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Agni kriya anahat chakra cobra pose. danda dhauti emanating from yamnotri in the himalayas and joining ganga near allahabd, north india;refers to pingala nadi in the pranic body. great sage of about the 8th century, who lived for a time in kashmir. half moon pose with hands to feet pose, often used in bikram yoga. india's most sacred river. kukkutasana mudha payaswini nadi practice of contracting the anal sphincter. prithvi tattwa purana sadhak samadhi saraswati supta "sleeping", "lying down" padangusta "big toe" asana "pose". supta padagusthasana unsteadiness in the body..

An incarnation of god. atman cloth woven from the wool of a species of goat that lives in the high himalayas. lila lotus pose - a seated meditative posture, "lotus posture", sitting position in which each foot rests on opposite thigh. mulabhanda paravak samhara supta virasana upward facing dog. vaman dhauti. A spine twisting pose. antar atman bahir kumbhaka headstand yoga pose, supported headstand. highest, supreme, god. moola bandha phallic emblem, usually of stone, representing the creative power of shiva. prana prasad.

A lock, or tightening, of the rectal muscles. abhasan activity, dynamic yogic practice. anavopaya chin mudra dugdha neti durga himsa inner or internal. kapalbhati pranayama karma mayur paramatma salambhasana, shalabasana setu bandhasana shabda supta virasana swaying palm tree pose.. Adho mukha vrksasana pose bijavasthapan chakra located at the base of the spine "energy center in the subtle body". energy center in the subtle body associated in the physical body with the forehead. flow of breath in the left nostril half bow yoga pose. in the sanskrit alphabet, the dot that indicates the sound "m", symbolizes the point from which all creation emerges and into which it dissolves. india's most sacred river. jihva dhauti maha mudra nasal irrigation or cleaning technique with milk. one of the major religion of india. pandavas parvati prakamya tadasana the universal mantra; cosmic vibration of the universe; represents the four states of consciousness (also aum). womb embryo pose garbha "womb" pinda "embryo" asana "pose"..
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