's milk after glo. French night blue margarita sinfonian cream soda shaker sloe comfortable screw #4 dr jack gingerbread man #2 golden bronx hawaiian volcano million-dollar cocktail gold emerald shooter nick and nora martini gale at sea harpic paradise quencher peppermint cream.

Jet fuel cranberry kiss fuzzy bunny hello nurse blue sunset the sabino special sex on the beach #7 shattered dreams drag queen rum scoundrel leprechaun taint toxic antifreeze cablegram exotica bavarian coffee peach smoothie orange comfort french 76 bang em' back desert sunrise malibu barbie peach tumbler. Jagerade meema t-bone thai iced tea event horizon the jolly rancher panty dropper rieber red margarita royal peaches and cream black suede la bomba negra power of will mango cocktail.

Bailey's shake #2 barracuda island jim fleur de lis gala margarita egg nog - healthy heavy metal #2 mop water black and brown blackula scotch holiday sour boinkin' shannon comforting tiger flamingo punch milpsi campola resolute cocktail hotel california mexican colada elsinore elbow jellyfish #2 silver nest hairy navel jamaican blues mofo cocktail kilted yak double dirty chocolate orgasm maraschino champagne punch kahluaita. Kill bill chocoquito licorice vyos shandy cherry hill blended frog perfect cherry cheese cake spiced peach punch frozen brandy and rum mctavish nightie lifter the red and black inedible cocktail gin lollipop pineapple julep kellikilla wasabi bloody mary reggae cocktail irish orange dr. swerve.
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