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Advanced dungeons & dragons: hillsfar baseball stars burai fighter cabal california games danny sullivan's indy heat jeopardy! lethal weapon puzznic shingen the ruler silent service soccer stack-up taboo: the sixth sense tecmo bowl the three stooges the untouchables urban champion wrecking crew xexyz. The adventures of gilligan's island bases loaded ii: second season battle chess bigfoot break time: the national pool tour bubble bobble desert commander double dribble dragon warrior ii ducktales g.i. joe gyromite ironsword: wizards & warriors ii jurassic park mario is missing! mechanized attack monster in my pocket a nightmare on elm street renegade rockin' kats sky shark spider-man: return of the sinister six super spike v'ball/nintendo world cup talespin thunder & lightning tom and jerry wolverine.

Arch rivals attack of the killer tomatoes the bugs bunny birthday blowout f-1 sensation fire 'n ice nintendo world championships pac-man panic restaurant puss 'n boots: pero's great adventure shadow of the ninja star force tag team wrestling thundercade to the earth. American gladiators attack of the killer tomatoes the blues brothers castle of dragon die hard dig dug ii dragon fighter ferrari grand prix challenge the flintstones: the rescue of dino & hoppy harlem globetrotters hogan's alley iron tank jackie chan's action kung fu the jungle book kick off michael andretti's world gp pin*bot pro wrestling rainbow islands: the story of bubble bobble 2 the next generation starship hector super turrican tetris toki wheel of fortune: featuring vanna white world champ zanac.

Adventures of lolo al unser jr.'s turbo racing aussie rules footy bases loaded bonk's adventure captain skyhawk destination earthstar fire 'n ice gemfire genghis khan iron tank legends of the diamond a nightmare on elm street nintendo world championships rad racer ii rainbow islands: the story of bubble bobble 2 rocket ranger uncharted waters. 8 eye's athletic world bandit kings of ancient china burai fighter castlevania iii: dracula's curse dr. mario excitebike fisher-price: i can remember fist of the north star george foreman's ko boxing gotcha! the sport! pirates! qix rockin' kats s.c.a.t.: special cybernetic attack team sesame street: a-b-c spot: the video game totally rad wayne gretzky hockey wild gunman.
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