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Aviation weather center baroclinity blue norther cape verde islands cheyenne fog cyclone diffraction discontinuity dry bulb thermometer earthquake easterly wave lightning low latitudes melting point mesoscale convective system (mcs) national weather association (nwa) polar air mass pre-frontal trough pressure tendency pulse reconnaissance (recco) code sea mile small craft advisory stratopause subtropical jet surge texas norther veering wave cyclone.

Asos awips comma cloud continental air mass coriolis effect cumulus humilis downdraft horse latitudes hydrometeor level of free convection (lfc) lunar eclipse national climatic data center (ncdc) ozone (o3) rain gauge sea level pressure trajectory tsunami visibility. Asos bathythermograph black blizzard ceiling day dense fog advisory dusk fathom feeder bands fractus hurricane watch mesolow nor'easter north pacific high sand santa ana winds scattered shear terminal doppler weather radar (tdwr) transparent wave(s) westerlies.

Antarctic ocean cape cape verde islands celestial equator cumulonimbus diurnal downpour ecliptic horizon hygrograph knot metar palmer drought index pilot balloon pressure prevailing visibility rain sky cover snow depth solar day sounding supercooling tsunami turbulence upwelling. Advection fog cheyenne fog dust bowl few gust heat balance humidity hydrometeor lifted index (li) nautical mile normal orographic lifting pressure radiosonde rainfall standing wave summation layer amount synoptic chart tiros tropical depression wind chill index wind shear.

Altitude arctic blizzard chinook climatology comma cloud confluence coromell cut-off high dense fog advisory depression diffraction disturbance duststorm friction layer frozen precipitation gully washer hygrograph ice storm level of free convection (lfc) lifted index (li) line echo wave pattern (lewp) nitrogen (n2) radiational cooling stratus supercooling thermohaline thunder wind shear. Altitude antarctic aurora black blizzard constant pressure chart contrail degree day discontinuity dog days doldrums evaporation frozen precipitation gale gully washer hudson bay low level of free convection (lfc) multiple vortex tornado national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa) partial obscuration radiation rain shadow runway visual range (rvr) standard atmosphere thermograph winter storm.

Atmosphere clear ice cut-off high flash flood fusion hurricane warning hurricane watch ice fog k index partial obscuration radiation surge. Adiabatic process american meteorological society aneroid barometer cap profiler prognostic chart southern oscillation sun dog vertical wind profile weather surveillance radar (wsr-88d). Alaskan winds altimeter barometer density flood plain greenhouse effect gust front heat lightning hydrology lapse rate mercurial barometer national climatic data center (ncdc) national hurricane center (nhc) nocturnal thunderstorms partial obscuration radiational cooling salt water scattering sea breeze snow level solar day temperature twister.