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Word Lists: Mixed Drinks

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Citron splash martini foamy irishman nichols' flaming cocktail orange fizz shot peach puff martini san diego seabreeze loco cocoa mocha purple sour banana yummy bidnis conga line fuzzy martini gin cassis harry boy malibu pink panther mcshake red wine punch absolut limousine country and western cocktail die hard bahama blue. Beer margarita batman mango tango panty dropper punch evil death mix sex on the beach #9 smooth sailing southern sunrise the captains silver sunrise extra fuzzy navel fluorescent dream bad attitude hot shot #2 purple cow calypso coffee rumrunner's rubyred ti-punch run for your money buttermint delight debutante's dream mel's summersault.

Crystal telekenisis bourbon highball spiced cherry brantner's blueballs coco cognac dixie stinger rubber chicken waverunner mexican cherry mike tyson morning dew swedish polar bear jolly roger. Kalashnikov shot alco choco milkshake manhattan iced tea saint paul chocolate toasted almond cucaracha #2 hurricane hugo ice palace the jolly rancher kickstand wong tong cocktail foggy day mountain melon bourbon sangaree blue passion lunar eclipse. Liquid watermelon home alone neon fairy boku's blend boccie bounce a little bit of maeve special tequini tie me to the bedpost - hawaiian coffee sour gooseberry jam gulyuz hal ligon mexican's revenge pink pillow o.d. rebel russian coconut kiss pootie tang courage cocktail dreamsicle delight creamy frappuccino gangplank hunting party jamexican banana twist golden shnoozberry.

Apple mojito monsen miser bayou punch bloody chicken sexual harrassment trojan horse mind eraser #3 peach magnifico strawberry and coffee cream soda anabolic steroid fluffy pink slipper amaretto tea king's ruin magnolia maiden ojen cocktail captain and taneal. Nicky's red devil noidish pancake dirty sanchez shot pink milk zimamazing creamy comfort admiral admiral cocktail lucky lemon orlando amethyst pernod fizz chocolate orange frappe salem witch the graveyard fernet branca cocktail purple jesus #3 flashback babygirl fisherman's friend italian passion pop the cherry magfest mule.
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