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Athletic trainer centrifuge operator glued wood tester kettle operator kiln operator marine oiler packager, hand scrap handler supervisor, inspection turner wax-ball knock-out worker. Accounting clerk boatbuilder apprentice, wood braid-pattern setter caponizer coffee-roaster helper cold-mill operator dye weigher fire-prevention research engineer grade checker grinder-chipper ii groundskeeper, industrial-commercial jewel supervisor kiln-door builder machine helper miniature-set constructor print inspector refinery operator, assistant rigger router splitter, machine supervisor, bindery supervisor, fermenting cellars testing-machine operator water-service dispatcher weld inspector i yardage-control clerk.

Ball-truing-machine operator beater operator bindery worker brim raiser coal sampler food tester hoop-flaring-and-coiling-machine operator inspector, boiler line-erector apprentice maintainability engineer marker molder mosaicist new-car inspector ordnance artificer parimutuel-ticket checker rail-tractor operator records-management analyst snow-removing supervisor structural-mill supervisor supervisor, central supply supervisor, computer operations tank-house-operator helper target aircraft technician tree-shear operator unscrambler welding-machine operator, gas.

Assembler, motor vehicle card decorator chemical design engineer, processes field service technician hoop-maker helper, machine lighting-equipment operator preform plate maker sales representative, radio and television time scouring-train operator screen maker, textile taper. Ball assembler beach lifeguard blending supervisor construction-and-maintenance inspector detective chief furnace operator gasket supervisor hemming-and-tacking-machine operator hoop-flaring-and-coiling-machine operator line-service attendant outsole scheduler plant engineer rubber molder supervisor i sweatband-cutting-machine operator tnt-line supervisor trimming machine set-up operator wash-oil-pump operator.
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