Grammatical Cases Ipsum

Word Lists: Grammatical Cases

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Abessive ablative absolutive accusative agentive allative causative conformative distributive essive factive genitive illative inessive instrumental lative multiplicative mutative nominative partitive perlative possessive predicative privative prolative relative stative temporal translative vocative. Accusative adessive allative benefactive caritive conformative delative distributive essive juxtapositive nominative predicative prolative similative.

Abessive ablative absolutive accusative adessive agentive allative assocative caritive comitative dative elative equative genitive instructive instrumental juxtapositive nominative perlative privative prolative similative sociative stative sublative superessive translative. Abessive ablative adessive adnominal allative assocative caritive comitative dative elative equative essive instructive perlative predicative relative stative subessive sublative temporal terminative.

Absolutive adessive agentive benefactive equative ergative factive genitive inessive instrumental introessive locative partitive possessive privative situative sociative superessive temporal terminative. Ablative adnominal introessive multiplicative nominative possessive prolative subessive sublative translative. Absolutive allative assocative caritive causative delative equative essive inessive instructive instrumental juxtapositive nominative oppositive partitive privative situative sociative stative translative.
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