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Word Lists: Emo

13 year old boys aloof yet vulnerable angst avoid confrontation cantankerous care more about appearance than actual emotions chunky boots are too punk crotchety despair emo culture escape the fate exsanguination eyeliner genial group heartbreak hearts and skulls high-end hair conditioner for best results inadequate more subtle than goth and punk overly emotional pre-teen poser emo kid self-obsessed skinny jeans slitting of the wrists tender my parents treat me worse than yours double lip piercing.

30 seconds to mars dyed hair emo kids fashion core hair should be straight, choppy, glossy and textured long fringe love morose mournful shoes should be flat i heart emo boys. Blood blue dark emo hair empty exhausted labret piercing morose mournful tickled-pink vexed look like you are too sad to eat. 30 seconds to mars beat chuck taylor all-stars chunky boots are too punk cutting down do not confuse us with hipsters dramatic ebullient embrace intrigued irresolute music scene overly emotional the world fails to understand me tight jeans tight t-shirts unhappy chick self-dramatization real emo is about expressing yourself (by looking like other emos) monroe piercing.

13 year old boys avoid confrontation confusion dramatic fishnet tights insecure lemmings pseudo-intellectual scene kids shoes should be flat the world fails to understand me tickled-pink tight t-shirts yearning we only share the same glasses as hipsters (sometimes) show your inner despair. Adolescent aloof yet vulnerable bright and funky colors bullet for my valentine chipper chuck taylor all-stars depressed eyeliner fashion core generous hair should be straight, choppy, glossy and textured hopeless i write poems about magnanimous pale plastic scene poetry posers repulsed scene kids skate shoes sunny day real estate you wouldn't understand look like you are too sad to eat self-dramatization i am frightened by manliness, i like boys that look like girls androgynous nature double lip piercing.
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