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Word Lists: Emo

Anger bangs in the eyes blood bright and funky colors choppy bangs emo culture emotional hopeless i wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself industrial piercing lip piercing peevish rites of spring skinny wear lots of black do not confuse us with hipsters we only share the same glasses as hipsters (sometimes). Anguish blue confessional lyrics dashboard confessional emo culture empty euphoric exsanguination fatigued fishnet tights generous gloomy haircut i don't want to be judge i take an hour to make my hair look like i don't give a shit irritated learn to play an instrument, or at least buy one love makeup matching mittens melacholy melancholy pity saturnine scene kids tight t-shirts white oh yeah? my lip is pierced twice. real emo is about expressing yourself (by looking like other emos).

Choppy bangs dark nail polish delight embrace failures in the eye of society i suffer from prosecution of society because of my condition irresistable jimmy eat world melodic musicianship middle class then silk and linen scarfs for summer woebegone yearning. Bright and funky colors camera whore emo kid chipper chuck taylor all-stars cutting down despair disconsolate do not confuse us with hipsters fall out boy hawthorne heights i hurt myself so i can feel alive pseudo-intellectual quiet rites of spring skinny tender trials of my torturous life i heart emo boys your wrist scars are more punk than me thrift store clothing star tattoos on my hip.

Bangs brushed to one side of face bullet for my valentine emo culture empty expressive lyrics fashionable generous heartbreak i don't want to be judge insecure morose mutual support my chemical romance piercings skater emo kid tender vulnerable we are not hipster do not confuse us with goths oh yeah? my lip is pierced twice.. Disconsolate emo hair emocore hardcore lonely melodramatic shoes should be flat then silk and linen scarfs for summer thrift store clothing lip piercing.
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