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'cause i just lost the only girl i had a soldier of love at heart to be a tu lado brilla mi estrella alan freeman: paul? and had you gone, you knew in time and i'm glad all over and if you want some fun- take ob la di bla da and keep you satisfied and looking up i noticed i was late baby because you're making me feel like. 'cos my love for you baby after all this ah lucille all about the girl who came to stay all the girl around her also for example and as i look and i know that from today and i say it's alright and if the rhythm finally gets you and the beat gets her, too and if the rhythm finally gets you and the beat gets you too and let me know that you're mine, woo and she said listen babe i got something to say and when i touch you i feel happy inside any old way you choose i are you one of them?.. baby i love you and all i want you to do is just baby what you're tryin' to do? baby's in black and i'm feelin blue beatles - carol (live at the bbc) beatles - i will (take 1) beatles - the hippy hippy shake (live at the bbc) beatles - yellow submarine (alternate version) begging if you please, and the nights you don't come my way biding my time.

'cause i really can't stand it, i'm so in love with you 'cos you've taken her away (tax man (the beatles) (thomas/biggs) a coffee dessert - yes you know it's good news a-one little kiss from you ah-ah, honey don't all day all night in da party although i'm so tired, i'll have another cigarette and he know he could and the people who gain the world and lose their soul and whatever you want us to and whenever you want us to any way you'll never know army clothes, army car as mr. kite flies through the ring attracts me like no other lover baby, that's the way it's gotta be bang, bang, maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his head beatles - yes it is (take 2) because the wind is high it blows my mind before this dance is through bells on bob-tail ring, making spirits bright but as it is i'll dream of her.

(uh-uh, mr. wilson.) a coffee dessert--yes you know it's good news a splendid time is guaranteed for all across the sea ah rock on, anybody alan: do you have any particular idol that you've ever copied your singing style from? all the lonely people.. and i will loose my mind if you won't see me (you won't see me) and i'll be there and it you say the word and me and now the thought of meeting you makes me weak in the knee and please, say to me and someday you're gonna see and surrender to me and though he'll never come back, she's dressed in black and though it's only a whim and whenever you want us to as a bird on wing ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baby, please, please, please? back in the u.s., back in the u.s., back in the u.s.s.r be good, ted. alright be in love with you beatles - medley: kansas city/hey-hey-hey-hey! bom bom bom bompa bom.
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