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Word Lists: Seinfeld Episodes

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The heart attack the library the parking garage the suicide the wallet the pilot (part 1) the non-fat yogurt the pledge drive the soup the scofflaw the kiss hello the postponement the hot tub the pool guy the wig master the chicken roaster the abstinence the money the susie the butter shave the voice the blood the dealership the clip show (part 1). The jacket the phone message the statue the trip (part 1) the trip (part 2) the bubble boy the stall the stand-in the pledge drive the highlights of 100 (part 1) the understudy the postponement the maestro the secret code the pool guy the seven the soul mate the package the chicken roaster.

Male unbonding the pen the red dot the limo the pitch the virgin the shoes the dinner party the big salad the scofflaw the rye the wait out the bizarro jerry the abstinence the english patient the clip show (part 1). The apartment the alternate side the pez dispenser the shoes the implant the handicap spot the doodle the soup nazi the comeback the bookstore. The heart attack the busboy the opera the virgin the handicap spot the stall the hamptons the opposite the engagement the postponement the pothole the yada yada the strong box.

The chinese restaurant the dog the virgin the old man the sniffing accountant the raincoats (part 2) the wink the sponge the shower head the wig master the foundation the money the muffin tops the butter shave the betrayal the clip show (part 2). Male unbonding the busboy the note the subway the visa the shoes the switch the wink the doll the checks the slicer. The robbery the trip (part 1) the trip (part 2) the pitch the airport the movie the visa the pilot (part 2) the bris the conversion the stall the highlights of 100 (part 2) the kiss hello the hot tub the soup nazi the bottle deposit (part 1) the wait out the soul mate the fatigues the checks the voice the merv griffin show the strike the maid.
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