Bluth Ipsum

Helpful dummy text from Arrested Development


Bluth Ipsum creates "helpful dummy text from Arrested Development." Please do not confuse this with the unhelpful dummy text from Arrested Development that you can find in the back alleys and seedy bars of the internet.

The user interface is non-existent because there are no parameters; the home page just spits out random lines from the TV show on every page load. While there is beauty in simplicity I can imagine some easily-made creative parameters based on the dry hilarity of the show. The design also could have been bluth-ified with ease -- think bananas and segways.

However, The best enhancement I can think of would be to have an option to have your generated dummy text read aloud by the actor who plays George Oscar "Gob" Bluth Jr. (Will Arnett).

Regardless, if you or your client is a fan of Arrested Development, this is the ipsum generator to use.

Bluth Ipsum
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