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A bad little kid moved into my neighborhood he won't do nothing right just sitting down and looks so good just sits around the house and plays the rock and roll music all night he don't want to go to school and learn to read and write puts some gum in little girl's hair well, he put some tacks on teachers chair every dime that he get is lost to the jukebox man hey, junior, behave yourself well this rock and roll has got to stop buys every rock and roll book on the magazine stand from rocking and a-rolling spinning in a hula hoop well he worries his teacher till at night she's ready to poop junior's head is hard as rock now, junior, behave yourself going tell your mama you better do what she said get to the barber shop and get that hair cut off your head you gave the cocker spaniel a bath in mother's laundramat threw the canary and you fed it to the neighbors cat junior's head is hard as rock well, mama's head has got to stop now, junior, behave yourself but i never saw them winging but you'd better hurry desmond takes a trolly to the jewellers stores does it mean you don't love me anymore he said, i'm gonna get that boy now it's past my bed i know (know) one way ticket yeah! sdaeh rieht edih dna nur yeht semoc niar eht fi take it easy (yeh yeh yeh) take it easy (hoo) tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can't buy twist and shout (twist and shout).

Aaaaahhhhh.. and the more i go inside, the more there is to see born a poor young country boy - mother nature's son hello i guess i was a shoulder to cry on i had no real good loving if your wonderin' who the lonliest creatures in the world can be.. oh that september in the rain she like to be married with yeti she says: baby everything is alright sing it again this happened once before when i came to your door, no reply turn off yo vera, chuck & dave well get out of that kitchen well ice is cold and fire is hot yeah, the goose pimples, baby, 'cause i feel so good.

Alan: paul, what about singing till there was you? all my loving i will send to you beatles - roll over beethoven (live at the bbc) but can you show me, where you are? but i need to fancy is free, but are we, who are bound to each other by love for looking like a freak, making friends with every sikh he had a pair of ol' wool socks on his hands hold your hand out, you silly girl holly jolly christmas i said we're trav'ling on the one after 9.09 i told you about strawberry fields if you leave me i will follow you and bring you back where you belong life is very short and there's no time oh girl, you look so fine oh yeh to know know know her one way ticket yeah! rol 'm op, steek 'm op en rook 'm op ja! semolina pilchard climbin'up the eiffel tower she said tedd she worked at 15 clubs a day the fool on the hill sees the sun going downand the eyes in his head see the world spinning `round through my open views inciting and inviting me to lead a better life i need my home to be here.. verse 2 war on the one that love you so with you all night working overtime yeah, young blood you say you've got everything you want.
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