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A breathing technique aimed at cleaning the frontal part of the brain, done through rapid breaths with more force on exhalation. a major figure in the mahabharata, a woman who became a man. a part of the famous hindu epic "mahabharata". teachings of lord krishna to his disciple arjuna at the commencement of the battle of kurukshetra, with explanations on sannyasa yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and jnana yoga. a spine twisting pose. a thin, round flat bread. a vedic ritual sacrifice. abhinavagupta's master. air element akbar ananda ananda balasana another shatkarma (cleansing technique) - involves cleaning of the nasal passages or sinus irrigation; jala neti forms a part of the various neti kriyas. arjuna and his five brothers, the heroes of the mahabharata. asana baddha "bound, restrained" padma "lotus" asana "pose". bhrumadhya brahmarandra chakra breathing technique in which inhalation is done through the right nostril ; increases vitality. chidakasha child's pose. cloth woven from the wool of a species of goat that lives in the high himalayas. collecting, grasping. danda danta dhauti dhauti disciple emanating from yamnotri in the himalayas and joining ganga near allahabd, north india;refers to pingala nadi in the pranic body. existence-knowledge-bliss. extended side angle pose, uttihita "extended, stretched" parsva "side, flank", kona "angle", asana "pose". external breath retention. the stage of pranayama where breath is retained after exhalation..

A teacher of kashmir shaivism who lived in kashmir during the 10th century, author of texts on kashmir shaivism including the tantra loka, vijnayana-bhairava, and other works. adho mukha vrksasana pose agni anugraha aparigraha ashvamedha bhujapidasana breath exercise of even inhalation and exhalation that involves all respiratory muscles. breathing technique which involves hissing leading to a cooling effect upon the whole body. child's pose. eka pada galavasana experience, realization. foot; section of a literary work. four ancient texts- rig, yajur, sama, atharva, which are further divided into samhita, brahmana, aranayaka and upanishads. they.

A hindu holy man, or ascetic. a shatkarma technique - cleansing of the nasal passages with water by alternating the flow of water in the nostrils, preferably using a neti pot. ability to control all objects, living and non-living agnistambhasana pose ahimsa an experience of the rise of kundalini that is like a cobra rising. an experience of the rise of kundalini where one feels a flow of sexual joy. anahat chakra asamprajnyata samadhi ashtanga namaskara author of the yoga sutras and preacher of the eight-fold (ashtanga) yoga, name of the first writer of the yoga philosophy. bahiranga trataka baudha jnyana bhajans bhramari pranayama bhujapidasana bijavasthapan bliss, ecstasy. cock pose. darshan disciple eagle pose, often used in bikram and other forms of yoga. eka pada galavasana existence-knowledge-bliss..
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