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Avhrr ball lightning cumulus forecast gale warning ground fog gustnado lunar eclipse mackerel sky mammatocumulus mare's tail national center for atmospheric research (ncar) nitrogen (n2) orographic lifting radar radarsonde observation supercell synoptic scale thermocline. Atmospheric pressure barograph climatology electromagnetic spectrum front isopleth lake effect snow lithosphere microbarograph microscale monsoon national center for atmospheric research (ncar) newhall winds poles/polar polar-orbiting satellite pressure characteristic sea breeze front thermocline upper air/upper level vapor pressure vertical wind profile vorticity maximum wall cloud warning.

Air pollution clear air turbulence colorado low constant pressure surface cumulonimbus mammatus cumulus humilis data buoys deepening gust hail jet stream microscale ozone layer precipitation radiation summation layer amount turbulence ultraviolet wind shift wind speed. Afos blowing sand climate analysis center (cac) cloud bank cold cumulus congestus heat ice intermountain high level of free convection (lfc) opaque partial obscuration peak gust polar-orbiting satellite rotor cloud santa ana winds smoke station pressure translucent typhoon warning wasatch winds wind wave.

Anemometer boiling point cap cold wave confluence convective condensation level (ccl) crystallization cyclonic flow deepening ecliptic freezing point/freeze hypothermia k index melting point national hurricane center (nhc) perigee pressure siberian express sublimation temperature. Afos anabatic wind arctic climatology current easterly wave flood plain geosphere icing lifting condensation level (lcl) mixed layer pascal's law rain forest summer superrefraction thermohaline wet bulb thermometer.

Arid biosphere corona current density altitude evaporation microburst minimum mud slide national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa) nautical twilight nor'easter polar jet relative vorticity season severe thunderstorm showalter stability index skew t-log p diagram snow devil standard atmosphere thermosphere tropical cyclone tropical depression veering weather surveillance radar (wsr-88d) wind vane. Altimeter arctic broken centrifugal force circulation clear ice cold high condensation nuclei cumulus fractus drainage wind dry line gravity hydrosphere international date line millibar (mb) multicell storm plan position indicator pressure change resolution surge synoptic chart tropical depression upper air/upper level visual flight rules (vfr) warm high.

Absolute instability azores high centripetal force constant pressure surface cumulus congestus dropsonde freezing point/freeze mesoscale convective complex (mcc) mountain breeze ozone layer scattering severe thunderstorm thermometer zonal flow. Air mass thunderstorm convergence eye first gust glacier winds ground clutter hurricane indian summer mesoscale convective complex (mcc) minimum monsoon north pacific high oceanography peak gust radial velocity rain snow banner snow level tide universal time coordinate upwelling visibility.