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Bases loaded ii: second season castlevania ii: simon's quest dick tracy f-15 strike eagle international cricket jordan vs. bird: one on one mechanized attack over horizon overlord solstice: the quest for the staff of demnos super mario bros./duck hunt/world class track meet swamp thing teenage mutant ninja turtles iii: the manhattan project wrecking crew. Bomberman ii bram stoker's dracula cool world fist of the north star golf gremlins 2: the new batch heavy shreddin' kickle cubicle mega man 2 mega man 3 mike tyson's punch-out!! monster in my pocket paperboy 2 predator: soon the hunt will begin pro wrestling river city ransom shooting range skate or die! snake rattle 'n' roll star wars super spike v'ball widget world games xenophobe.

Adventures of dino riki alien3 all-pro basketball american gladiators balloon fight bandai golf: challenge pebble beach baseball simulator 1.000 bases loaded boulder dash contra force donkey kong dragon fighter f-1 sensation fire 'n ice fist of the north star international cricket magic darts mega man 3 metroid power punch ii rescue: the embassy mission rush'n attack sesame street: a-b-c sesame street: countdown spot: the video game super pitfall volleyball wheel of fortune world class track meet zoda's revenge: startropics ii.

Air fortress athena bases loaded 4 clash at demonhead f-15 strike eagle godzilla 2: war of the monsters jeopardy! 25th anniversary edition low g man: the low gravity man magic darts mega man 2 ninja kid parodius da! rescue: the embassy mission the simpsons: bart vs. the world the simpsons: bartman meets radioactive man slalom super mario bros. teenage mutant ninja turtles ii: the arcade game tennis to the earth uncharted waters. Advanced dungeons & dragons: hillsfar chip 'n dale rescue rangers 2 conflict day dreamin' davey double dribble hatris ironsword: wizards & warriors ii rollerball street cop tom and jerry track & field wcw wrestling wheel of fortune junior edition.
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