Forms of Government Ipsum

Word Lists: Forms of Government

Arithmocracy beerocracy demonarchy exarchy gymnasiarchy logocracy metrocracy millocracy moneyocracy oligarchy philosophocracy phylarchy popocracy rotocracy shopocracy. Androcracy antarchy autocracy binarchy chromatocracy corpocracy diabolocracy ethnocracy heterarchy hoplarchy kritarchy paparchy parsonarchy philosophocracy phylarchy pollarchy pornocracy psephocracy quangocracy squarsonocracy squirearchy stratarchy tetradarchy tetrarchy triarchy. Androcracy angelocracy corpocracy decadarchy demonocracy despotocracy diabolocracy hamarchy hecatarchy hierocracy hoplarchy jesuitocracy juntocracy meritocracy mobocracy narcokleptocracy oligarchy paparchy papyrocracy parsonarchy pollarchy shopocracy squarsonocracy squattocracy tetrarchy triarchy.
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