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Word Lists: Stuff White People Like

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The world cup mad men ugly sweater parties st. patrick's day modern furniture threatening to move to canada oscar parties michel gondry standing still at concerts expensive sandwiches juno sarah silverman vintage vegan/vegetarianism manhattan (now brooklyn too!) tea making you feel bad about not going outside coffee. The ted conference where the wild things are moleskine notebooks political prisoners black music that black people don't listen to anymore pea coats self aware hip hop references girls with bangs being offended grammar scarves new balance shoes music piracy t-shirts hating corporations bottles of water gentrification difficult breakups mos def divorce recycling japan sarah silverman renovations vegan/vegetarianism snowboarding marathons having two last names film festivals.

Picking their own fruit where the wild things are taking a year off hummus free healthcare recycling juno arts degrees the daily show/colbert report wrigley field making you feel bad about not going outside film festivals. Hummus frisbee sports appearing to enjoy classical music girls with bangs outdoor performance clothes shorts the idea of soccer musical comedy bottles of water gentrification being the only white person around mos def natural medicine japan lawyers living by the water 80s night writers workshops non-profit organizations asian girls making you feel bad about not going outside barack obama organic food religions their parents don't belong to.

Appearing to enjoy classical music self aware hip hop references being offended music piracy st. patrick's day the wire modern furniture oscar parties mos def michel gondry bicycles natural medicine japan apologies arrested development david sedaris writers workshops hating their parents. Ray-ban wayfarers hating people who wear ed hardy mad men frisbee sports new balance shoes rugby book deals the idea of soccer musical comedy bicycles apologies living by the water snowboarding farmer's markets assists film festivals.
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