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Word Lists: Stuff White People Like

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Banksy political prisoners black music that black people don't listen to anymore promising to learn a new language halloween hummus pea coats the onion facebook girls with bangs dinner parties outdoor performance clothes oscar parties study abroad standing still at concerts recycling dogs the sunday new york times asian fusion food wrigley field not having a tv writers workshops hating their parents gifted children non-profit organizations diversity religions their parents don't belong to.

The ted conference conan o'brien mad men sea salt halloween hummus appearing to enjoy classical music being offended san francisco st. patrick's day outdoor performance clothes bottles of water gentrification study abroad being the only white person around juno asian fusion food plays sushi indie music apple products renovations breakfast places the daily show/colbert report wrigley field not having a tv microbreweries barack obama organic food.

Black music that black people don't listen to anymore grammar scarves rugby having gay friends outdoor performance clothes the wire modern furniture musical comedy recycling public radio sushi apple products awareness hating their parents non-profit organizations. The world cup ugly sweater parties promising to learn a new language halloween frisbee sports the onion being offended bumper stickers having gay friends hating corporations graduate school multilingual children gentrification study abroad mos def living by the water renovations architecture 80s night manhattan (now brooklyn too!) being an expert on your culture.
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