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A prop used as an extension of the arm to assist in yoga. abhinavagupta's master. additional name for the great mother. adho mukha vrksasana pose agnisar kriya ahamkara ardha padmasana baddha "bound, restrained" padma "lotus" asana "pose". baddha konasana balasana baudha ajnana bhakti yoga bhujapidasana bij bund called heart-oriented, this yoga integrates the celebration of the heart, universal principles of alignment, and energetic asanas. chandra clarified butter that originated in south asia often made from the milk of water buffalo. collecting, grasping. dhanurasana dharana dhauti divine presence governing the yamas and niyamas. eagle pose, often used in bikram and other forms of yoga. eka pada rajakapotasana ekagra ekagrata era of time..

A cleansing technique that involves the cleansing of the stomach by drinking in water and then expelling it by inducing vomiting. a posture in which organs and muscles are contracted to create energy lock in a specific area. a shatkarma technique - cleansing of the nasal passages with water by alternating the flow of water in the nostrils, preferably using a neti pot. anahat chakra badibod bijavasthapan brahmarandra chakra breath exercise of even inhalation and exhalation that involves all respiratory muscles. clarified butter that originated in south asia often made from the milk of water buffalo. energy center located behind the forehead or between the eye brows, state of intuitive wisdom consciousness. experience, realization. final stage of yoga in which concentration becomes one with the object of concentration; supreme union, absorption, state of god consciousness, realization of one's own nature, the eighth of the eight stages of classic yoga. focused or "one pointed" awareness or concentration, the ability to focus the mind on an object without distraction for extended periods of time..

"seed" syllable of a mantram, energy source that gives power to the mantram. a colon cleansing technique. abhilasa ahamkara alasya arjuna asamprajnyata samadhi bandha bhuja "arm, shoulder" pida "pain, discomfort, pressure" asana "pose". chidakasha cock pose. devi. A long, thin, shallow, often partially canopied, gondolalike wooden boat used for transportation on the lakes in kashmir. a shatkarma technique - also referred as the short intestinal wash. involves the drinking of several glasses of water and the expelling it through stool after a series of exercises (asanas); in the process a thorough cleansing of the colon takes place. a yoga gesture in which one focusses at the mid-eyebrow centre. abhinavagupta's master. ability to control all objects, living and non-living agnisar kriya akbar anahata chakra antar mouna avatar avesah back stretching pose, seated forward bend. bikram yoga child's pose. cock pose. crocodile dualistic thought of shaivism, emphasis on the rituals, the disciplines, and the service toward masters. eighteen ancient books consisting of legends and mythological narrations dealing with creation, recreation and the genealogies of sages and rulers. eka pada rajakapotasana energy center located in the heart region, fourth of the seven chakras..
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