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A soap impression of his wife which he ate ain't that perfection? bang, bang, maxwell's silver hammer made sure that he was dead beatles - carol (live at the bbc) but it'll be a an f cause i, told you once before goodbye from me to you gonna rock it up i ain't got nothing but love, girl i don't like you i got my bag, run right home i'm looking through yo it s john: we brought you the flowers, ring now they know how many holes it takes roll up, roll up for the mystery tour she's got a crazy partner, oughta see 'em reel and rock so he left the town far away, yeah yeah so pl something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover something in the way she woos me i don't want to leave her now you know i believe her now somewhere in her smile she knows something in her style that shows me that i don't need no other lover you know i believe her now don't want to leave her now you're asking me will my love grow i don't know, i don't know i don't know, i don't know you stick around now it may show and all i have to do is think of her something in the way she knows something in the things she shows me don't want to leave her now you know i believe her now the last time that i saw marie the way you rock'n'roll this boy, this boy, this boy with another man in my place with the hippy hippy shake with their piggy wives yeah brown brown you know it's a lie ' cause that'll be the day.

Aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaaah, aaaaah all you need is love, love. love is all you need and i get to the bottom and i see you again are you sad because you're on your own? berry) boy, you gotta carry that weight but, as from today, well, i've seen somebody that's new i think of her but she thinks only of him i wanna tell you, pretty baby i'll be on my way, oh oh oh i'm in love but i'm lazy i've just seen a face if i catch you talking to that boy again love was in your eyes mine for everm my last night here with you my temperature's low, the fever is high oh how long will it take one more time she was a day tripper sleeping bags for two so we sailed up to the sun so, oh, i should have realized suddenly it seems this is the story this-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m with every mistake we must surely be learning yes you shake.

'cause i'm not free george: we've been to portugal he does everything he can dr. robert it doesn't really matter what cords i play it's you, you you you - oo-oo - oo-oo john: okay, let's go! john: what about it? just a half a mile listen, do you want to know a secret morecambe: no, well i'm getting insulted now .. some other guy, now, is makin' my past seem oh so bad, oh now tell me baby that some day, well i'll be through you gotta check it and see, one more time for me.
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