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Aligner, typewriter aquatic performer assembler, dry cell and battery bone crusher book repairer cabinetmaker apprentice cement mixer cigar maker cleaner iii coil winder, repair concrete-mixing-truck driver cook, head, school cafeteria desulfurizer operator. Agent-contract clerk assistant-press operator audit clerk batter scaler boat outfitter brine-tank-separator operator bulb filler card changer, jacquard loom casket assembler chaser, tar checker code and test clerk concrete-building assembler deliverer, car rental.

Airframe-and-power-plant-mechanic apprentice animal treatment investigator armature connector ii audit clerk automatic-machine attendant barrel loader and cleaner biologist blemish remover blending-line attendant block-breaker operator braille operator bright cutter briquette-machine operator broadcast checker brush operator buffer, inflated-pad candy puller chin-strap cutter cloth examiner, hand coating-machine-operator helper commanding officer, police convex-grinder operator core extruder crushing-machine operator cutter-operator helper deblocker die maker dietetic technician disbursement clerk.

Airline security representative binding cutter, synthetic cloth birth attendant boring-machine operator, production brim-pouncing-machine operator broker-and-market operator, grain carpet cutter casting inspector cheese sprayer coating operator coffee maker color-paste mixer column precaster conche operator cook, pastry corrugated-fastener driver curing-oven tender cutter, woodwind reeds deckhand department head, college or university dipper disc-pad grinder.
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