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The cat who doesn't act finicky soon loses control of his owner plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is doesn't your dog deserve alpo nothing is more effective than anadin the power to be your best worth a guinea a box feel the velvet let the train take the strain today the discriminating family finds it absolutely necessary to own two or more motor cars award yourself the cdm roses grow on you ready aye ready 'ch, ch, ch, ch, charmin you'll love the way we fly a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine don't say brown - say hovis solutions for a small planet business is our middle name the pathfinders the next big thing grace space pace born 1820 - still going strong buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun don't put a cold in your pocket - use kleenex tissues stops halitosis air power is peace power - lockheed.

That frosty mug sensation grapes like children need love and affection fly the american way putting news first come home to birds eye country the ultimate driving experience if it's borden's it's got to be good its for yoo-hoo where there's life there's bud we do it your way so creamy it's almost fattening sixpence worth of heaven are your friends living beyond your means softness is a thing called comfort craven 'a' - it's kind to your throat good bacon has danish written all over it the man from del monte he says yes kills all known germs - dead crowdstopper do you have the bunny inside visit florida think globally act locally shave yourself out front pulling away no wonder the english have kept cool for 192 years good things come to those who wait expanding possibilities the world's local bank the pathfinders just what the doctor ordered.

Beyond your dreams within your reach if man were meant to fly god would have lowered the fares beecham's pills make all the difference pure gold food with integrity come home to a real fire the man from del monte he says yes he keeps going and going and going roar boys roar it tastes like more what a flavor zippity-zow - its grand - and how refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach snap crackle pop we all adore a kia-ora it's a skoda honest. Access - your flexible friend beecham's pills make all the difference they're waffly versatile the taste of paradise du pain, du vin, du boursin bring out the branston join the professionals don't you just love being in control today the discriminating family finds it absolutely necessary to own two or more motor cars equal pay equal time burger king - the home of the whopper now they whisper to her not about her always coca-cola we won't make a drama out of a crisis for successful living twas the night before christmas - the children were dreaming of a ford in their future - smart swanky and gleaming extinct is forever we bring good things to life it's tingling fresh golden flakeit's where you find the flavour there's an app for just about anything the next big thing give chance a chance honor thy self perfect to you.
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