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Tremendous investment by companies from all over the world being made in america. there has never been anything like it. now disney j.p. morgan chase and many others. massive regulation reduction and tax cuts are making us a powerhouse again. long way to go! jobs jobs jobs! we must have security at our very dangerous southern border and we must have a great wall to help protect us and to help stop the massive inflow of drugs pouring into our country! if democrats were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes we would be able to get many of their ideas into bill! happy to announce i am nominating alex azar to be the next hhs secretary. he will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices! my meetings with president xi jinping were very productive on both trade and the subject of north korea. he is a highly respected and powerful representative of his people. it was great being with him and madame peng liyuan! i will be going to puerto rico on tuesday with melania. will hopefully be able to stop at the u.s. virgin islands (people working hard). large block grants to states is a good thing to do. better control & management. great for arizona. mccain let his best friend l.g. down! rand paul or whoever votes against hcare bill will forever (future political campaigns) be known as "the republican who saved obamacare." condolences to the family of the young woman killed today and best regards to all of those injured in charlottesville virginia. so sad! excellent jobs numbers just released - and i have only just begun. many job stifling regulations continue to fall. movement back to usa! ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump campaign - "quietly working to boost clinton." so where is the investigation a.g. @seanhannity why aren't the same standards placed on the democrats. look what hillary clinton may have gotten away with. disgraceful! democrats jeopardizing the safety of our troops to bail out their donors from insurance companies. it is time to put #americafirst?? the two fake news polls released yesterday abc & nbc while containing some very positive info were totally wrong in general e. watch! the democrats are delaying my cabinet picks for purely political reasons. they have nothing going but to obstruct. now have an obama a.g. totally biased @nbcnews went out of its way to say that the big announcement from ford g.m. lockheed & others that jobs are coming back... 'small business optimism soars after trump election'.

Republican senators are working very hard to get tax cuts and tax reform approved. hopefully it will not be long and they do not want to disappoint the american public! just landed in the philippines after a great day of meetings and events in hanoi vietnam! the military and first responders despite no electric roads phones etc. have done an amazing job. puerto rico was totally destroyed. ...never allow the republicans to pass even great legislation. 8 dems control - will rarely get 60 (vs. 51) votes. it is a repub death wish! will be going to north dakota today to discuss tax reform and tax cuts. we are the highest taxed nation in the world - that will change. i am very supportive of the senate #healthcarebill. look forward to making it really special! remember obamacare is dead. is very possible that those sources don't exsist but are made up by fake news writers. #fakenews is the enemy! israel saudi arabia and the middle east were great. trying hard for peace. doing well. heading to vatican & pope then #g7 and #nato. the fake news media is officially out of control. they will do or say anything in order to get attention - never been a time like this! if the people of our great country could only see how viciously and inaccurately my administration is covered by certain media! weekly address - 11:00 a.m. at the @whitehouse! #maga????.

...lottery continues deadly catch-and-release and bars enforcement even for future illegal immigrants. voting for this amendment would be a vote against law enforcement and a vote for open borders. if dems are actually serious about daca they should support the grassley bill! costs on non-military lines will never come down if we do not elect more republicans in the 2018 election and beyond. this bill is a big victory for our military but much waste in order to get dem votes. fortunately daca not included in this bill negotiations to start now! on holocaust remembrance day we mourn and grieve the murder of 6 million innocent jewish men women and children and the millions of others who perished in the evil nazi genocide. we pledge with all of our might and resolve: never again! departing pittsburgh now where it was my great honor to stand with our incredible workers and to show the world that america is back - and we are coming back bigger and better and stronger than ever before! we must have security at our very dangerous southern border and we must have a great wall to help protect us and to help stop the massive inflow of drugs pouring into our country! the democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall at the southern border and an end to the horrible chain migration & ridiculous lottery system of immigration etc. we must protect our country at all cost! thank you to all americans who participated in nat'l rx drug take back day. a record amount of drugs collected & disposed. we can do this! just out but lightly reported: "fewest jobless claims since 1973 show firm u.s. job market" lowest since march 1973. @bpolitics as it has turned out james comey lied and leaked and totally protected hillary clinton. he was the best thing that ever happened to her! art laffer just said that he doesn't know how a democrat could vote against the big tax cut/reform bill and live with themselves! @foxnews senator bob corker "begged" me to endorse him for re-election in tennessee. i said "no" and he dropped out (said he could not win without... nbc news is #fakenews and more dishonest than even cnn. they are a disgrace to good reporting. no wonder their news ratings are way down! congratulations to roy moore on his republican primary win in alabama. luther strange started way back & ran a good race. roy win in dec! republicans in the senate will never win if they don't go to a 51 vote majority now. they look like fools and are just wasting time...... congratulations to sung hyun park on winning the 2017 @usga #uswomensopen?? the failing @nytimes writes false story after false story about me. they don't even call to verify the facts of a story. a fake news joke! fake news cnn is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony russian stories. ratings way down! ...extremism and all reference was pointing to qatar. perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism! talks on repealing and replacing obamacare are and have been going on and will continue until such time as a deal is hopefully struck. obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. do not worry! #icymi: joint statement with prime minister shinzo abe on north korea. we had a great news conference at trump tower today. a couple of fake news organizations were there but the people truly get what's going on.

Our infrastructure plan has been put forward and has received great reviews by everyone except of course the democrats. after many years we have taken care of our military now we have to fix our roads bridges tunnels airports and more. bipartisan make deal dems? little adam schiff who is desperate to run for higher office is one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington right up there with comey warner brennan and clapper! adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. must be stopped! congressman ron desantis is a brilliant young leader yale and then harvard law who would make a great governor of florida. he loves our country and is a true fighter! the united states senate just passed the biggest in history tax cut and reform bill. terrible individual mandate (obamacare)repealed. goes to the house tomorrow morning for final vote. if approved there will be a news conference at the white house at approximately 1:00 p.m. weekly address?? today as we remember pearl harbor it was an incredible honor to be joined with surviving veterans of the attack on 12/7/1941. they are heroes and they are living witnesses to american history. all american hearts are filled with gratitude for their service and their sacrifice. make america great again! good luck to @joy_villa on her decision to enter the wonderful world of politics. she has many fans! i will be in pr on tues. to further ensure we continue doing everything possible to assist & support the people in their time of great need. after allowing north korea to research and build nukes while secretary of state (bill c also) crooked hillary now criticizes. wonderful to be in north dakota with the incredible hardworking men & women @ the andeavor refinery. full remarks: ? the women played great today at the @usga #uswomensopen?? i look forward to being there tomorrow for the final round! fake news is at an all time high. where is their apology to me for all of the incorrect stories??? against him & now wants to clear his name by showing "the false or misleading testimony by james comey john brennan..." witch hunt! general kelly is doing a great job at the border. numbers are way down. many are not even trying to come in anymore. congratulations stephen miller- on representing me this morning on the various sunday morning shows. great job! sen.richard blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when he said for years he had (major lie)now misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him? i promise that our administration will always have your back. we will always be with you! 'small business optimism soars after trump election'.

General mcmaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the russians and that the only collusion was between russia and crooked h the dnc and the dems. remember the dirty dossier uranium speeches emails and the podesta company! excited to be heading home to see the house pass a great tax bill with the middle class getting big tax cuts!#makeamericagreatagain?? i agree getting tax cuts approved is important (we will also get healthcare) but perhaps no administration has done more in its first..... the failing @nytimes in a story by peter baker should have mentioned the rapid terminations by me of tpp & the paris accord & the fast.... hard to believe that the democrats who have gone so far left that they are no longer recognizable are fighting so hard for sanctuary crime america's hearts & prayers are with the people of #puertorico & the #usvi. we will get through this - and we will get through this together! it was a great honor to welcome prime minister najib abdul razak of malaysia and his distinguished delegation to the @whitehouse today! thank you our great honor! thank you to all of the incredible heroes in texas. america is with you! #texasstrong as long as we have faith in each other and confidence in our values then there is no challenge too great for us to conquer! #alconv2017 great to see that dr. kelli ward is running against flake jeff flake who is weak on borders crime and a non-factor in senate. he's toxic! ....8 dems totally control the u.s. senate. many great republican bills will never pass like kate's law and complete healthcare. get smart! so impt rep senators under leadership of @senatemajldr mcconnell get healthcare plan approved. after 7yrs of o'care disaster must happen! my son donald will be interviewed by @seanhannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. he is a great person who loves our country! from @foxnews "bombshell: in 2016 obama dismissed idea that anyone could rig an american election." check out his statement - witch hunt! with all of the illegal acts that took place in the clinton campaign & obama administration there was never a special councel appointed! 'manufacturing openings hires rise to highest levels of the recovery' the fake news media is officially out of control. they will do or say anything in order to get attention - never been a time like this! new polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is fake and almost always negative. would still beat hillary in ..... to bill the hillary russian "reset" praise of russia by hillary or podesta russian company. trump russia story is a hoax. #maga! happy #medalofhonorday to our heroes! ?? "the president changed. so has small businesses' confidence" my statement as to what's happening in sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @foxnews concerning immigrants & sweden. there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this was a big part of my campaign. study the world! even those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). depending on results we will strengthen up voting procedures! monitoring the terrible situation in florida. just spoke to governor scott. thoughts and prayers for all. stay safe! massive increases of obamacare will take place this year and dems are to blame for the mess. it will fall of its own weight - be careful!.