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Break ups bright and funky colors contempt delight depression hot, perfect girls in their late teens with an emo haircut melodramatic morose wrist bands yes, i'm in a band. Adoring choppy bangs dashboard confessional depressed expressive lyrics high-end hair conditioner for best results i take an hour to make my hair look like i don't give a shit jawbreaker livid pity posers sad creatures of the dark self portraits septum piercing skater emo kid skinny jeans studded belts wailing drive a vespa what rhymes with razor blade.

Cantankerous despair dyed hair euphoric industrial piercing intrigued livid more subtle than goth and punk self portraits you wouldn't understand emo is not short for emotional, or is it i read poems to my emo soul mate. 30 seconds to mars cry dark nail polish deeply personal lyrics dejected ebullient emo goth kids emo kids eyeliner i take an hour to make my hair look like i don't give a shit irresolute love melacholy misunderstood misunderstood artist more subtle than goth and punk my chemical romance posers pre-teen poser emo kid scene kids shoes should be flat slitting of the wrists vulnerable yes, i'm in a band your wrist scars are more punk than me sighing show your inner despair androgynous nature act gay when you aren't, chicks love it real emo is about expressing yourself (by looking like other emos).

Counterculture dark doleful dramatic helpless insecure intrigued lonely morose people who lack creativity pity sunny day real estate tickled-pink i am frightened by manliness, i like boys that look like girls emo 2.0 monroe piercing. Angst anguish break ups bullet for my valentine confessional lyrics counterculture cutting down doleful fingerless gloves genial gloomy goth, but less dark and more harry potter heartbreak i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself inadequate lemmings never wear sports logos pale people who lack creativity repulsed skinny then silk and linen scarfs for summer tickled-pink tight jeans vulnerable warped tour waspish woebegone promise ring oh yeah? my lip is pierced twice..
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