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Animal domain astral plane blinded blindsense concentrate on a spell disabled drow domain ethereal fear cone giant type granted power hit die humanoid type inner planes low-light vision miss chance roll portal domain redirect a spell reflex save scent spell resistance spellcaster subschool target transmutation unconscious undead type. Command undead darkness domain direct a spell effective character level enchantment evasion improved evasion inherent bonus medium melee attack roll nauseated petrified saving throw staggered swim threatened square.

Ability damage ability score attack attack roll bard circumstance bonus cross-class skill darkness fast healing flat-footed initiative level loss material plane melee weapon protection domain range penalty scrying subschool slime domain swim trickery domain. Air subtype angel subtype aquatic subtype armor bonus command undead constitution craft domain cure spell ethereal plane gnome domain hardness ice effects initiative count magical beast type negative energy negative energy plane polymorph.

Attack of opportunity cowering dodge bonus ethereal extraplanar subtype improved evasion lava effects medium scribe spellcaster suffering domain surprise. Air domain armor class attack of opportunity base attack bonus cleric colossal enemy extraplanar subtype ice effects kind living magical beast type natural armor bonus nonabilities outsider type plane of existence prerequisite spell level square teleportation subschool travel domain tyranny domain.

Ability damage bard base land speed bolster undead cantrip cavern domain cold domain comatose death attack dispel check effective hit point increase evil domain half speed initiative check large lethal damage material plane movement modes negative level plane of shadow range increment rogue skill points sonic attack special ability threatened square thrown weapon. Angel subtype darkness domain drow domain dungeon master end of round halfling domain improved evasion incorporeal initiative melee mentalism domain rake ranged attack reaction school of magic space spell completion item turning check.

Ability drain adventuring party blown away cantrip chaos domain compulsion subschool confused disabled dispel earth subtype enchantment experience points frightful presence good domain good subtype improved grab incorporeal knowledge domain melee attack ooze type racial bonus ranged weapon sorcerer spell version suppress telepathy unarmed strike vulnerability to energy. Armor class deal damage dragon type enchantment figment subschool melee natural orison planning domain plant domain rounding scent school of magic shapechanger subtype skill check space speed spider domain subschool threatened square yugoloth subtype.