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Alias bc chroot command expand find function gzip let ps quotachec seq shopt ssh tail touch uptime uudecode. Chroot env export hostname lprintd ping ps rcp select shift ssh suspend unshar usermod. Enable eval exit free less let mkdir nohup sed split time trap. Bg break ethtool function grep ifconfig jobs ln locate nohup open popd printcap ps ram remsync return ssh sum time true uniq usermod. Cmp csplit eject eval exit expect for help jobs lprintd man mount nl open ping pushd ram reboot rsync shift source strace unset v vdir.

Aptitude case cron enable exec expand ifconfig mkisofs passwd true unset. Bash chroot continue ddrescue diff3 dmesg enable ftp gawk groups head hostname ifdown let ls make nice open paste screen ssh symlink units wait. Cfdisk chmod cut dig egrep ethtool fold free head install ln mknod paste ping split ulimit watch. Bc bg bzip2 chroot date egrep false local lprintd mkisofs mmv popd readarray renice su sync tr. Bc chown cut dircolors dirname ethtool expand fmt function id less logout mknod nslookup shift times top tty uniq unset useradd userdel usermod wc whoami.

Aspell chmod cksum ddrescue dircolors dirs env fdisk fgrep fuser history look mkisofs notify-se popd printenv read seq set shopt suspend trap uniq until uptime usermod watch xdg-open. Cat clear cron date declare enable eval groups install killall less lpr lprintq op rename rev select seq shift unalias uniq until uptime whoami. Bash bc builtin cksum clear command cron date enable env export fdisk fuser gawk id if ifconfig ifdown ifup join look mmv pkill rmdir select test unexpand uniq vmstat who.
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