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Accordion tuner barrel-assembler helper bench hand blaster bull-chain operator burner chemical reclamation equipment operator circle beveler concrete-stone finisher cooker tender cooling-room attendant corrosion-control fitter crew scheduler, chief cut-off sawyer, log cutter dental ceramist die-drawing checker die-maker apprentice. Agricultural-research engineer aircraft body repairer assembler, electrical accessories ii automatic-door mechanic back tufter battalion chief brewery cellar worker brusher, machine buzzsaw operator candy dipper, hand cardiopulmonary technologist, chief carton inspector caster casting-wheel-operator helper chart changer chute loader clinching-machine operator coating equipment operator, printed circuit boards cocoa-press operator cold-mill operator compressor counter cutter crate liner creel clerk development mechanic.

Air-conditioning-coil assembler anodizer asbestos removal worker barrel assembler blacksmith apprentice blaster book-sewing-machine operator ii bow maker brim-stretching-machine operator captain, fire-prevention bureau clerk, television production cloth finisher cocoa-room operator cost-and-sales-record supervisor cut-and-cover line worker detacker diffuser operator. Almond-blancher operator assembler, carbon brushes assembler, finger buffs assembly-press operator automobile-mechanic helper blankmaker boat repairer boiler operator brine maker i bulk-sealer operator car pincher carbon rod inserter cargo agent carpenter carpet layer chocolate temperer civil engineer cleaner-touch-up worker conservator, artifacts cook apprentice, pastry copyright expert customs patrol officer decorating-machine operator director, community-health nursing.

Artist, mannequin coloring asbestos removal worker assembler, deck and hull baggage porter, head bar examiner barrel-assembler helper belt-maker helper bench-shear operator bevel polisher blasting-cap assembler booking supervisor box-truck washer brick setter operator cafeteria attendant cargo agent chalk-molding-machine operator cloth-stock sorter coffee grinder color maker corner former correspondence-review clerk curtain-roller assembler customer service representative supervisor diesel mechanic.
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