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A teacher of kashmir shaivism who lived in kashmir during the 10th century, author of texts on kashmir shaivism including the tantra loka, vijnayana-bhairava, and other works. alabdha bhumikatva baddha "bound, restrained" padma "lotus" asana "pose". brahmin breathing technique in which inhalation is done through the right nostril ; increases vitality. dosha goddess who bestows knowledge of fine arts and power of speech. gunatita internal yoga cleansing "shatkarma" techniques. literally meaning "wheels", in yoga this refers to the seven energy or "life force" centers lying from the base of the spine to the head. man's retained energy or potential energy and consciousness. mayur one of the seminal texts of kashmir shaivism said to be revealed to the sage vasugupta by shiva. parigraha paschimottanasana setu bandhasana state of consciousness where being, consciousness, and bliss shines. state of meditation in where we are also aware of outside world. upaya.

'bellows' breathing technique in which the breath is forcibly drawn in and out through the nose in equal proportions, like the pumping action of the bellows. a long, thin, shallow, often partially canopied, gondolalike wooden boat used for transportation on the lakes in kashmir. ahimsa ananda bahir buddhi intellectual meditation. lakshmanjoo laziness matrikachakra mulabhanda nadi shodhana pranayama nature of the mind. purana reclining hero pose. shambhavopaya sound of syllables repeated by yogis to produce a change in consciousness. the illusion of individuality. the power of mantra. tortoise pose. wheel pose. yoga movement, position, pose or posture, and the names of almost all yoga poses end in "asasa"..

A cleansing technique that involves the cleansing of the stomach by drinking in water and then expelling it by inducing vomiting. anahata chakra angamejaytatva anu ashwini mudra breathing practice in which a soft "humming bee" sound is produced during exhalation to stimulate the ajna chakra dosha guru who has attained self-realization. japa sadhana sakshi sanyasi, sanyasin shishapunkti sirsa "head" asana "pose". state of meditation in which the breath becomes balled and enters the central channel for the rise of kundalini. vedas.
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