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Batter mixer christmas-tree grader color tester foiling-machine adjuster glazier, stained glass grease-refiner operator jet handler liquid-sugar fortifier material expediter metal control worker metal-bonding press operator molding cutter paint-brush maker sales representative, lubricating equipment salvage engineer shaving-machine operator shore hand, dredge or barge slab grinder supervisor, decorating test fixture designer tester, motors and controls thermoscrew operator tin recovery worker top-precipitator operator trouble shooter i waiter/waitress, banquet, head weatherstrip-machine operator woodwork-salvage inspector.

Boring-machine operator, production bow maker christmas-tree grader oil dipper patternmaker apprentice, metal roving winder, fiberglass shell-shop supervisor shotgun-shell-loading-machine operator spaghetti-machine operator stretcher-drier operator supervisor, typesetting waste-disposal attendant. Glass-bulb-machine former, tubular stock hydraulic-press operator material-handling supervisor production supervisor radiation-protection specialist rotary-furnace tender supervisor, garage tailings-dam laborer thermometer maker traffic sergeant trapper, bird.

Assembler, corncob pipes assembly adjuster camouflage specialist caster director, summer sessions dye weigher folding-machine operator papier mache molder sorting-machine operator subassembler supervisor, tile-and-mottle. Assembler, garment form bottom-precipitator operator can inspector cannery worker chip-bin conveyor tender concreting supervisor conditioner-tumbler operator die tripper drum straightener i inspector, eyeglass kitchen supervisor lock operator manager, customer service night-patrol inspector orthodontist raw sampler reserve operator sample maker, hand sewing supervisor shaker specialties operator stitcher, hand supervisor, drying and winding supervisor, frame sample and pattern v-belt finisher.
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