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Word Lists: Yoga Truths

Patagonia made my mantra i''m doing a vinegar and honey cleanse this week mantra schmantra this is our next pose... fuck that, i'm going across the street for a drink. super hippies yoga is fake exercise. i do yoga so i am better than you. my girl's pussy is always so wet and warm, she must have bikram vagina. fake guru after i started doing yoga, i changed the way i talk to a soft fake whisper close your eyes. if you can still see me, it could be a sign that your eyes are still open. i like men to know that i do yoga, because knowing i can bend really well means i'm awesome in bed. my husband had an affair with a yoga goddess. bad karma. my yoga mat cost more than your yoga mat are you going to the yoga retreat next month? fuck yoga. real goddesses can walk their camel toes up a pole and defy gravity. now that takes core. fellow girls - yoga pants are not pants. please, for the love of all of us who don't want to see your junk in explicit detail at any given moment, wear something else..
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