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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Aristocracy barbarocracy chiliarchy cosmarchy cryptarchy decarchy democracy diabolocracy dulocracy gymnasiarchy hecatarchy hendecarchy heptarchy kakistocracy kritarchy mobocracy monarchy pantisocracy parsonarchy partocracy prophetocracy squatterarchy squirearchy tetradarchy tritheocracy. Bestiocracy bureaucracy chiliarchy decarchy diabolocracy doulocracy hamarchy kakistocracy logocracy metrocracy monarchy paedarchy philosophocracy pigmentocracy ptochocracy quangocracy slavocracy squirearchy thalassiarchy.

Anarchy bestiocracy decadarchy despotocracy diabolocracy dinarchy ecclesiarchy gerontocracy heroarchy hetaerocracy heterarchy hipparchy kakistocracy monarchy pantarchy plutarchy slavocracy theatrocracy timarchy xenocracy. Anarchy cottonocracy cryptarchy diabolocracy duarchy dyarchy exarchy hecatarchy kritarchy merocracy navarchy pantarchy pentarchy phylarchy plutocracy pornocracy shopocracy strumpetocracy thalassocracy theocracy tritarchy. Anarchy chiliarchy dodecarchy heroarchy infantocracy oligarchy philosophocracy plousiocracy plutarchy pollarchy polycracy strumpetocracy synarchy thalassocracy theocracy.

Anarchy anemocracy antarchy arithmocracy beerocracy chirocracy chromatocracy chrysoaristocracy chrysocracy dinarchy ergatocracy foolocracy gynocracy hagiarchy hecatontarchy hierarchy metrocracy navarchy nomocracy paedocracy pedantocracy pigmentocracy policeocracy slavocracy squarsonocracy. Autocracy endarchy gymnasiarchy gynarchy hierarchy millionocracy moneyocracy myriarchy neocracy nomocracy pollarchy synarchy. Adhocracy androcracy antarchy autocracy capelocracy corpocracy dyarchy endarchy foolocracy gynaecocracy gynarchy jesuitocracy logocracy merocracy millocracy moneyocracy pantisocracy policeocracy polycracy punditocracy septarchy shopocracy sociocracy tetradarchy thalassocracy theatrocracy timarchy.
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