The Beatles Ipsum

Word Lists: The Beatles

'cause i couldn't stand the pain (are you sad because you're on your own) (same old tale of blues) (so long so long) (traditional, arranged by tony sheridan) a bad little kid moved into my neighborhood aaaaahhhhhhhhhh... ah september in the rain alright? - yeah! - okay! - a one two three.. and a and at times they're not and if you saw my love and i’m doing the ebst that i can and still they lead me back to the long winding road and they called it me and weird stuff like that any way youll never know are records, they ain't sent him yet baby i don't want to fight no more baby i don't want you but i need you bang, bang maxwell's sliver hammer beatles - can't buy me love (takes 1 and 2, paris) beatles - dig a pony (get back/let it be outtake) beatles - why better look up my number blackbird fly, blackbird fly.
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