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Bring on the real thirst-quencher clearly canadian sparkling mineral water in wild fruit flavours try it you'll like it you're in good hands with allstate c'mon colman's light my fire elizabeth arden is real america's most gifted whiskey the good gets better with golden flake intel inside there's an app for just about anything you can break a brolly but you can't k-nacker a knirps the 'wow' starts now read a bestseller every day. Doesn't your dog deserve alpo don't leave home without it barq's has bite join the professionals head for the mountains sixpence worth of heaven washing machines live longer with calgon you'll be lovelier each day with fabulous pink camay i bet he drinks carling black label see how it runs full of surprises we keep your promises what's the worst that can happen do you have the bunny inside it keeps going and going and going farewell to the ugly cigarette progress is our most important product wouldn't you rather be hemeling the world's local bank e-business solutions what could be nicer than a pendleton's twicer.

Beyond your dreams within your reach making smoking 'safe' for smokers du pain, du vin, du boursin equal pay equal time i'd walk a mile for a camel smoke craven 'a' - will not affect your throat the man from del monte he says yes a dog is for life not just for christmas high speed gas no wonder the english have kept cool for 192 years not everything in black and white makes sense say it with flowers because it's your stuff no nonsense gee i wish i had a nickel.

The un-cola beyond petroleum we're getting there have it your way bridge that gap with cadbury's snack probably the best lager in the world take courage forward with britain 167 days of foggy foggy dew can't claim all the credit for beautiful english complexions america's most gifted whiskey be careful how you use it you meet the nicest people on a honda business is our middle name life changing the taste you love to hate (twice a day). The un-cola reach out and touch someone australia unlimited does she or doesn't she take courage good bacon has danish written all over it we keep your promises good things come to those who wait better gas mileage a civic responsibility computers help people help people only the brave deserve the fair and the fair deserve jaeger never knowingly undersold betcha can't eat just one it does exactly what it says on the tin.
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