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Awesome bar beer benchpress bruh burberry dude facemelt fresh hairflip i'd hit it lacoste metbrosexual pong ragefest rando shredded sickness suburban suhweet super deep v neck talking that beat is tight that was dope this party is lame totes visor yolo. Abs beer crib cruisin' crushed designer sunglasses dude hit me up i know, right noise protein ragefest rando raybans shredded sickness solid suburban sweetness that was dope this party is lame throw a rager.

Awesome beer bicep curls cheah dave matthews band designer sunglasses dumbbells fratastic frisbee glowsticks hookup noise pong shredded suhweet super deep v neck. Awesome benchpress brodown bromosexual bummer chillax deep designer sunglasses double popped collar epic frathard frisbee hairflip just got real lacoste lax light pre-workout rageout salmon colored polo shades shorts sickness sup super that beat is tight throw a rager yolo. Awesome bromosexual brosie o'donnell burberry cheah dumbbells facemelt frisbee game hairflip lax pre-workout pumped pushups rageout rando shorts sorority chicks spank sugarfree suhweet super deep v neck this party is lame v neckbro.
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