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Ability modifier ability score loss air domain base save bonus class feature continuous damage cowering creature type drow domain entangled evocation fey type initiative modifier inner planes light weapon melee touch attack melee weapon ooze type pattern subschool platinum piece scry spell descriptor spider domain stable surprise telepathy undead type. Baatezu subtype blown away character level creation subschool disease dispel turning end of round fate domain knocked down lethal damage medium ocean domain paladin take 20 transitive plane travel domain.

Ability drain abjuration animal type attack caster level compulsion confused copper piece granted power natural outsider type pounce swarm subtype take 20 tremorsense. Automatic hit casting time cavern domain concentrate on a spell construct type creature cross-class skill energy drained favored class kind miss chance roll staggered unconscious. Alternate form aquatic subtype burrow caster level change shape charm subschool compulsion compulsion subschool concentrate on a spell construct type damage reduction fatigued gargantuan hardness inflict spell melee touch attack moon domain paladin projectile weapon racial bonus ranged touch attack silver piece skill check skill points sonic attack special quality thirst.

5-foot step caster level charisma cold dangers dazzled eladrin subtype environment evasion evocation good subtype initiative check lava effects lethal damage manufactured weapons mentalism domain miss chance moon domain natural ability outer plane petrified portal domain resistance to energy size modifier spell trigger item spell version staggered teleportation subschool total cover undeath domain vulnerability to energy.

Animal type attack roll cantrip checked dazed drow domain ethereal fire domain fire subtype flank flat-footed initiative check morale bonus natural reach paladin pinned prone renewal domain transmutation turn undead. Cover fate domain full-round action immunity improved grab incorporeal insight bonus living luck bonus magic domain modifier move action mundane paralysis polymorph profane bonus reach weapon silver piece spell descriptor spell slot spell trigger item sun domain.

Angel subtype circumstance bonus disease experience points fascinated fire immunity material plane nonlethal damage scribe sonic attack swim trample turn. Ability decrease abjuration angel subtype antimagic astral plane burrow cantrip charm domain copper piece death attack death domain destruction domain dexterity electrum elf domain gaze humanoid type invisible kind large melee weapon miniature figure points of damage ray saving throw skill check spell level spell-like ability standard action suffering domain.