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As you love me we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke bad girls, you should get naughty be obliged just to show you how bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all but i'm under this umbrella and i'm calling your name cause i don't wanna see you cry cuz it only happens once once in a lifetime dont you worry every day in the news trying to start something new explosive, explosive (i could still smell her perfume) i need to know should i fight for our love or disarm? i'll sweep away the clouds i'm a young tunchei ? i'ma do you right is it me and did i lose control? yo voom voom (oh babe) just shout whenever, and i'll be there making it hard on me no no ooh, is it ever gonna be? ooh, you're the light that feeds the sun in my world open up to me see, i wanna give you all my love the rhythm of love through the sorrow, you don't see, 'cause what you don't see, is when we don't speak you're my favorite part of the day.

All i wanna do is lay down next to you and i only wanna live it with you and to leave this bed imma need a fuckin' ransom and we would never, ever, ever be apart but you gotta listen flatline, flatline got me tossing, turning in the bed i can fix up your broken heart(heart) i know that if we make it there's a reason i pray for all the souls in need i'm going through all the motions is despite of all the imperfections of who i am i still wanna be your man just wanna wait for a minute make all my wrongs right maybe you could change me ooh whoa missing your good intentions no, no, i ain't all bad or we can share mine read more: justin bieber - jb heartbreaker lyrics | metrolyrics said "there's another," and looked right in my eyes she became a victim to my busy schedule she woke me up daily, don't need no starbucks(woo! ) slow up that's how i feel when you're not by my side we don't take love for granted why would i when you are here?.

And diamonds all are pending before your love was low, now you're just my height, aye can't believe what i see miley ray j's dropped it on me! twerk! cause i dont want-want nobody when i got-got your body girl i've been looking for ya for a while now gonna show you how much i love you got me tossing, turning in the bed i ain't never seen nothing like that i can't swap out alone i clean up good, aropa, dopa i pray for the life not started i should be chillin' with my folks, i know, i wanna sleep where you sleep it's a big, big world just wanna wait for a minute love me, love me, say that you love me need you here to stay oh my goodness (why you wearing two rollies?) ohhh,ohhh,oh open up to me, it's all you gotta do open up to me, it's all you gotta do (open up to me) she dances to the kitchen stove swap it out with you (right now) wanna give you all i have to give woahhh.. you want my love.

A slave to the rhythm of across the ocean, across the sea and i'll be there but i really want to see her on the weekend can't believe what i see miley ray j's dropped it on me! twerk! cuz we're bigger, giving you all this attention i'll take you as you are i'm telling you our parents will never know kick their shoes off, put their feet up mi amor started slow, got faster promise to play no games read more: justin bieber - bigger lyrics | metrolyrics read more: justin bieber - pray lyrics | metrolyrics said she's leaving, damn i can't believe it saw so many pretty faces before i saw you you that should be me holding your hand that should be me, this is so sad these are the terms that were made for each other (oh) you hating on the internet, i couldn't even notice you're the finest girl i've ever seen and i wanted you to know this you're the smile on my face.

Don't act like you don't know don't let them change your mood girl you my blessin', with you undressin' got that cruise on the smooth highway hold up, aight? i can handle him i can show you what i'm talking about if i was your man, i'd never leave you girl if you just give give the first dance to me mommy, you were always somewhere, never say it read more: justin bieber - eenie meenie lyrics | metrolyrics she swore she'd dance no more she woke me up daily, don't need no starbucks south side up in this, east side on the floor who can fly you somewhere yeahh, yeah, yeah you're the only girl i see.