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A-1 makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers does you does or does you don't take access afore ye go the taste of paradise when you say budweiser you've said it all next to myself i like bvd best sixpence worth of heaven emigrate to canada dry (for the sake of your scotch) milk from contented cows today's delivery problems solved tomorrow the man from del monte says yes no battery is stronger longer for hands that do dishes fosters - australian for beer it's got to be gordon's not everything in black and white makes sense beanz meanz heinz computers help people help people because it's your stuff they're grrrreat we all adore a kia-ora don't live a little live a lotto putting 't' back into britain.

A-1 makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers don't shop for it argos it there's no place like asda courtesy and care bayer works wonders the taste of paradise spend wisely - save wisely milk from contented cows farewell to the ugly cigarette hand-built by robots extinct is forever the best a man can get the good gets better with golden flake solutions for a small planet your potential, our passion sofa king low after dark. Get the abbey habit byte into an apple courtesy and care bring out the branston the genuine article play happy families drink canada dry for successful living you can't top the copper top ford has a better idea full of eastern promise guinness is good for you harrods serves the world if you want to get ahead get a hat invent driving is believing business is our middle name life is random if you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club never knowingly undersold finger lickin' good be what's next.

Things happen after a badedas bath if it's borden's it's got to be good head for the mountains are you a cadbury's fruit & nut case i bet he drinks carling black label liquid engineering what's the worst that can happen ea sports it's in the game america's most gifted whiskey the next big thing if you want to impress someone put him on your black list finger lickin' good often a bridesmaid - but never a bride. The taste of paradise so creamy it's almost fattening probably the best lager in the world the road isn't built that can make it breathe hard come home to a real fire it's what your right arm's for where the rubber meets the road extinct is forever always there for you the pathfinders have a break have a kit-kat.
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