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A vedic ritual sacrifice. abhinavagupta's grandmaster; a poet and mystic who composed songs in praise of shiva, known as the utpalasutravali. adwaita anu asana child's pose. headstand yoga pose, supported headstand. nature of the mind. neti (nasal cleansing technique) performed with ghee. one of the shatkarma which involves cleansing the ears. pada samadhi samhara shikhandi the flow of the spanda principle that takes place between any two things, two thoughts, two steps, two observations, etc. upward facing dog. yogic technique to cleanse the nasal passage using a special thread..

Alasya bhagvad gita dharma energy lock created by the contraction of the perineum in the male and the cervix in the female. in kashmir shaivism, the theory of the alphabet. lord shiva ; rudra is said to have sprung from brahma's forehead and is one of the holy trinity. padangustasana parigraha practice, the act of practicing. sucirandhrasana supta "sleeping, lying down" kurma "tortoise" asana "pose". the sheath of bliss. vatsara dhauti.

A vedic ritual sacrifice. a yoga gesture in which one focusses at the mid-eyebrow centre. abhasan abhyasa anandamaya kosha annamaya kosha asmita cock pose. disciple disciple, student. in mythology, the elephant-headed son of shiva and parvati, the god who removes obstacle. intellectual knowledge. knees, chest, and chin. man's retained energy or potential energy and consciousness. mudra neti kriya sheetali pranayama shooting bow pose. supta baddha konasana surya "sun" namaskara "salutation" surya "the sun". sushumna nadi teeth cleansing technique. the 'secret' pose the gesture of knowledge - in this the index finger is bent so that its tip is joined with the tip of the thumb, the other three fingers are spread out. yantra.
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