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Word Lists: Stuff White People Like

The ted conference mad men self aware hip hop references the wire the idea of soccer oscar parties being the only white person around plays indie music apple products hating their parents gifted children. Mad men moleskine notebooks frisbee sports bumper stickers book deals shorts the wire threatening to move to canada oscar parties difficult breakups michel gondry juno dogs whole foods and grocery co-ops public radio architecture vegan/vegetarianism not having a tv awareness organic food assists.

Camping the onion self aware hip hop references rugby st. patrick's day gentrification expensive sandwiches bicycles toyota prius sarah silverman living by the water irony not having a tv david sedaris writers workshops wes anderson movies film festivals. The ted conference the world cup ray-ban wayfarers halloween the onion new balance shoes music piracy outdoor performance clothes shorts graduate school threatening to move to canada study abroad divorce expensive sandwiches dogs sarah silverman irony renovations having two last names writers workshops hating their parents making you feel bad about not going outside.

The world cup banksy hummus frisbee sports appearing to enjoy classical music unpaid internships girls with bangs children's games as adults book deals st. patrick's day having gay friends outdoor performance clothes shorts bottles of water threatening to move to canada bicycles public radio arrested development the daily show/colbert report awareness non-profit organizations making you feel bad about not going outside film festivals religions their parents don't belong to.
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