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Airplane-pilot helper ampoule-washing-machine operator assembler, piano assembly cleaner auditor, county or city bench assembler bench worker blender boat patcher, plastic boat-canvas maker-installer butcher, fish cake former calender-machine operator cardroom attendant i cell tender cell-tender helper coating-mixer tender cocoa-bean roaster i collet driller communication-center operator core-oven tender data communications technician debrander decorator demonstrator.

Acetylene-plant operator bench hand beveler blocker and cutter, contact lens boat-hoist-operator helper boilermaker apprentice brazer, controlled atmospheric furnace bucket turner car clerk, pullman carbonizer casting-machine operator choreographer cleaner coil assembler, machine commander, police reserves compressor counting-machine operator credit authorizer cutter, machine ii dairy technologist die-drawing checker director, utility accounts. Ager operator automobile racer balancing-machine operator band builder battery-container-finishing hand belt sander, stone bench assembler billposter biomedical equipment technician boat outfitter bottle gauger bridge operator, slip capsule-filling-machine operator case packer and sealer centrifugal-casting-machine operator iii chain offbearer change-house attendant cleaner, hospital cloth trimmer, machine coating-machine operator ii compensator continuous-mining-machine operator corrugator operator deliverer, outside derrick worker, well service.

Air-conditioning-unit tester appliance assembler, line armature winder, repair assembler i assembler, aluminum boats barrel repairer barrel-lathe operator, inside batch-still operator i blocking-machine tender buckle inspector calibration laboratory technician carpet cutter i carton-forming-machine operator centrifuge operator, plasma processing checkroom attendant chiropractor clip-loading-machine feeder coiler commission agent, agricultural produce compounder, flavorings compressor-station engineer, chief contact-acid-plant operator core-drill operator credit clerk, blood bank dehydrating-press operator deicer repairer deodorizer.
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