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Archon subtype caster level casting time class level command word item craft domain creation subschool damage dexterity effective hit point increase energy plane good domain humanoid type initiative living melee weapon morale bonus natural armor bonus nonlethal damage off hand rebuke undead rend sickened spell version treasure trickery domain turned unarmed strike unconscious. 0-level spell ability damage astral plane automatic miss charisma darkvision energy drain goblinoid subtype knocked down luck bonus ranged attack roll sonic attack take 10 unarmed strike.

Base land speed change shape checked class class level coup de grace cowering dazed effective character level end of round entangled evil subtype improved evasion knowledge domain melee weapon morale bonus movement modes natural ocean domain point of origin points of damage positive energy plane rake redirect a spell reflex save rune domain scribe telepathic link tiny vermin type. Action alternate form attack augmented subtype elemental plane entangled environment fear aura nonplayer character paladin penalty ranger transmutation.

Adjacent ally coup de grace darkness elemental plane energy damage engaged extraplanar subtype fire domain fraction natural negative energy nonabilities party positive energy ranged weapon result skill rank space untrained. Acid effects alternate form attack of opportunity charm subschool checked colossal compulsion subschool constitution dragon type fate domain favored class glamer subschool heat dangers hit die inflict spell melee attack roll miss chance roll monstrous humanoid type negative energy nonlethal damage nonplayer character point of origin polymorph school of magic skill check special quality total cover war domain.

Ability score loss adventuring party blindsense elemental plane incorporeal subtype initiative inner planes knowledge domain lethal damage nonlethal damage outer plane paralyzed points of damage powerful charge retribution domain summoning subschool trickery domain turned water domain. Adjacent bard class destruction domain dispel check domain engaged experience points fine flat-footed low-light vision melee touch attack moon domain nonlethal damage pattern subschool powerful charge spell domain storm domain touch spell treasure two-handed weapon use-activated item water dangers.

Air subtype automatic miss caster level circumstance bonus copper piece cure spell dying eladrin subtype enchantment energy charge energy plane glamer subschool gnome domain half speed miniature figure move action multiplying natural nobility domain outer plane redirect a spell reflex save scribe spellcaster staggered summoning subschool sun domain trade domain. Aberration type cantrip dispel turning engaged extraordinary ability fire domain lethal damage melee touch attack nonintelligent spellcaster.