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The adventures of tom sawyer airwolf archon bandai golf: challenge pebble beach casino kid 2 chessmaster classic concentration clu clu land color a dinosaur digger t. rock: legend of the lost city dragon power the flintstones: surprise at dinosaur peak fun house harlem globetrotters home alone the hunt for red october ice hockey ikari warriors ii: victory road krusty's fun house metal gear nigel mansell's world championship racing pinball pipe dream puzznic q*bert ski or die star trek: 25th anniversary teenage mutant ninja turtles iii: the manhattan project toxic crusaders.

Back to the future the blue marlin bonk's adventure castlevania fester's quest hatris ikari warriors mission: impossible the newzealand story ninja gaiden ii: the dark sword of chaos pictionary renegade s.c.a.t.: special cybernetic attack team sesame street: a-b-c/1-2-3 solar jetman: hunt for the golden warpship teenage mutant ninja turtles the terminator win, lose, or draw. Batman double dribble final fantasy formula one: built to win ikari warriors ii: victory road low g man: the low gravity man ninja gaiden ii: the dark sword of chaos pro sport hockey sesame street: a-b-c/1-2-3 shooting range the simpsons: bartman meets radioactive man swords and serpents the three stooges treasure master.

Advanced dungeons & dragons: hillsfar advanced dungeons & dragons: pool of radiance the adventures of tom sawyer bad dudes vs. dragonninja a boy and his blob: trouble on blobolonia ducktales 2 dungeon magic: sword of the elements fisher-price: firehouse rescue flying warriors friday the 13th ikari warriors iii: the rescue kid icarus the legend of zelda mach rider mickey mousecapade mickey's safari in letterland pinball popeye q*bert sesame street: a-b-c/1-2-3 sky shark spider-man: return of the sinister six startropics super mario bros./tetris/nintendo world cup total recall the untouchables wheel of fortune family edition wwf wrestlemania wwf wrestlemania: steel cage challenge xexyz.
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