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The king of beers burger king - the home of the whopper washing machines live longer with calgon perfume worth 9 guineas an ounce biggest daily sale on earth buy it sell it love it balanced and fair fcuk georgia on my mind you meet the nicest people on a honda business is our middle name great potatoes tasty destinations say it with flowers snap crackle pop just what the doctor ordered the totally tropical taste. Freshen-up with 7-up access - your flexible friend find your happy place in baltimore simply the best there is it takes two hands to hold a whopper burger king - the home of the whopper if you smoke please smoke carlton see how it runs you too can have a body like mine blow some my way the road isn't built that can make it breathe hard welcome to the human network a newspaper not a snoozepaper the man from del monte says yes it's good being first ready when you are cats like felix like felix fosters - australian for beer progress is our most important product starch free as a chip can be the favorite chip of the sec not everything in black and white makes sense good things come to those who wait if you want to get ahead get a hat there's a smile in every hershey bar business is our middle name life is random the totally tropical taste the curious county.

Sheer driving pleasure make someone happy with a phone call today the discriminating family finds it absolutely necessary to own two or more motor cars we do it your way the only 'sauce' i dare give father hot chocolate drinking chocolate - the late late drink soup is good food now they whisper to her not about her i'd rather have a bowl of coco pops take courage a newspaper not a snoozepaper farewell to the ugly cigarette cats like felix like felix twas the night before christmas - the children were dreaming of a ford in their future - smart swanky and gleaming high speed gas imagination at work the good gets better with golden flake refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach wouldn't you rather be hemeling the last resort for fun you only get an 'oo' with typhoo.

The un-cola access - your flexible friend skim milk does not come from skinny cows courtesy and care afore ye go go to work on an egg you can rely on the lion when you say budweiser you've said it all it makes you feel like the man you are everyone's a cadbury's fruit and nut case roses grow on you soup is good food now they whisper to her not about her eye it - try it - buy it courier express today's delivery problems solved tomorrow craven 'a' - it's kind to your throat you'll love the way we fly when there's no tomorrow always good all ways guinness gives you strength only the brave deserve the fair and the fair deserve jaeger you only get an 'oo' with typhoo.
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