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Ability check abjuration arcane spell failure breath weapon confused copper piece elf domain favored class gaseous form inner planes platinum piece points of damage positive energy plane racial bonus range penalty rogue skill smoke effects spontaneous casting temporary hit points total concealment water domain. Ability score ability score loss alternate form animal domain character class class skill death attack dragon type elf domain evocation fate domain fey type fire immunity flight gaseous form illusion improved grab luck bonus movement modes nobility domain positive energy positive energy plane spell descriptor spontaneous casting storm domain teleportation subschool tremorsense turn resistance unarmed attack untrained.

Ability drain attack of opportunity automatic hit blown away cavern domain chaotic subtype construct type deafened divination extraordinary ability fighter figment subschool force damage fraction full normal hit points grab level magic domain move action racial bonus reach weapon reflex save sickened sorcerer spell resistance square stunned teleportation subschool temporary hit points time domain. Catching on fire chaos domain concealment damage dungeon master effective hit point increase fey type full normal hit points intelligence medium natural rune domain scry temporary hit points turn undead.

Ability damaged cavern domain compulsion subschool death domain dwarf domain energy drained evasion fascinated ice effects improved grab incorporeal subtype infection kind law domain moon domain panicked psionics scribe scrying subschool spell domain spider domain supernatural ability suppress swim use-activated item vulnerability to energy. Cowering critical roll dodge bonus energy drained evil subtype favored class glamer subschool gnome domain gold piece healing domain initiative level loss line of effect miniature figure monstrous humanoid type psionics range increment redirect a spell repose domain reptilian subtype spell immunity staggered suppress transitive plane.

Arcane spell bard blindsense deal damage death attack falling fatigued fortitude save improved grab moon domain nonintelligent petrified rebuke undead surprise wisdom. Bard battle grid dispel dragon type energy charge energy drained fighter fire immunity helpless huge illusion domain knowledge domain lava effects law domain petrified points of damage prerequisite ranged attack starvation water domain. Action barbarian blindsight calling subschool command undead damage reduction energy plane environment monk rake scent spell version turn undead.

Base save bonus cold dangers falling half speed kind nonabilities orison rake space surprise telepathy unarmed strike water subtype. Ally base attack bonus catching on fire dodge bonus drowning earth domain electrum elemental type enchantment fear ray miniature figure native subtype penalty racial hit die rebuke undead sacred bonus scalykind domain scrying subschool skill rank summon water dangers. Chaotic subtype comatose divine spell electrum frightened gaze grappling morale bonus movement modes retribution domain spell immunity spontaneous casting subject swift action.