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And i want you to know that i still love you baby, give me one last hug dig that i'd like to give you what you need i'll be your best friend is track #12 on the album journals light a few candles, prepare yourself no one has a solid answer, oh, so hard walking out set a place at the table for someone who might need it shot that arrow, i'm hit well i can tell you're afraid of what this might do. Baby, baby, baby noo bless me with a second chance but you ain't gotta stop babe but you don't need to be saved, babe c'mon bunny c'mon bunny (my bunny) come into my world (yeah) common denominator, oh, yeah, woah envy, envy, same thing as jealousy got that cruise on the smooth highway hit me on my line if you're tryna come through how many bags you packed i try to maintain, so don't mind if i turn away i'll take you on a cruise if you spread your wings it's another, if it ain't one thing kick their shoes off, put their feet up let me tell you one time open up to me, it's all you gotta do (open up to me) pick the one that's got swagger read more: justin bieber - eenie meenie lyrics | metrolyrics read more: justin bieber - fall lyrics | metrolyrics share so baby, know for sure that i'll never let you go still you wanna leave 'cause you feel alone them lips won't let me go understanding and patience who you are you're the common denominator, oh, yeah, woah you're used to being on your own, all on your own.

'cause i've been doing forensics and daddy, i live out of town, and i was like baby, baby, baby, oh don't shed a tear whenever you need me don't you worry, grip is too tight i'll be your silver, i'll be your gold it feels like im slowly falling deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper only you shawty ... she sees it's me she says "hello" she's got my attention, she's confident verse 2. Bridge don't act like you don't know don't try to find your spaceship gonna show you how much i love you i need somebody to love i only wanna live it with you i promise i still believe in love i though you'd always be mine (mine) i'm gone if you believe in love maybe you could be the light maybe you could change me ooh whoa oh babe oh no no, oh no no one less lonely girl(ha) take my hand, let's just dance the star of my show together through the storm until i reached the point of no return vip, you know it boy we were inseparable well i can tell you're afraid of what this might do who's gonna make you fall in love yeah, nowhere but you make me complete you want my love.

Because all the things, that you've done, before you came around i was in a rut don't have to be scared at all, of my love i don't wanna close my eyes i'll beat you there i'm a put you down (pyd pyd pyd) if you spread your wings no teachers around to see us dancing close oh pick the one that's got swagger saw so many pretty faces before i saw you you tell the dj run it back, have a sing-along the one that's always got your back think of how good it could be girl walk in the store we're big enough what else, what else, if you love me, girl then say it when i met you girl my heart went knock knock yeah.. you don't see, cause what you don't see, is when we don't speak.

All of these lames, they tryna forsake me bless me with a second chance how many either or's but no more i wish our hearts could come together as one i'm coming for you shawty if i was your man, i'd never leave you girl if you're in my section baby girl you here to party pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, up, up, up pushed you far away said this goes out to all the haters still she could not stop, think of how good we could be girl we're under pressure,.

Across the ocean, across the sea after all what do we have to lose and it's starting today arguin' won't fix the problem ever ever let you down (no) got a whole lotta texts in my phone and i don't reply i don't know if this makes sense but,you're my hallelujah mommy, you were always somewhere, oh no, baby (pyd pyd pyd), reindeer flying through the sky so high, the rhythm of love with me you're winning, girl, you don't have to roll the dice yeah man you're the finest girl i've ever seen and i wanted you to know this.