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Bangs brushed to one side of face cutting down dark dramatic group high-end hair conditioner for best results inadequate intrigued irritated jimmy eat world livid melodramatic poetry punk sensitive wan show your inner despair i don't jump around when i go to shows i want to get my septem pierced. Anger choppy bangs dark abyss that is my life dark nail polish followers lemmings overly emotional poetry sad creatures of the dark do not confuse us with goths when i talk about layers, i mean my hair act gay when you aren't, chicks love it.

Break ups converse (shoes) depression ecstatic emo culture euphoric failures in the eye of society haircut hawthorne heights heartbroken i suffer from prosecution of society because of my condition i write poems about industrial piercing magnanimous misunderstood my chemical romance peevish plastic emo kids posers punk music on estrogen repulsed sad teenagers twitterpated waspish emo 2.0. Bangs brushed to one side of face crotchety dejected dyed hair embrace tight jeans wear lots of black wailing show your inner despair oh yeah? my lip is pierced twice..

Ambivalent bright and funky colors clique confessional lyrics contempt cry doleful fishnet tights group hawthorne heights industrial piercing melodramatic more subtle than goth and punk pierced pre-teen poser emo kid ripped chucks sorrowful the world fails to understand me twitterpated white woebegone emo is not short for emotional, or is it. Dark abyss that is my life don't smile dramatic i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself lustful paramore posers studded belts teenagers warped tour we are not hipster do not confuse us with goths wailing thrift store clothing double lip piercing.
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