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Promise her anything but give her arpege simply the best there is where there's life there's bud sixpence worth of heaven find yourself here perfume worth 9 guineas an ounce take courage made especially to prevent sore throats getting there is half the fun 167 days of foggy foggy dew can't claim all the credit for beautiful english complexions starch free as a chip can be don't say brown - say hovis keep walking snap crackle pop even your best friends won't tell you it's a skoda honest.

We're number two we try harder bayer works wonders keep the flag flying so creamy it's almost fattening the antidote for civilization softness is a thing called comfort one instinctively knows when something is right dick and jane is dead when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight it sits as lightly on a heavy meal as it does on your conscience the best seat in the house corn and cluck for a buck. Where america finds its voice try it you'll like it grapes like children need love and affection if man were meant to fly god would have lowered the fares andrews for inner cleanliness think what we can do for you putting news first beecham's pills make all the difference beyond petroleum hot chocolate drinking chocolate - the late late drink drink canada dry crowdstopper it keeps going and going and going fair and balanced extinct is forever i know i packed it business is our middle name because it's your stuff the next big thing they are good because i'm worth it have you ever had a bad time in levi's life's good.

Clearly canadian sparkling mineral water in wild fruit flavours see america at see level find yourself here camel - where a man belongs come to the central park zoo cafeteria let the animals watch you eat for a change come home to a real fire kills all known germs - dead do you have the bunny inside he keeps going and going and going make yourself heard visit florida twas the night before christmas - the children were dreaming of a ford in their future - smart swanky and gleaming if you want to get ahead get a hat bring out the hellman's and bring out the best it beats as it sweeps as it cleans betcha can't eat just one fall in love with louisiana all over again.
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