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Airwolf chip 'n dale: rescue rangers dragon power g.i. joe ghostbusters greg norman's golf power last action hero magmax metroid prince of thieves skate or die 2: the search for double trouble widget wurm: journey to the center of the earth. Anticipation arch rivals bases loaded bases loaded 4 galaxy 5000 the jetsons: cogswell's caper! mega man 6 muppet adventure: chaos at the carnival popeye sesame street: countdown shatterhand the simpsons: bart vs. the space mutants tecmo nba basketball tecmo super bowl touch down fever yoshi.

The adventures of gilligan's island alien3 bomberman a boy and his blob: trouble on blobolonia bubble bobble cool world cybernoid dick tracy excitebike gremlins 2: the new batch kick master little ninja brothers magic darts metal gear metal storm mickey mousecapade prince of persia qix silkworm snoopy's silly sports spectacular stadium events target: renegade twin cobra the untouchables wall street kid wwf king of the ring. Astyanax the bard's tale the battle of olympus break time: the national pool tour bubble bobble burgertime dragon fighter ducktales 2 fisher-price: firehouse rescue indiana jones and the last crusade the legend of zelda little league baseball: championship series raid on bungeling bay the rocketeer shooting range the smurfs tecmo world cup soccer tecmo world wrestling tennis tiny toon adventures 2: trouble in wackyland top players' tennis videomation wurm: journey to the center of the earth xenophobe.

Danny sullivan's indy heat gumshoe hydlide the immortal international cricket jordan vs. bird: one on one the little mermaid power blade star force super mario bros./duck hunt wwf wrestlemania: steel cage challenge. 10-yard fight bump 'n' jump cliffhanger double dragon g.i. joe heavy shreddin' jeopardy! legacy of the wizard mechanized attack the rocketeer target: renegade tetris time lord to the earth tombs & treasure total recall werewolf: the last warrior willow win, lose, or draw.
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