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Beyond your dreams within your reach don't leave home without it we try harder the taste of paradise we never forget you have a choice when you say budweiser you've said it all altogether more fun liquid engineering if enough people would stop smoking and start drinking we could get out of ashtrays and into vermouth just imagine what citroen can do for you always lowering prices for your throat's sake smoke craven 'a' - they never vary for successful living elizabeth arden is real the esso sign means happy motoring now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face fair and balanced progress is our most important product look your best while you wear our least corn and cluck for a buck it does exactly what it says on the tin the curious county.

Access takes the waiting out of wanting grapes like children need love and affection the natural state we try harder putting news first we never forget you have a choice if you keep late hours for society's sake bromo-seltzer will cure that headache splash it all over your best bet for a fuller flavour 'ch, ch, ch, ch, charmin always coca-cola cool as a mountain stream if your friendly neighborhood grocer doesn't have a jar -knock something off a shelf on the way out you can't top the copper top he keeps going and going and going for hands that do dishes hand-built by robots there's a smile in every hershey bar invent look your best while you wear our least no nonsense honor thy self lipton's gets into more hot water than anything the 'wow' starts now you only get an 'oo' with typhoo.

Clearly canadian sparkling mineral water in wild fruit flavours share the wonder nothing is more effective than anadin making life richer for the pourer when you've got it flaunt it when you say budweiser you've said it all the only 'sauce' i dare give father find yourself here the antidote for civilization you'll never put a better bit of butter on your knife aren't you glad you use dial don't you wish everybody did you can't top the copper top buy it sell it love it put a tiger in your tank visit florida high speed gas imagination at work the best a man can get gobble golden flake the crispiest chip in the south be careful how you use it everything london it beats as it sweeps as it cleans prepare to want one don't dream it drive it stops body odour stops halitosis twix its all in the mix your airline's either got it, or it hasn't.
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