Your The Beatles placeholder text:

A touch can mean so much all these years i've been wandering around and the ain't the kind and your bird is green ask a policeman on the street b.c. thirty-one said we caught a dirty one be thankful i don't take it all but as the words are leaving his lips a noise comes from behind dragged a come across my head he said, i'm gonna get that boy how it will be i know a jumping little joint i took my loved one over 'cross the tracks i'm not nodding for i've got a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah like a homing bird i fly oh dear what can i do oh how you can hurt me ooh baby, hot dang dilly, its silly, but i'm glad all over when you hold in my hand wise : boys! yeah when my lord calls me home again you know you look so good you say you will love me you should want to hide you you you - oo-oo - oo-oo you'll be older too you'll let me hold you hand you're always wearing jeans.

(ah ha ha ha ha ha) christmas bells are ringing dear prudence won't you come out to play? do you say good bye falls in love getting nowhere gonna have some fun tonight how come no one wants me if you're feeling sorry and sad, i'd really sympathise in their styes with all their backing is just hold me, please, hold me, squeeze,hold me oh let me tell you honey oh, i believe in yesterday oooo she does..yes she does the group and ourselves. i hope we passed the audition well i said i'm sittin' here watchin' matchbox hole in my clothes whoa, whoa, i never realized what a kiss could be yeah blue blue you're always wearing jeans.

Beatles - i got a woman (live at the bbc) but i'll be back again get back jo jo good day sunshine, good day sunshine, good day sunshine i turn around - it's past let me tell you about a girl i know love me fore i grow too old she having all the ways good contract she said, she said try to save our romance you can do anything but lay off of them you say you'll be mine, girl. All the lonely people, where do they all belong? because the world is round it turns me on da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da do, don't you want me to love you do, until then i'll cry instead gonna tell aunt mary 'bout uncle john got to be good looking i ain't had no real good loving i know no one needs me i will say the only words i know that i've known the secret for a week or two if i knew what i was missing if you want to dance with me it's been a hard day's night martha my dear, you have always been my inspiration, please she was a working girl some have gone and some remain the hendersons will all be there till they find there's no need (there's no need) whoa, oh, i never realized williams) you know honey.

All i have to do is act naturally and if you do and three cool chicks and you know that your love attracts me like no other love i'd admit that i was wrong i'll give you all i've got to give, if you say you love me too if this is love you gotta give me more ooh, i said, gal well, gal she's gone to his head shine until tomorrow, let it be. Ah, go blue cat! (ah, hit it, george!) and the world will live as one blonde hair, good-looking but the fool on the hill sees the sun going downand the eyes in his head see the world spinning `round chop the tree bom-pa bom cry, cry, cry baby da, da, da, da, dum hmm, get high with a little help from my friends i often wonder what you're thinking of i think a no will mean a yes its good to have the both of you back just wait till i look - a - there morecambe: hey! hey-hey! what's it like being famous? no, no, this i can't believe oh darling, don't ever let me go paul: yeah, yeah, that's it please come on back to me, i'm lonely as can be she asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere something inside that was always denied for so many years tell me tell me tell me the answer well at night where you're asleep well, he put some tacks on teachers chair you know i believe her now.

And said so around frisco bay but i never heard it singing i said to my soul: i would rather do joe prairies and the prairie wallflowers oh no railman says you've got the wrong location records that she can get rowww,rrrowow she wouldn't say that's why i go for that that rock and roll music we are together now well, i saw uncle john with long tall sally yeah, young blood your song will fill the air. All through the night, i me mine because you're sweet and lovely girl, i love you desmond lets the children lend a hand how was i to know you would i cry for you, yea i dream of your first kiss and then i still love her i'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group i've got something i can laugh about in spite of all the heartache it's a love that lasts forever kansas city mm gonna try with a little help from my friends oh i will return, yes i will return ooh i roll a stoney pa-lum-pa-lum-pa-lum-pa rrrrrowerra sail across the atlantic to be where you belong semolina pilchards climbing up the eiffel tower she's a woman who loves her man should five percent appear too small so go away and leave me alone so i hope you see some other guy, now, has taken my love away from me, oh now tell me that you love me baby that little girl was mine you say and hold me.