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Awning hanger barker binder, coverstitch biologist cylinder-die-machine operator dining room attendant dot etcher drafter, architectural grader ground layer hot-plate-plywood-press operator intelligence specialist lacquer-pin-press operator material-handling supervisor mill supervisor miller, head, assistant, wet process mill-operator helper panel maker pastry chef poultry debeaker roller operator spike-machine feeder squeak, rattle, and leak repairer stamper ii stripping-machine operator supervisor tube-machine operator water-service dispatcher weaver, hand loom.

Annealer core extruder dipper fermentation operator four-corner-stayer-machine operator golf-club head former hardening-machine operator metal-finish inspector pole framer printed circuit board component tester, chemical rodding-anode worker rug cutter. Bulk-station operator home attendant joiner helper machinist apprentice, composing room prompter reviewing officer, driver's license sales representative, industrial machinery sock boarder supervisor, dried yeast tablet-machine operator tankage supervisor.

Crab butcher drafter, geophysical gear repairer sales representative, dairy supplies screen-printing-machine operator seamless-hosiery knitter stenographer, print shop supervisor, marking room supervisor, sawmill tip inserter. Audiovisual production specialist button-and-buckle maker chain offbearer coal washer geophysicist medical-record administrator needle-punch-machine-operator helper paper-cup-machine operator pneumatic jacketer quality-control technician refinery operator repairer salesperson, pets and pet supplies stencil inspector twisting-machine operator.
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