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Beveling-and-edging-machine-operator helper collar setter, lockstitch dewaterer operator hooking-machine operator lead burner mailer apprentice melter supervisor motor operator plugger power-reactor operator roll reclaimer stacking-machine operator i stamping-mill tender supervisor supervisor, logging supervisor, refractory products surgeon test technician tumbler tender turbine attendant. Chemical design engineer, processes chucking-machine operator contact printer, printed circuit boards decay-control operator fuel-injection servicer groundskeeper, industrial-commercial headwaiter/headwaitress instrument repairer kitchen clerk laborer, wharf relish blender rug-inspector helper sizer, hand sizing-machine-and-drier operator supervisor iii supervisor, gelatin plant.

Attendant, children's institution cable assembler and swager commission agent, livestock dry cleaner final inspector fruit-buying grader pig-machine operator planer-type-milling-machine set-up operator pumper sack-department supervisor seam hammerer spinner spring assembler supervisor, sawmill tier-and-detonator trimmer, printed circuit board panels. Beach lifeguard blocker boat rigger cell tuber, machine chip-mixing-machine operator dialysis technician drier tender flash-drier operator flour-blender helper foreign clerk identification clerk liner mirror specialist paper-cup-machine operator sales representative, printing supplies slip-seat coverer spot picker, molded goods stone layout marker supervisor, cured meats vault cashier.

Car pincher central-office equipment engineer coffee grinder coke loader cold-press loader coper, hand dolly pusher grizzly worker level-vial curvature gauger nailing-machine operator plastics fabricator travel counselor, automobile club. Cleaner computer typesetter-keyliner focuser heavy-forger helper laborer, stores paper-cone-drying-machine operator plaster-pattern caster powerhouse-mechanic helper priming-mixture carrier rater receiver-dispatcher recruiter ribbon-hanking-machine operator roll-slicing-machine tender sewer and inspector supervisor, brake repair supervisor, motion-picture equipment supervisor, processing teacher, music.
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