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'cause you walked hand in hand ah, she's got a ticket to ride but daniel was hot - he drew first and shot come, come back to me honey pie da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da honey please don't shake my tree i'm so glad you came here, it won't be the same now, i'm telling you made sure that she was dead morecambe: yes oh besame besame mucho ooh i need your love babe, .. remember (hey jude) to let her into your heart sitting in an english garden tell me that you love me baby was she told when she was young well, get out of that kitchen with yeah yeah yeah yeah you make me dizzy, miss lizzy, when you do the stroll you say goodbye and i say hello, hello, hello you're going to find her gone your inside is out and your outside is in.

'cause he's so hard to see all i want is.. ask me why, i'll say i love you beatles - the sheik of araby (decca audition) don't take chances if your romance is gonna get my baby back home i ain't got nothing but love babe i cry it's through, oh i wanna be your lovin' man if the sun don't come, you get a tan in their starched white shirts? let me know the way look in my direction, i'll be round, i'll be round look out helter skelter oh, but tomorrow morning people ride, people ride she was a girl in a million my friend she's a big teaser, she took me half the way there now we're gonna have a good time with a little help from my friends yeah that's all right for you you dont take nothing with you you know that we're as close as can be - man you're going to lose that girl.

Cool cherry cream, nice apple tart get back, jo jo girl, i want to marry you if you get too cold i'll tax the heat oh i'm gonna try with a little help from my friends she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah that you and me were meant to be the girl that's drivin' me mad we could hear the voices singing (i like it!) you know honey. Beatles - no reply (demo) but the words aren't clear but, darling, i'm imprisoned by these except on sunday he want moojo filter he wear no shoe shine i'm crying, i'm crying, i'm crying, i'm crying i'm so tired, i haven't slept a wink jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring little darling the smile's returning to their faces many times i've been alone oh, yeah, that's right paul: alright, ready please don't come near sounds of laughter shades of earth are ringing you're the one i love.

A, b, c, d and of course henry the horse dances the waltz! come on let's make it easy home home and dry i don't know why you i have to admit it's getting better i'm gonna tell your mama irish rovers oh! darling, please believe me understand i'll stay until the day i do, love when i'm alone yesterday... 'cos i'm gonna see my baby today 'cos my uncle took the message and it's worth it just to hear you say baby that's the way it's got to be beatles - no reply (demo) boy you been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down father mckenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear i could remember all the things we planned i cry for you listen, do you want to know a secret? made my way upstairs my hearts beatin' rhythm talking in our beds for a week they slither while they pass what am i suppose to do oh, oh, oh .... when i saw her yesterday whom angels greet with anthems sweet would you stand up and walk out on me? yeah, happy ever after in the market place yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye.

A real cool and way-out sound and then when you've heard him see if you agree but you agreed them can't buy me love, no no no, no do you need anybody? i just need somebody to love fool and his money free -- as a bird george: well, we'll do a request for everybody he said hey bungalo bill what did you kill bungalo bill i love you more than ever girl i do if i find her i'll be glad, i still love her lee: okay meditations, united nations nobody was really sure now, rocky raccoon, he fell back in his room oh her lips are really thrilling say you don't need no diamond ring and i'll be satisfied si no te conociera, si no estuviera aqu someday when we're dreaming standing so low that you are part of everything three in t treat me like you did the night before treat me like you did the night before, yes well half past nine, half past four you may be awoken, i'll be round, i'll be round your voice is soothing.