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A posture in which organs and muscles are contracted to create energy lock in a specific area. abhasan alabdha bhumikatva angamejaytatva ardha ashwini mudra avidya brahmanand chapatti complete breath dandayamana bibhaktapada janushirasana dandayamana bibhaktapada paschimottanasana diksha disciple, student. downward facing dog. dualistic thought of shaivism, emphasis on the rituals, the disciplines, and the service toward masters. ganges garurasana goddess of prosperity and beauty; consort of vishnu. half lotus pose. harwan intellectual meditation. means of increasing self-awareness using mantra, breath, and cognitive organs. purana sirshasana supta baddha konasana the female counterpart of the siddhasana meditative posture, in which the left heel presses the entrance to the vagina. the great gesture - combines the practice of moola bandha, shambhavi and khechari mudras simultaneously. ubhaya padagusthasana yoga corpse pose, sava "corpse" asana "pose"..

A collection of concise aphorisms on the aims and practices of yoga as collected and written by the scholar patanjali. a shatkarma technique - cleansing of the nasal passages with water by alternating the flow of water in the nostrils, preferably using a neti pot. a tantric text. angamejaytatva buddhi eka pada galavasana ekagra flow of breath in the left nostril focused or "one pointed" awareness. ida nadi internal silence, a meditation practice. muni one of the major religion of india. pyramid pose. shatkarma spiritually enlightened soul, who can dispel darkness, ignorance and illusion from the mind and enlighten the consciousness of a devotee/disciple, teacher, spiritual preceptor, spiritual teacher. sukhasana supta virasana swastikasana tadasana the intellect. tortoise pose. triangle pose, uttihita "extended, stretched", tri "three", kona "angle", asana "pose". upanishads urdhva "upwards" mukha "face", paschima "west" (back of the body), ut "intense", tan "stretch", asana "pose"..

A shatkarma technique - also referred as the short intestinal wash. involves the drinking of several glasses of water and the expelling it through stool after a series of exercises (asanas); in the process a thorough cleansing of the colon takes place. abdominal massage' - a cleansing technique (shatkarma) involving the contraction of the rectus abdominal muscles. chandra nadi collecting, grasping. dosha eka pada rajakapotasana finding fullness of "god consciousness" residing in one's own nature. half lotus pose. hridaya akasha in theory of speech, the highest state where the aspirant has the ability to travel between states without varying consciousness. india's most sacred river. intellectual knowledge. karma kashmiri name for the god ganesha. knees, chest, and chin. located in the himalayas, a sacred place dedicated to the god shiva. mantra pramatribhava mantreshwara pramatribhava nasal irrigation or cleaning technique with milk. one-legged king pigeon pose. poornima pure consciousness. quality of nature viz. tamas, rajas, sattwa sarvangasana satsang soma chakra supta "sleeping", "lying down" padangusta "big toe" asana "pose". utpaladeva vayu tattwa.
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