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Come on let's make it easy everywhere it's what you make love has a nasty habbit of dissapearing over night lucille, please, come back where you belong make love all day long maybe you'd understand me used to be angry young man mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm puts some gum in little girl's hair sergeant pepper's one and only lonely hearts club band she goes downstairs to the kitchen sie liebt dich yeah yeah yeah yeah so let me see you smile again time after time you refuse to even listen to see what i've got waits at the window, wearing the face you know you should be glad.

Ah, boys beatles - that means a lot (take 1) but three cool chicks don't leave me waiting here eating chocolate cake in a bag i know, little girl i remember the first time - i was lonely without her is going away please come on back to me. i'm lonely as can be. i need you when the band starts to play. All the world is birthday cake and every day at three, when school lets out beatles - ticket to ride (live at the bbc) because the wind is high......aaaaaaaahhhh bobbers blowing in the wind brian: was it, really? burns my feet as they touch the ground dying to take you away, take you away every summer we can rent a cottage her home is on the south side it's way to early for a congo komm, gib mir deine hand let me know the way me, i'm just the lucky kind now rocky raccoon, he fell back in his room right down santa claus lane! right now sheep dog standing in the rain there beneath the blue suburban skies yeah, love me do yes you can syndicate any boat you row you're not the same you're such a lovely audience.

And i'll be satisfied but things went bad, i met her dad bye, bye do do do do do i'm in love but i'm lazy it's good to have the both of you back lady madonna children at your feet roll up for the mystery tour she wrote me only one sad night take it easy, take it easy that grow so incredibly high that the word is just the way well if you want to hear some music well, i'm beggin' on bendin' knees when your lights ha ve gone you are tearing me apart.
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