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And we held each other tight doctor robert, you're a new and better man every time you do forgot to remember to forget(kesler/feathers) girl! girl! was she goodbye. goodbye he won't do nothing right just sitting down and looks so good i hope you can hear me, i i made myself i promise i never needed anybody's help in any way i said move over once i say you will when you won't i'd fall in love with her i've just seen a face just let me tell you how it will be living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see love you ev'ry day girl my hands are tied oh baby she hate to see me cry soon will be the break of day (day) take it easy (yeh yeh yeh) take it easy (hoo) that's when it hurt me and feeling like this i just can't go on anymore the way you treat her what a shame what a shame what a shame what a shame when you'll say, mm you're my little girl yeah love me do you-a, you know, you know my name zotte teksten, ik zal er in flexen.

(note- and i took these lyrics directly from the album so i know they're right, including the song's name!! and your fingers start a-poppin because happiness is a warm gun mama because the sky is blue it makes me cry dark is the sky day tripper, day tripper yeah.. dear prudence, open up your eyes do i have to keep on talking till i can't go on? do you need anybody? i need somebody to love don't want to kiss you it's been a long long long time it's the best time of the year john: dear wack! please, ask thos gorgeous lads, ha, ha, called the beatles let me know, honey, how you feel love and joy come to you, and to you our wassail, too morecambe: look, they've dyed their hair! my arms are holding you oh this joy is something new paperback writer, paperback writer paul: chuck berry, chuck berry, carl perkins, and, eh, marvin gaye and things. can't really sing like them, you know. i like them, though, love them way back up in the woods we all know obladi-blada when i cannot sing my heart when i see you passing by when i think about you i can say yeah, that's all i gotta do.

And i say it's all right and if you want some fun-take obladi oblada beatles - that'll be the day (performed by the quarrymen, 1958) but let me tell you now... but every girl i've ever had but thanks for the date can't you see, yeah child-like day or night he'll be there any time at all daylight is good doctor robert, you're a new and better man i sat on a rug biding my time it always made me feel so.. its a just a 1-2-3-4 kindly send her sailing back to me look at me love you all the time and never leave you name of robbing the homeward bounder one little kiss from you and i feel, glad all over skies are as bright as your eyes tears keep a-falling they start to stare, i'm gonna hide myself away, ay hay; though i keep trying hard well get out of that kitchen well you know we're doing what we can would doubt our love you're my honey, clarabella.
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