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Word Lists: Stones & Rocks

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Biolith chololith cyclolith hydrolith laccolith lithiasis lithic lithification lithobiotic lithofractor lithology lithomyl lithophany lithophilous lithophosphoric lithostatic microlith ophthalmolith palaeotolith peristalith photolith polylith postholith prepalaeolith regolith tonsillolith uranolith. Antilithic batholith biolith brontolith cardiolith eolith gastrolith laccolith lithontriptic lithophagous lithotomy lithotripsy megalith monolith oolith otolith postholith prostatolith psammolithic rhinolith statolith uranolith.

Aerolith chromolith cystolith encephalolith lithectasy lithiasis lithic lithification lithochromy lithoclast lithofractor lithogenous lithomancy lithophagous lithophone lithophyte lithotheology lithotrite monolith nephrolith ophthalmolith phlebolith photolith postholith prepalaeolith stercolith tonsillolith uranolith urolith. Aerolith hydrolaccolith lithochromatography lithofractor microlith monolith phacolith postholith prepalaeolith trilith uranolith.

Anthropolith batholith lithagogue lithiasis lithomancy lithometer lithosphere phlebolith phonolith psammolithic sialolith tripolith. Amphibiolith archaeolithic coprolith dacryolith enterolith lithiasis lithics lithofractor lithoglyph lithophone lithophosphoric lithosphere lithotheology lithotripsy otolith polylith regolith sialolith spongolith trilith uranolith ureterolith uterolith. Fecalith lithomyl lithophany lithotripsy palaeotolith pneumatolith regolith tonsillolith trilith ureterolith.
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