Ecclesiastical Terms Ipsum

Word Lists: Ecclesiastical Terms

Agapetae aggiornamento apologetics autotheism bullary cantorial cardinalitial cathisma concelebrate consistory credence deodate donative doxology encolpion encyclical. Abba anamnesis ancress antilegomena autocephality benefice breviary canoness cantorial chancel charterhouse chimere chrism chrismation christophany churching concelebrate confirmand credence ditheletism ecclesiastry exeat. Adytum affusion agape agapeistic ambulatory anchorite ancress anele antependium antiphon aureole autocephality baptistery benefice caesaropapism calefactory camerlengo cantorial chevet christophany churchism cincture confiteor credence curate decretal eremite faldstool feria.

Absconce affusion ambo antilegomena antipedobaptism beadsman bullantic catechumen chancel chantry chevet cimeliarch clerestory collegialism consistory corporal crosier custos diptych donative ecclesiastry eparchy eremite euchology faldstool. Advowson antipedobaptism archimandrite bullary bursary catabaptism cephalophore charterhouse circumincession classis compaternity concelebrate eremite fanion. Abba aggiornamento ampulla angelus antependium beadle breviary bulla burse canticle cardinalitial cellarer cenacle cephalophore chasuble chimere chrisom christophany churching cilice coadjutor colporteur dalmatic encyclical eschatology.

Abba ancress anele antiphon baptistery calotte cassock chancel chasuble chrismatory cimeliarch cingulum classis concelebrate decretal encyclical exeat exedra feria. Antipedobaptism archimandrite aspersory basilica cantorial cartulary cephalophore cingulum coadjutor credence diphysitism ditheletism ecclesiastry feria. Aggiornamento ambry cartulary cassock chrismatory circumincession dalmatic deiparous diphysitism encolpion exeat feria. Abba accensor ancress antechapel antependium antipedobaptism bethel bullary bursary caesaropapism calotte cardinalitial chrism christophany churching cilice comprecation diphysitism eschatology exegetic.
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