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1942 barker bill's trick shooting bases loaded ii: second season conan: the mysteries of time dirty harry: the war against drugs dusty diamond's all-star softball freedom force galaga home alone 2: lost in new york jordan vs. bird: one on one little samson m.c. kids nobunaga's ambition ii pin*bot power blade princess tomato in the salad kingdom renegade rockin' kats silver surfer teenage mutant ninja turtles ii: the arcade game tiny toon adventures cartoon workshop werewolf: the last warrior wizards & warriors.

Advanced dungeons & dragons: hillsfar athletic world blades of steel casino kid 2 double dribble high speed krusty's fun house little league baseball: championship series mickey's adventures in numberland the mutant virus: crisis in a computer world pinball quest pin*bot q*bert race america super cars thunderbirds times of lore. Advanced dungeons & dragons: heroes of the lance adventures of dino riki arch rivals dragon warrior iii elite jackal l'empereur mach rider nobunaga's ambition ii pro sport hockey seicross short order / eggsplode! teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Attack of the killer tomatoes balloon fight baseball batman returns the blue marlin f-117a stealth fighter freedom force renegade ring king rod land romance of the three kingdoms the simpsons: bartman meets radioactive man solomon's key super glove ball super mario bros./duck hunt talespin tiny toon adventures 2: trouble in wackyland top gun ultima v: warriors of destiny wolverine wwf king of the ring. 8 eye's bo jackson baseball bram stoker's dracula burgertime donkey kong 3 dragon fighter joe & mac the krion conquest kung fu heroes the last ninja m.u.s.c.l.e. mega man 6 the mutant virus: crisis in a computer world power punch ii robocop robocop 2 smash tv solar jetman: hunt for the golden warpship spy hunter stealth atf terra cresta toki treasure master wacky races world class track meet.
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