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30 seconds to mars blue emo kids escape the fate exsanguination irritated more subtle than goth and punk pity i heart emo boys drive a vespa thrift store clothing my parents treat me worse than yours oh yeah? my lip is pierced twice. double lip piercing monroe piercing. Beat blood clique contempt fake tears fashion core forsaken insecure jawbreaker lustful magnanimous misunderstood more subtle than goth and punk mutual support pretending to be sad quiet screamo slitting of the wrists studded belts teenagers wan wretched yes, i'm in a band when i talk about layers, i mean my hair.

Adolescent adoring bangs in the eyes bright and funky colors bullet for my valentine choleric contempt dark abyss that is my life depressed failures in the eye of society fatigued fishnet tights gloomy jawbreaker melodic musicianship morose punk repulsed sensitive skinny skinny jeans sorrowful teenager then silk and linen scarfs for summer drive a vespa what rhymes with razor blade promise ring if you are happy, you aren't emo. Care more about appearance than actual emotions colorful streaks cutting down depressed emo kids emocore hardcore heartbroken love pre-teen poser emo kid purple hair shy vexed wailing look like you are too sad to eat.

30 seconds to mars anguish apathetic contempt deeply personal lyrics dyed hair ebullient embrace failures in the eye of society fake tears goth, but less dark and more harry potter haircut i hurt myself so i can feel alive irresolute people who lack creativity poetry quiet repulsed screamo warped tour waspish woe yearning i heart emo girls your wrist scars are more punk than me hide behind your bangs promise ring star tattoos on my hip. 13 year old boys chipper confusion contempt converse (shoes) depression emo kids escape the fate fall out boy fashionable hopeless i don't want to be judge i write poems about lip piercing love morbid pale pretending to be sad purple hair skate shoes tickled-pink vexed i heart emo boys we only share the same glasses as hipsters (sometimes) your wrist scars are more punk than me wailing show your inner despair i don't jump around when i go to shows thrift store clothing.
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