Ebonics Ipsum

Word Lists: Ebonics

Axe be booty bust out busta move busta white cap cold-lampin dimebag flava fronting homey mary jane moo my bad na niggaz peace out phat sack shiiee skeets steping straight strapped try-fo-lin word up yayo. Be bigga busta white cavy sack curb job dimebag dis fly ganja jocking my style jonx outy peace out shiiee snaps stupposedly that's the bomb what tha dilly yo young. Brurva cap chronic dime dimesack ebonics ebony fly gank he be hella thick ho hood it's on joe roller my bad rise up foo snaps tight.

Brick bust out busta move cap chronic cop-blockin curried fitty gat hoodrat it's on nigga peace out po po skeets straight tha shiznit thug. 411 bent bigga boo buck wild bust out busta white cakes ebony folks g my bad niggaz phat piece tight what tha dilly yo yayo. Areous ball out befo bemah booty busta white cream da shit ebonics foo he be kicking mo moo nickelbag packing a piece peeps po po refer roll out shorty stupposedly thug triping. Befo booty boyz buggin' curried dimesack fly fly gangster shit folks hoodrat jigga kicking kicks lutchie regulate snaps steping sup tight wack.

Be bemah bomb fly gank i gonna steal you jonx lutchie nick piece po po refer scrap tight what tha dilly yo yayo. B.m.w. bemah booty buggin' cakes haps in da hood i gonna steal you mo piece snaps steping. Aw-ite be bo jangling boo buck wild busta white cakes cavy sack flava folks haps in da hood hella thick homey na peace out po po rhymes rise up foo shiiee strapped thug triping wack. Brurva buck wild bud busta cap busta move chronic cold-lampin da shit dog ebony fitty fronting gank jo nine polece refer shorty triping.
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