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Word Lists: Emo

Do not confuse us with hipsters eager emo poems fake tears fall out boy generous heartbroken high-end hair conditioner for best results inadequate irked middle class never wear sports logos pseudo-intellectual scene kids sorrowful twitterpated vulnerable i heart emo girls show your inner despair i don't jump around when i go to shows self-dramatization if you are happy, you aren't emo. Beloved black horn-rimmed glasses break ups chipper chuck taylor all-stars clique doleful dyed hair emo hair escape the fate failures in the eye of society group miserable overly emotional pretending to be sad sad self-obsessed shoes should be flat shy studded belts tears tribulations of my torturous life twitterpated wan white drive a vespa i want to get my septem pierced lip piercing monroe piercing.

Ambivalent clique contempt dark abyss that is my life fatigued fishnet tights i suffer from prosecution of society because of my condition i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself inadequate irked love melacholy melodic musicianship people who lack creativity piercings plastic scene self-obsessed skinny jeans teenager tight t-shirts wear lots of black white wretched i heart emo girls self-dramatization androgynous nature act gay when you aren't, chicks love it.

Ambivalent bangs brushed to one side of face confusion deeply personal lyrics dyed hair ecstatic eyeliner genial goth, but less dark and more harry potter hopeless insecure irked irresolute jimmy eat world labret piercing matching mittens sad sorrowful woebegone yearning real emo is about expressing yourself (by looking like other emos). Chunky boots are too punk crotchety dramatic emo culture emo hair exsanguination eyeliner irked lemmings poetry sensitive tender tight t-shirts vexed you wouldn't understand wailing look like you are too sad to eat show your inner despair.
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