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The clothes not to be seen in fluent in finance the king of beers sixpence worth of heaven for mash get smash welcome to the human network come home to a real fire ready when you are i'm only here for the beer farewell to the ugly cigarette imagination at work harrods serves the world don't say brown - say hovis what could be nicer than a pendleton's twicer when your shoes shine so do you america's storyteller take a bath in the dark tonight and let the water make love to your skin her honeymoon - and it should have been mine.

I can't believe i ate the whole thing beecham's pills make all the difference feel the velvet its for yoo-hoo spend wisely - save wisely have it your way we do it your way a glass and a half in every half pound don't be misled you can milk from contented cows the colgate ring of confidence it cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth cool as a mountain stream it's what your right arm's for it's good being first good for life for hands that do dishes don't be vague ask for haig there's a smile in every hershey bar life changing they're grrrreat finger lickin' good you press the button - we do the rest take a bath in the dark tonight and let the water make love to your skin.

Access takes the waiting out of wanting nothing acts faster than anadin byte into an apple think different bring out the branston come home to a real fire one instinctively knows when something is right it's got to be gordon's cleans round the bend mum's gone to iceland quality never goes out of style often a bridesmaid - but never a bride. Freshen-up with 7-up to our members we're the fourth emergency service does you does or does you don't take access doing what we do best tobacco is our middle name the clothes not to be seen in reach out and touch someone the greatest show on earth sheer driving pleasure when you've got it flaunt it when better automobiles are built buick will build them a million holidays one butlins drink camp - its the best soup is good food the pause that refreshes thank crunchie it's friday we keep your promises 167 days of foggy foggy dew can't claim all the credit for beautiful english complexions we bring good things to life my bottoms are tops there's a smile in every hershey bar better gas mileage a civic responsibility don't say brown - say hovis life is random the totally tropical taste the last resort for fun auto emocion it's a skoda honest.
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