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Crotchety emocore failures in the eye of society i don't want to be judge irresolute lustful more subtle than goth and punk overly emotional tight jeans white i heart emo girls introspection to the point of apathy self-dramatization i am frightened by manliness, i like boys that look like girls overly sensitive. Beloved dashboard confessional disconsolate emo kids fake tears intrigued melancholy melodic musicianship sad shy slim then silk and linen scarfs for summer white yearning look like you are too sad to eat hide behind your bangs what rhymes with razor blade.

Adolescent black horn-rimmed glasses black veil brides bright and funky colors confusion contempt disconsolate gloomy group hawthorne heights heartbreak i suffer from prosecution of society because of my condition i write poems about inadequate irritated joyful labret piercing melancholy morbid pre-teen poser emo kid pseudo-intellectual punk self portraits sunny day real estate tight jeans weary i heart emo girls i am frightened by manliness, i like boys that look like girls promise ring i want to get my septem pierced.

Angst apathetic attitude is everything beloved camera whore emo kid eager failures in the eye of society genial hearts and skulls hot, perfect girls in their late teens with an emo haircut i don't want to be judge i write poems about jawbreaker lemmings mournful never wear sports logos poetry studded belts tight t-shirts weary wretched show your inner despair oh yeah? my lip is pierced twice. if you are happy, you aren't emo monroe piercing. Depressed doleful emo kids escape the fate industrial piercing livid melodic guitars poetry sighing emo 2.0.
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