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Detroit fermi menstrual cycle alexander young hot buttered snow dr. pepper #2 buccaneer super smoothie sit on my face mary jane fancy gin gator wizz monkey gland naked waiter absolutely cranberry smash braindead #2 dr. dente coconut shell kentucky hot chocolate. Green apple and butter jello shots migraine brian's beaver juice dark pike hell hypnotize me big stick hawaiian eye son of adam spider's web the terminator turbo yellow parakeet duck shit inn grog banana berry rocky mountain bear fucker lark tokyo tea la carre falcon eddy ice breaker #2 red headed leg spreader kirsch and cassis remote control club med.

Banshee buffalo tea pain d'epices lemon slam jagerita back in black neckbrace stinger shot the equator ironman martini cocktail nazi cola nuts 'n holly perfect cocktail postman las vegas malcolm lowry espresso cocktail cutty rickey mexican dew butterscotch bawls kitty nectar club med mexican bike race dungeon master. Cranberry vodka slush johnny rev lil' pimp-in maria on the beach bloodhound cocktail blue slammer conga line grape crush the whole maryann beach peach mint martini olive in an olive peach passion cuba libre espana easy money trinidad hard lemon ice lemon kvas angel's fall the angry german carrie's midori sour citrus martini joy juice bacardi o creamsicle purple people drinker dixie throw gin limey pousse rapier.

Screw-up jolly dew stanley steamer dirty bong water #2 grizzly bear lemon tree rolling rock and roll blenheim a joy of almond dog nuts jan juice. Banana cow boomer butt naked kiwi martina mandarina pimm's royal reptile sunbeam ghetto booty cape cod cooler pepsi-clear mexican cherry bomb. Crazy ninja kickin' chicken asiatoo desert water #2 fuzzy bull booty juice butter nut scotch princess martini soapy tits tiger's milk tomato cocktail the drink of champions mcclelland cocktail meiner maxim's simply exquisite red finnish reggae cocktail angel's kiss black bottom blessed event cream of jack cuntrat supreme jackie o's rose autodafe avocado daiquiri jamaican crow college dropout loaded doctor.
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