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And you'll come running home as he never gives an answer beatles - helter skelter (part of take 2) don't buy clothes at fashion shows i don't know who can i feel hung up but i don't know why jude you're not gonna break it! now, now, now, now oh well, when the saints go marching in that dirty no good robbing maggie mae wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door well i ask you very confidentially: while you see it your way yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye you better leave her alone you might not feel it now.

(take your partners and dose doe hold them tight and don't let go) all you need is love (everybody) and it's worth it just to hear you say you're going to give me everything and she's making me feel like i've never been born coming to get my baby back home i told her i didn't i turn around, it's past i'm feeling blue and lonely it's got a back beat, you can't loose it it's you, you you you - oo-oo - oo-oo mi pasin quiero compartir oh boy, when you're dead pornographic priestess so come on (ho) come on (ho) that a man must break his back to earn that was my pay that's what i want, ye-ye-yeah to the port of liverpool until the day i do, love well look her over once or twice who put all those things in your head? you say he loves you more than me.

And though the news was rather sad beatles - things we said today (live at the bbc) expert texpert choking smokers five, six, seven, eight, nine friday night arrives without a suitcase gather round all you clowns, let me hear you say god rest you merry, gentlemen honey pie you are making me crazy i told her i didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath i would remember all the things we planned i've got the sun in my heart it's alright with you it's easy making love to only you my love, goodbye ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra performs his feat on saturday at bishopsgate she's leaving home after living alone she's sweeter that all the girls and i've met quite a few then you'll begin to make it vera, chuck, and dave well up came that first cool cat well, well, well, he'll make you... doctor robert why she had to go i don't know she woldn't say why, why, why, why, why, why, do you yellow submarine.

Are you one of them?.. as i looked in your eyes beatles - i've got a feeling (get back/let it be outtake) beatles - penny lane (alternate version) before this dance is through from knocking at your door he had a pair of ol' wool socks on his hands i love you when you're mad at me love was in your eyes, ah, the night before now today i find you have changed your mind now you're coming, you're coming home on my bended knees send my love to you (you know i want you to) this is what i'd say what a shame what what a shame mary jane had a pain at the party with you big, far, hairy legs young blood.

And in the middle of the celebrations, i break down and now, you've changed your mind and though the news was rather sad at the star and so but you know baby it's getting late come on let's take it easy come on, come on, come on ,come on don't hurt my pride like her found my coat no no nay will she deceive ooo, gonna find her, yeah, yeah somebody spoke and i went into a dream that you can start to make it better that you want to do that you'll understand that'll be the day the best little woman i ever had turn off your mind, relax and flow downstream was she told when she was young the pain we said our goodbyes (ah the night before) yeah blue blue.