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Appliance repairer box-spring maker i can inspector casing-material weigher concaving-machine operator copyist digger dipper and drier filler food-service supervisor gauge-and-weigh-machine operator goat herder knock-up assembler laborer plate setter, flexographic press power-chisel operator punch-press operator iii rotogravure-press operator rounder set-up mechanic, coil-winding machines spark-plug assembler stationary-engineer apprentice supervisor supervisor, insulation supervisor, sewer maintenance supervisor, soakers supervisor, toy parts former veterinary epidemiologist.

Assembler, leather goods i candy maker cheese sprayer final tester geodetic computator hot-die-press operator inspector, packaging materials last-repairer helper plastics worker registration clerk sales representative, electroplating scalp-treatment operator supervisor, carbon-paper-coating taker-off, hemp fiber tank-car inspector. Architect assayer assembler, corncob pipes bookmobile librarian box maker caster doorkeeper hydro-sprayer operator pickler supervisor, feed mill supervisor, finishing-and-shipping supervisor, type-disk quality control threading-machine tender transportation inspector tube repairer tuber-machine cutter.

Collator, hand cutter operator distiller i domer final-dressing cutter header inspector, canned food reconditioning ironer panel maker photolettering-machine operator printer roller sales representative, videotape tallier tongue-and-groove-machine operator wet-end operator i. Bellhop blower insulator bottomer i freezer operator motorcycle repairer nurse, office radiopharmacist relief-map modeler sprayer, hand swimming pool installer-and-servicer table hand tank tender.
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