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A session of devotional singing, chanting or meditation. abdominal massage' - a cleansing technique (shatkarma) involving the contraction of the rectus abdominal muscles. agornatha an experience of the rise of kundalini where one feels a flow of sexual joy. anu aparigraha ashvamedha asmita avatar baddha konasana bahir downward facing dog. ghee kriya yoga lalitaditya moorchha pranayama one of the main energy channels running on the left side of the spine from the mooladhara chakra to the ajna chakra in the head. salambhasana, shalabasana shabda shiva sutras sirsa "head" asana "pose". state of meditation in where we are also aware of outside world. surya bheda pranayama the intellect. the most subtle impurity of consciousness, when one can not hold on to the shiva state, when one has a feeling of being incomplete. urdhva mukha svanasana uttanasana when breathing process stops..

A major figure in the mahabharata, a woman who became a man. a natural breathing pattern that is relaxed and nonmanipulated. action, the act of doing. an ancient kashmiri king who invited the sage atri gupta to come live in his court to teach him shaivism; from atri gupta the line of teachers of kashmir shaivism descended. anusara yoga bhuja "arm, shoulder" pida "pain, discomfort, pressure" asana "pose". breathing practice in which a soft "humming bee" sound is produced during exhalation to stimulate the ajna chakra crocodile pose. foot; section of a literary work. in kashmir shaivism, the theory of the alphabet. intellectual ignorance, can be removed by studying and understanding spiritual texts. jala basti lakshmanagupta literally means 'great nadi', which is the 'sushumna' in yoga. moorchha pranayama prasad rakta bindu supta "sleeping", "lying down" padangusta "big toe" asana "pose". the earth element. the energy centre in the spinal column located behind the navel - corresponding to the solar plexus. twisting cobra pose. uttanasana when breathing process stops..

A collection of hindu spiritual writings following from the vedas. a god or being. additional name for the great mother. ahamkara bund crocodile pose. divine presence governing the yamas & niyamas. gorakshasana internal yoga cleansing "shatkarma" techniques. karma kashmiri word used by lakshmanjoo, meaning "greater than the greatest". lakshmanjoo loincloth multitude of energies of lord shiva. parvati power of concealing "pidhana" when all activities concerned with external perception reside in one's own nature. prithvi tattwa purana purity of body and mind, one of the five niyamas or observances that together are the second of the eight stages of classic yoga. raised hands pose. soham spiritually enlightened soul, who can dispel darkness, ignorance and illusion from the mind and enlighten the consciousness of a devotee/disciple, teacher, spiritual preceptor, spiritual teacher. sutra neti the earth element. the illusion of individuality. the supreme atma; god. throat lock' to restrict the flow of bereath through the throat - done by resting the chin on the upper sternum (chest). vastra dhauti vital force, energy, power, mediator between individual and universal, the force of manifestation in the universe, often depicted as female..
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