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Bangs in the eyes cry doleful exhausted gloomy industrial piercing irresistable livid posers punk music on estrogen quiet septum piercing we are not hipster we only share the same glasses as hipsters (sometimes). Ambivalent blue cantankerous covetous dark abyss that is my life dark nail polish despair failures in the eye of society fishnet tights followers hardcore hearts and skulls jimmy eat world lemmings quiet sad slitting of the wrists teenagers warped tour woe wrist bands real emo is about expressing yourself (by looking like other emos).

Adolescent blood break ups discombobulated emo hair intrigued irritated labret piercing people who lack creativity poetry ripped chucks sad septum piercing skater emo kid skinny sympathetic twitterpated white yes, i'm in a band do not confuse us with hipsters thrift store clothing. Bangs brushed to one side of face blood chipper chuck taylor all-stars eyeliner fingerless gloves haircut helpless hopeless joyful lonely posers do not confuse us with hipsters self-dramatization star tattoos on my hip.

Break ups contempt disconsolate fingerless gloves i write poems about industrial piercing middle class misunderstood artist plastic emo kids septum piercing shy tight wool sweaters trials of my torturous life tribulations of my torturous life vexed androgynous nature. Attitude is everything clique covetous crotchety delight eager emo poems emotional escape the fate fatigued fingerless gloves hot, perfect girls in their late teens with an emo haircut i don't want to be judge irresistable lip piercing morbid morose pseudo-intellectual punk music on estrogen self portraits tears teenager the world fails to understand me tickled-pink wan look like you are too sad to eat i read poems to my emo soul mate monroe piercing.
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