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Bill elliott's nascar challenge dr. mario final fantasy hoops mega man 6 the newzealand story orb-3d pinball quest werewolf: the last warrior world champ. Battleship bionic commando clash at demonhead devil world dynowarz: destruction of spondylus capcom's gold medal challenge '92 hoops hudson hawk hydlide indiana jones and the last crusade mad max metroid michael andretti's world gp muppet adventure: chaos at the carnival pinball quest pirates! power blade 2 puzznic raid on bungeling bay rollergames sesame street: a-b-c/1-2-3 the simpsons: bartman meets radioactive man sky shark super cars teenage mutant ninja turtles: tournament fighters volleyball wwf king of the ring wwf wrestlemania: steel cage challenge.

The adventures of bayou billy athletic world baseball stars 2 demon sword the flintstones: the rescue of dino & hoppy freedom force gun.smoke joust the krion conquest the lion king major league baseball mappy-land millipede milon's secret castle monopoly phantom fighter rescue: the embassy mission prince of thieves sesame street: big bird's hide & speak short order / eggsplode! the simpsons: bart vs. the space mutants stealth atf stinger super mario bros./duck hunt/world class track meet teenage mutant ninja turtles treasure master ultima v: warriors of destiny.

Archon the bard's tale battletoads contra dr. jekyll and mr. hyde ice hockey joust m.u.l.e. the magic of scheherazade metroid mickey's adventures in numberland monopoly nigel mansell's world championship racing noah's ark peter pan and the pirates tecmo super bowl tetris 2 vegas dream who framed roger rabbit?. Battletoads bomberman ii dick tracy capcom's gold medal challenge '92 hogan's alley the legend of zelda north & south predator: soon the hunt will begin toxic crusaders ultima iii: exodus wcw wrestling wheel of fortune.
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