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Air subtype alternate form balance domain change shape cold subtype conjuration deal damage druid effective character level ethereal plane evocation fast healing fire subtype gargantuan humanoid type low-light vision medium miss chance roll penalty planning domain poison ranged attack roll suffering domain take 10 thrown weapon. Casting time class level concealment cure spell dazzled death attack evil domain inner planes knowledge domain resistance to energy round spontaneous casting temporary hit points treasure undead type.

Base land speed blindsense colossal confused continuous damage falling objects inherent bonus melee attack bonus nauseated repose domain resistance to energy retribution domain scrying subschool skill check. Ability modifier adventuring party automatic hit base save bonus battle grid blown away circumstance bonus cleric confused failure fire domain fly full normal hit points grab incorporeal initiative check line of sight metal domain mundane negative energy outer plane skill check spell completion item spell domain spell trigger item square touch attack unarmed attack.

Arcane spell baatezu subtype blown away checked creature dispel turning failure falling gold piece healing subschool hit die initiative lava effects masterwork material plane nonplayer character orison paralysis plant type racial bonus resistance to energy round scrying subschool skill special quality stunned subtype. Animal type bolster undead charisma class skill cold dangers concentrate on a spell conjuration effective character level evil subtype evocation exhausted fatigued incorporeal subtype intelligence magic domain material plane melee attack one-handed weapon overlap paralysis party platinum piece telepathy vermin type.

Charm subschool coup de grace darkvision disease effective hit point increase ethereal evocation fey type luck bonus luck domain nonlethal damage orc domain overlap party profane bonus spell trigger item. 5-foot step air subtype battle grid bolster undead catching on fire dazzled fate domain immediate action initiative modifier outer plane racial bonus resistance bonus strength domain temporary hit points unarmed attack.

Adventuring party alternate form bard cantrip compulsion subschool dispel check drow domain elemental type energy plane experience points favored class fear aura guardinal subtype infection inner planes melee touch attack nobility domain nonintelligent paladin penalty ranged attack roll rounding smoke effects spell immunity splash weapon teleportation subschool thirst turned. Creation subschool damage domain masterwork portal domain skill rank spider domain trade domain tyranny domain unconscious.