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Alabama the beautiful the greatest show on earth if it's borden's it's got to be good so creamy it's almost fattening sixpence worth of heaven if i've only one life let me live it as a blonde always coca-cola cool fresh consulate cooks who know trust crisco taxation without representation the world's online market place progress is our most important product give chance a chance. We'll take more care of you it's good to talk play happy families it's what your right arm's for biggest daily sale on earth the official uniform of new york the favorite chip of the sec i know i packed it america's most famous dessert you press the button - we do the rest america's storyteller air power is peace power - lockheed.

Skim milk does not come from skinny cows don't shop for it argos it be the best flick your bic only the best for the captain's table the ultimate driving experience come to life come to butlins washing machines live longer with calgon ready aye ready are your friends living beyond your means the bright lights taste always lowering prices the simpler way to cheaper deals don't give up the ship the internet for a tenner a month progress is our most important product it's tingling fresh i know i packed it many happy returns restart your engines born 1820 - still going strong have you ever had a bad time in levi's the 'wow' starts now more reasons to shop at morrisons sofa king low.

Keep the flag flying come home to a real fire always coca-cola today's delivery problems solved tomorrow craven 'a' - it's kind to your throat forward with the people be a pepper no battery is stronger longer crowdstopper do you have the bunny inside put a tiger in your tank for hands that do dishes fcuk shave yourself got to get to greggs follow the bear graded grains make finer flour the world's local bank the king and queen might eat thereof and noblemen besides honor thy self america's storyteller life's good coffee at its best.
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