Stuff White People Like Ipsum

Word Lists: Stuff White People Like

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Ray-ban wayfarers camping hating people who wear ed hardy taking a year off ugly sweater parties political prisoners halloween the onion unpaid internships children's games as adults bumper stickers scarves san francisco dinner parties outdoor performance clothes the wire oscar parties study abroad mos def standing still at concerts japan sarah silverman renovations breakfast places the daily show/colbert report not having a tv wine writers workshops gifted children.

Political prisoners promising to learn a new language pea coats facebook being offended free healthcare the wire graduate school mos def living by the water architecture wine gifted children. The ted conference ray-ban wayfarers hummus frisbee sports sweaters bad memories of high school musical comedy bottles of water being the only white person around co-ed sports recycling dogs arts degrees arrested development renovations architecture having black friends barack obama film festivals.

The world cup banksy vespa scooters hating people who wear ed hardy halloween girls with bangs bumper stickers rugby the wire the idea of soccer gentrification juno kitchen gadgets sarah silverman the sunday new york times snowboarding wrigley field having two last names asian girls. Ray-ban wayfarers america girls with bangs music piracy san francisco st. patrick's day outdoor performance clothes threatening to move to canada expensive sandwiches toyota prius natural medicine lawyers kitchen gadgets arts degrees snowboarding not having a tv having two last names hating their parents yoga asian girls farmer's markets.
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