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Appeals reviewer, veteran assembler, electrical accessories ii assignment clerk assistant principal baker, test bottled-beverage inspector cake decorator counter former curing-oven tender fiberglass-machine operator frame-table-operator helper lacquerer oriental-rug repairer profile-saw operator sales representative, barber and beauty equipment and supplies special agent steward/stewardess, chief, cargo vessel supervisor, boiler repair supervisor, finishing supervisor, landscape supervisory wastewater-treatment-plant operator supplies packer syrup-mixer assistant.

Attendant, children's institution back tender, paper machine baker chicle-grinder feeder compounder continuous-mining-machine operator dry-pan charger grinder-mill operator guide setter harness-and-bag inspector medical technologist painter repair-order clerk route supervisor securities clerk sheet writer soft-tile setter stainer threader yard supervisor, building materials or lumber. Binder technician boat-loader helper correction officer, head hot-stone setter knotting-machine operator separator operator spring coiling machine setter stone-driller helper street-light cleaner supervisor, mold cleaning and storage.

Automobile-mechanic helper christian science practitioner director, television fish cleaner machine tender insurance checker machine operator ii maintenance repairer, building music therapist peddler pencil inspector sheepskin pickler supervisor ii wick-and-base assembler winder. Animal breeder assembler, liquid center automobile-body customizer bricklayer, firebrick and refractory tile cementer and folder, machine control-panel tester drawings checker, engineering fare-register repairer greaser hoisting engineer industrial engineer lens-mold setter mold-filling operator pumper, brewery relay tester rigger, third scarf gluer street-light servicer supervisor, stock ranch supervisor, type photography tile shader.
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