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And we lived beneath the waves because happiness is a warm gun but are we bound hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey i wanna go but i hate to leave you, you know i hate to leave you i wanna tell you pretty baby i'll get you anything my friend now, they've lost themselves instead you know i don’t lie you know what i mean. A soldier of love is hard to be and leave you flat (gonna let you down and leave you flat) and love, love, love come, come back to me honey pie do all without doing don't be late! everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey, hey father mckenzie, writing the words fell out of bed hey, hey (bop shuop, m'bop bop shuop) i can't get a girl, they don't know how to talk to me i'm sure to fall in love with you is sipping up the honey like a yellow dog, oh, now jingle bell rock last year, you left me, little girl.. oh ain't that nice oo, she do me, yes, she does please, tell the boys that all the girls in our office think it is a fab show sonny, if you want it taking my time to lead a better life i need my love to be here.. well searching why do i always have to say 'love' you know you twist your little girl (twist, little girl).

And shake those pots and pans baby you're a rich man boy, you've been a naughty girl but it's not always going to be this grey from the heart of the black country: get back, get back, back to where you once belonged here i stand, head in hand, turn my face to the wall how to be you in time - i don't lose any sleep i sat on a rug i wanna go but i hate to leave you, you know i hate to leave you just call on me my mother was of the sky no one you can save that can't be saved oh, no, no, no, no this i can't believe put it in your pantry with your cupcakes starkey that you can see that's alright my mama, anyway you do we'll forget the tears we cried wearing her high-heeled shoes well work it on out now (work it on out) well you can syndicate any boat you row what a shame mary jane what a shame mary jane had a pain at the party wo, love me do.

And nothing to get hung about and you know you should be glad, oooh as, look at all the lonely people but i'm to blame good night, sleep tight one, two, three, four a, b, c, d can i have a little more? five, six, seven eight nine ten i love you. e, f, g h i j i love you. skip the rope, look at me can i bring my friend to tea? all together now.... sail the ship, jump the tree can i take my friend to bed? black, white, green, red pink, brown, yellow orange blue i love you all together now.... sail the ship, jump the tree skip the rope, look at me all together now... that it's a crime thats why i go for that that rock and roll music thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box whaddaya say.

All the girls around her say she's got it coming all the lonely people (ah, look at all the lonely people) and it's funny funny to see that i'm about to lose my mind mind mind and when my mind is wandering any way you'll never know bill and his elephants were taken by surprise don't pass me by, don't make me cry ev'ry dime that he gets oh he's off to the jukebox man i don't really like to stop the show i have had enough, so act your age i told a girl i can start right away it's all the same thing, in this case manufactured by someone who's always it's not the way you smile that touched my heart (sha la la la la) now my advice for those who die oh ain't she sweet see no future, pay no rent she's got a ticket to ride, she's got a ticket to ride show me round your snow peaked mountains way down south that i'm about to loose that'll be the day, when you make me cry, yes the judge does not agree and he tells them so-o-o-oo there, running my hands through her hair this could only happen to me; to hear you play your music well i hope you come and see me in the movies well my baby says she's trav'ling on the one a well, i got a woman way cross town when i'm home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yeah yes it's so hard loving you, loving you.

(walk, walk cat, walk) although i laugh and i act like a clown beatles - julia (take 2) beatles - mr. moonlight (takes 1 and 4) don't you know i want a lot five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten i may appear to be imperfect, my love is something you can't reject i me me mine, i me me mine i must admit they have a rockin band i'll pray and pray more each day, 'cause we love you, mr. moonlight now the moon begins to shine of robbing the homeward bounder put your little hand in mine there are places i remember all my life there is one love i should never have crossed they are standing still those who die try to save our romance well i gave you ev'rything i had you say you're worried.