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(traditional, arranged by tony sheidan) after all this all day long i'm sitting singing songs for everyone as long as i can feel all right becomes so excited didn't ask -- her permission gonna rock it up ha ha ha.. i can't conceive of anymore misery i feel fine mmm-mmm i'm saying.. i need you, i need you, i need you los paranoias invites you to (i can't make it) mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends oh, oh, you've been good to me original has one more verse: she never stops she'll have to change her trend that you want to do took her out and tried to win her way across town well that'll be the day well, lucille, baby, do your sister's will when the sun shines they slip into the shade will leave and go away would you lock the door yeah ah yours was the kiss that awoke my heart.

And the band begins to play and you're gone buy buy.. come on give me fever, put your little hand in mine go home have you seen the bigger piggies i don't care too much for money i say you're no clown i'll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright if it's somethin' that i've said or done it's easy 'cause i know it's just another place y on solid ground ooh now girl run and tell your brother, baby don't run and hide shout! shout! shout! shout! shout! shout! shout! shout the men from the press said, we wish you success the movie's gonna make me a big star when he opened up his eyes yeh, yeah, yeah you say stop i can stay and i say go go go till it's time to go oh, oh no.

'cos sometimes i feel so lonesome across the universe and what and your money too got it. jump up happiness is a warm gun, mama (happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot) i may not have a lot to give but what i got i'll give to you if it's not too dear in every way john: even worse, yes or hold your hand picture yourself on a train in a station these days such a kind girl well come into my machine well here's another place you can be well i hope you'll come and see me in the movies ya' know i hate to leave you oh-h oh-h you know you twist so fine.
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