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Just arrived at the pensacola bay center. join me live on @foxnews in 10 minutes! #maga on this wonderful veterans day i want to express the incredible gratitude of the entire american nation to our great veterans. thank you! diane black of tennessee the highly respected house budget committee chairwoman did a great job in passing budget setting up big tax cuts will be joining @govmikehuckabee tonight at 8pme on @tbn. enjoy! rex tillerson never threatened to resign. this is fake news put out by @nbcnews. low news and reporting standards. no verification from me. if we want to renew our prosperity restore opportunity & re-establish our economic dominance then we need tax reform that is pro-growth.. will be going to north dakota today to discuss tax reform and tax cuts. we are the highest taxed nation in the world - that will change. big day in alabama. vote for luther strange he will be great! just finished a very good meeting with the president of south korea. many subjects discussed including north korea and new trade deal! we have a massive trade deficit with germany plus they pay far less than they should on nato & military. very bad for u.s. this will change the fake news media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don't want america to hear the real story! don't let the fake news tell you that there is big infighting in the trump admin. we are getting along great and getting major things done! very much enjoyed my tour of the smithsonian's national museum of african american history and culture...a great job done by amazing people! statement on international holocaust remembrance day: great meeting with ford ceo mark fields and general motors ceo mary barra at the @whitehouse today..

Representative devin nunes a man of tremendous courage and grit may someday be recognized as a great american hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure! great day of bilateral meetings at #aseansummit on trade which we are turning around to be great deals for our country! just spoke to president macri of argentina about the five proud and wonderful men killed in the west side terror attack. god be with them! ....also there is no collusion! "20000?21000?22000? 23000?this year...four one thousand milestones this year..." #dow23k #maga highly respected author christopher bedford just came out with book "the art of the donald lessons from america's...." really good book! why isn't the senate intel committee looking into the fake news networks in our country to see why so much of our news is just made up-fake! america's hearts & prayers are with the people of #puertorico & the #usvi. we will get through this - and we will get through this together! ...but while dallas dropped to it knees as a team they all stood up for our national anthem. big progress being made - we love our country! alaska arizona maine and kentucky are big winners in the healthcare proposal. 7 years of repeal & replace and some senators not there. #usaatunga??#unga thank you jacob! we call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in venezuela and we want it to happen very very soon! our hearts & prayers go out to the people of london who suffered a vicious terrorist attack.... ...(enthusiastic dynamic and fun) and the american legion - v.a. (respectful and strong). to bad the dems have no one who can change tones! it was my great honor to pay tribute to a vet who went above & beyond the call of duty to protect our comrades our country & our freedom! just landed in paris france with @flotus melania. you are witnessing the single greatest witch hunt in american political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people! #maga pathetic excuse by london mayor sadiq khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement. msm is working hard to sell it! plan is on its way. will have much lower premiums & deductibles while at the same time taking care of pre-existing conditions! looking forward to rally in the great state of pennsylvania tonight at 7:30. big crowd big energy! anybody (especially fake news media) who thinks that repeal & replace of obamacare is dead does not know the love and strength in r party! an honor to welcome the taoiseach of ireland @endakennytd to the @whitehouse today with @vp pence. ???? or negotiations yet. when i do just like with the f-35 fighterjet or the air force one program price will come way down! i will be interviewed by @thebrodyfile on @cbnnews tonight at 11pm. enjoy!.

Little adam schiff who is desperate to run for higher office is one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington right up there with comey warner brennan and clapper! adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. must be stopped! the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. congress must end chain migration so that we can have a system that is security based! we need to make america safe! #usa?? a big salute to jerry jones owner of the dallas cowboys who will bench players who disrespect our flag."stand for anthem or sit for game!" democrats are laughingly saying that mccain had a "moment of courage." tell that to the people of arizona who were deceived. 116% increase! #draintheswamp #phoenixrally thank you to the men and women of fort myer and every member of the u.s. military at home and abroad. #usa?? the democrats want to shut government if we don't bail out puerto rico and give billions to their insurance companies for ocare failure. no! russia talk is fake news put out by the dems and played up by the media in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks! fake news media knowingly doesn't tell the truth. a great danger to our country. the failing @nytimes has become a joke. likewise @cnn. sad!.

Republicans want to fix daca far more than the democrats do. the dems had all three branches of government back in 2008-2011 and they decided not to do anything about daca. they only want to use it as a campaign issue. vote republican! on holocaust remembrance day we mourn and grieve the murder of 6 million innocent jewish men women and children and the millions of others who perished in the evil nazi genocide. we pledge with all of our might and resolve: never again! end the democrats obstruction! as our country rapidly grows stronger and smarter i want to wish all of my friends supporters enemies haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a happy and healthy new year. 2018 will be a great year for america! make america great again! looking forward to a full day of meetings with president xi and our delegations tomorrow. thank you for the beautiful welcome china! @flotus melania and i will never forget it! ....and has been horrible on virginia economy. vote @edwgillespie today! the biggest story yesterday the one that has the dems in a dither is podesta running from his firm. what he know about crooked dems is.... ralph northamwho is running for governor of virginiais fighting for the violent ms-13 killer gangs & sanctuary cities. vote ed gillespie! we have made more progress in the last nine months against isis than the obama administration has made in 8 years.must be proactive & nasty! heed the advice of @flgovscott!"if you're in an evacuation zone you need to get to a shelter...there's not many hours left." gov. scott i would like to thank reince priebus for his service and dedication to his country. we accomplished a lot together and i am proud of him! working on major trade deal with the united kingdom. could be very big & exciting. jobs! the e.u. is very protectionist with the u.s. stop! republicans should just repeal failing obamacare now & work on a new healthcare plan that will start from a clean slate. dems will join in! the united states mourns for the victims of nice france. we pledge our solidarity with france against terror. ???? ...and safe. questions were asked about why the cia & fbi had to ask the dnc 13 times for their server and were rejected still don't.... my experience yesterday in poland was a great one. thank you to everyone including the haters for the great reviews of the speech! i will be interviewed by @tuckercarlson tonight at 9:00 p.m. on @foxnews. enjoy! just out: the same russian ambassador that met jeff sessions visited the obama white house 22 times and 4 times last year alone..

I will be leaving for florida today to meet with some of the bravest people on earth - but people whose lives have been totally shattered. am also working with congress on many fronts. ...lottery continues deadly catch-and-release and bars enforcement even for future illegal immigrants. voting for this amendment would be a vote against law enforcement and a vote for open borders. if dems are actually serious about daca they should support the grassley bill! thanks to the historic tax cuts that i signed into law your paychecks are going way up your taxes are going way down and america is once again open for business! #usa?? #japan?? just spoke with @nygovcuomo and @nycmayor de blasio to let them know that the federal government... joining @seanhannity tonight at 9pme on @foxnews. enjoy! the @nbcnews story has just been totally refuted by sec. tillerson and @vp pence. it is #fakenews. they should issue an apology to america! we will always enforce our laws protect our borders and support our police! #lesmharrisburg pennsylvania #flashbackfriday #ms13 hillaryclinton can illegally get the questions to the debate & delete 33000 emails but my son don is being scorned by the fake news media? why isn't the house intelligence committee looking into the bill & hillary deal that allowed big uranium to go to russia russian speech.... obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. do not worry! thank you nashville tennessee! a photo delivered yesterday that will be displayed in the upper/lower press hall. thank you abbas! the democrat governor.of minnesota said "the affordable care act (obamacare) is no longer affordable!" - and it is lousy healthcare..