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30 seconds to mars choleric covetous cry don't smile emo hair fashion core jimmy eat world lonely melacholy quiet septum piercing skinny jeans slim trials of my torturous life wear lots of black yes, i'm in a band i heart emo boys i want to get my septem pierced. 30 seconds to mars aloof yet vulnerable bangs brushed to one side of face cantankerous dark nail polish delight exhausted failures in the eye of society generous genial gloomy haircut lustful melodic guitars pretending to be sad repulsed saturnine scene kids slim studded belts tight jeans waspish promise ring act effeminate.

Ambivalent break ups covetous discombobulated emo hair emo kids emotional euphoric fall out boy fashion core genial hair should be straight, choppy, glossy and textured hearts and skulls helpless high-end hair conditioner for best results i don't want to be judge intrigued matching mittens poetry pretending to be sad scene kids studded belts vulnerable wan yearning i heart emo girls look like you are too sad to eat act effeminate act gay when you aren't, chicks love it.

Black veil brides dark deeply personal lyrics don't smile ecstatic jimmy eat world lip piercing slim tickled-pink vexed look like you are too sad to eat hide behind your bangs i don't jump around when i go to shows. Apathetic blue choleric depression embrace emotional escape the fate euphoric heartbreak hearts and skulls i take an hour to make my hair look like i don't give a shit intrigued lemmings lip piercing long fringe pale paramore sad the world fails to understand me weary woe do not confuse us with goths sighing introspection to the point of apathy self-dramatization overly sensitive act effeminate act gay when you aren't, chicks love it.
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