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Ability modifier ability score adventuring party base attack bonus climb colossal dispel check dungeon master earth domain energy charge evil domain inner planes line of sight luck bonus melee attack movement modes natural reach nauseated orison paralyzed positive energy ranged attack roll sorcerer special ability spell level strength domain suffocation undeath domain. Ability damaged adjacent air subtype character colossal command word item craft domain dazed monstrous humanoid type points of damage redirect a spell shaken slime domain stable take 20 trample.

Automatic hit base save bonus class skill climb critical hit darkvision dead dying environment hit die immunity morale bonus party rake ranged weapon scalykind domain shaken spell version stack turn turn undead yugoloth subtype. Bolster undead charisma check difficulty class dispel energy drain orc domain prone scent spell trigger item spell version temporary hit points travel domain unarmed attack water dangers.

Barbarian destruction domain difficult terrain fear ray frightened gaze granted power insight bonus negate ooze type protection domain summoning subschool swift action telepathic link. Attack of opportunity barbarian blindsight bonus character deafened ethereal plane fly grab ice effects improved evasion improved grab initiative modifier light weapon melee attack off hand paralyzed polymorph positive energy plane racial hit die rounding slime domain spontaneous casting stable telepathy threatened square travel domain turn resistance.

Ability modifier abjuration attack attack roll bolster undead drowning elemental plane energy drained engaged falling figment subschool fire immunity insight bonus resistance bonus stable stack touch attack turned tyranny domain. Animal type attack blindsense burrow conjuration creature type current hit points double weapon elemental type energy plane ethereal plane evasion gaseous form grappling hit die initiative count insight bonus masterwork plane of shadow points of damage reach weapon spell slot splash weapon take damage threat turn undead wizard.

Ability character cold domain concentrate on a spell darkness domain dazed deal damage ethereal evasion family domain manufactured weapons natural weapon player character reaction saving throw shapechanger subtype threat range turning damage. Abjuration artifact automatic miss baatezu subtype bonus character continuous damage cowering creation subschool deflection bonus destruction domain exhausted fighter frightful presence illusion domain level loss low-light vision melee touch attack ooze type pattern subschool petrified range increment ranged attack roll reaction sickened take 20 time domain trample travel domain undeath domain.