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A friend says that your love a tu lado no dudo aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaahhh (yeah, yeah, boys) all the girl around her although i'm so tired i'll have another cigarette and anytime you feel a pain and i'm always thinking of you, you, you and it's my mind and my heart was beating fast and nobody cares if she's long and tall and yet you don't believe her when she said her love is dead and you're working for no one but me as the junelight be just as kind as you can be beatles - i'm a loser (live at the bbc) beatles - rocky raccoon (take 8) been steppin' around being here alone tonight with you big man, walking in the park but as from today well i've got somebody that's new.

'cause i know where you've been 'til he's seen you cry (hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye. hello, goodbye.) (oooooooh) ah go! ah rock on anybody all my loving darling, i'll be true always having dirt to and bring you back where you belong and don't let go and her low-neck sweater and i'm a long way from home and if somebody loved me like she do me and in the middle of interogation and keep you satisfied and now the thought of meeting you and tenderly and though she tried her best to help me and when my mind is wandering any way you do as i walked along the road as i write this letter (oh!) ask me why, i'll say i love you beatles - i'm so tired (takes 3, 6 and 9) because before this dance is through... (repeat last verse) brian: pretty cool lot of fellows, aren't you? here, ringo, have a banana, catch! brian: yeah, or going to just about any restaurant you--.

'cause i don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love 'cause i will treat her right, and then a mind can blow those clouds away ah hey hey hey hey (hey hey hey hey) ain't had no real good loving alright, alright, alright and all your turtle doving and in time and kept out of sight and she never walk down lime street any more baby, you can drive my car before she gets to saying goodbye begged her on my bended knees but he knew it couldn't last.
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