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Because i'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddamn spine! big mistake. born to be bad. come on bennet, let's party. crumb. danger's my trade. freeze in hell batman! i'm a terminator. i'm back. i'm the party pooper. remember, i can break your neck like a chicken's. rubber-baby-buggy-bumbers. shutup. shuuuuuttttuuuuup! this hero stuff has it's limits. this is war. who the fuck are you? who the fuck are you? who the fuck are you? who the hell are you. wrong. you are terminated. you lie!.

But i hope you leave enough room for my fist. do it now! grant me revenge. hey light head. i was just looking for turboman doll. i'm going to ask you a bunch of questions. i'm pregnant. i'm the party pooper. kill me. living tissue over endoskeleton. not to be. now plain zero. pissed off! that's why i'm going to kill you last. the hell you will. the ice age. the iceman cometh. well that hit the spot. you should not drink and bake. you're a stupid..

Cool off. excuse me. fuck you. get to the choppa. grant me revenge! look who's talking. no sequel for you. rubber-baby-buggy-bumbers. this is an arrest. you are terminated. you set us up. you should not drink and bake. you're fired. you're one, ugly, muthafucka.. Allow me to break the ice. big mistake. chill out, dickwad. don't disturb my friend. feel how soft my skin is. get down. hasta la vista baby. hello cutie pie. here. i want my baby. i'm a cybernetic organizm. i'm not shitting on you. into the tunnel. it's all bullshit. kill me! knock knock. make it quick because my horse is getting tired. no shit. talk to the hand. this is the plan, get your ass to mars. well that hit the spot. well then god shouldn't have cloned my dog. when the governor get's here, call me. who are you? who is your daddy, and what does he do? you are mine now. you set us up. you this this is the real quade? it is!.
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