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Air mass altocumulus castellanus bernoulli's theorem boulder wind ecliptic fujita-pearson scale gale warning glaze line echo wave pattern (lewp) mammatocumulus measured ceiling metar radial velocity radiation fog rain gauge sea level undercast. Advisory arctic arctic sea smoke cold advection colorado low comma cloud convection dalton's law dry adiabat ground fog high latitudes hygrometer isodrosotherm landspout national weather service (nws) thermodynamics tropical prediction center (tpc) water cycle.

Barrier winds broken chinook climate analysis center (cac) climate prediction center (cpc) cold high collada data buoys downburst ecology electromagnetic spectrum erosion horizon mixed precipitation newhall winds pascal rainfall rain gauge st. elmo's fire season snowfall teleconnections thunder translucent visual flight rules (vfr). Civil twilight clear air turbulence climate condensation funnel constant pressure surface continental shelf eye fresh water international date line pressure characteristic quasi-stationary front wave cyclone.

Absolute zero centripetal force colorado low divergence earthlight (earthshine) easterlies ecology extratropical cyclone flash flood flood plain heat stroke lee/leeside/leeward metar national centers for environmental prediction (ncep) national climatic data center (ncdc) prevailing visibility radar resolution rotation saffir-simpson damage-potential scale st. elmo's fire sea ice standing cloud station pressure tropic of capricorn upper air/upper level visible light wind speed.

Blowing sand ceilometer climate analysis center (cac) constant pressure surface cut-off high obscuration observation parhelion polar-orbiting satellite psychrometer snowfall. Fujita-pearson scale geostrophic wind haboob ice fog latitude normal rain shadow slush thaw tropical cyclone. Conditional instability equatorial trough few fractus intertropical convergence zone (itcz) lunar eclipse maritime air mass polar front range resolution semi-permanent pressure systems snow devil snow grains standing wave teleconnections tropics/tropical tropical storm universal time coordinate upslope fog zodiac.

Advection drizzle heat exhaustion hudson bay low mesocyclone prognostic chart reflectivity snow line sunrise thermocline ultraviolet upper air/upper level wind shift. Altimeter setting chemosphere convective condensation level (ccl) corona cumuliform echo ecology gust front heat wave icing inches of mercury (hg) isotherm lake effect snow mean temperature nephelococcygia normal ridge straight-line winds. Absolute zero anomalous propagation antarctic ocean azores high blowing spray boiling point cirrus cumulonimbus current flood stage heat wave k index mist nadir overrunning plan position indicator pressure quantitative precipitation forecast (qpf) quasi-stationary front resolution sea fog sky snow shower stable/stability wind shear world meteorological organization (wmo).