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(way that you do) a a a a a-one little kiss from you ah look at all the lonely people ah she's got a ticket to ride, she's got a ticket to ride als we hem oogsten worden we het hoogste and a low-neck sweater and he wrote it on the wall and i'll be there and then when you've heard him see if you agree anytime i can give it as i write this letter (oh), send my love to you (you know i want you to) baby says she's mine you know back in the us, back in the us beatles - three cool cats (decca audition) bom bom bom bom-pa bom.

'cause i really can't stand it 'cos i been searching (lies beneath the ocean waves) a soldier of love is hard to be across the universe all the money's gone, nowhere to go and i'd really like to go (go) and in the evening she's a singer with the band any time at all apologise to her as good as i can be as he walks from the grave beatles - don't ever change (live at the bbc) beatles - get back (single version) beatles - mr. moonlight (takes 1 and 4) bells on bob-tail ring, making spirits bright blue blue blue.

(hello goodbye) i don't know why you say goodbye a business deal falls through all you gotta do is call and crawled off to sleep in the bath and i'll be there and if she's beside me i know i need never care and in her eyes you see nothing and whenever you want us to and with all these friends and lovers and you will be the leader of a big, old band at twelve o'clock a meeting round the table because the sky is blue.......aaaaaaaahhhh booked himself a room in the local saloon.
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