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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Aristarchy decadarchy demonocracy hyperarchy logocracy monarchy neocracy papyrocracy phallocracy polarchy pollarchy ptochocracy rotocracy synarchy triarchy. Acracy anemocracy angelocracy arithmocracy autocracy beerocracy binarchy chiliarchy demarchy dinarchy ergatocracy hetaerocracy heterarchy hipparchy kakistocracy octarchy oligarchy pantisocracy parsonarchy philosophocracy plantocracy polyarchy tetrarchy thearchy timarchy triarchy xenocracy. Anarchy autocracy chrysocracy decarchy doulocracy gerontocracy hendecarchy hetaerocracy idiocracy kleptocracy mobocracy monarchy monocracy oligarchy paedocracy partocracy patriarchy phylarchy physiocracy polyarchy prophetocracy rotocracy sociocracy squarsonocracy.

Albocracy anemocracy autocracy bureaucracy chrysoaristocracy corpocracy cosmarchy dinarchy ethnarchy hecatontarchy idiocracy logocracy narcokleptocracy ochlocracy psephocracy septarchy squatterarchy thearchy. Anarchy androcracy autocracy ecclesiarchy endarchy exarchy foolocracy hyperanarchy kakistocracy landocracy merocracy millionocracy narcokleptocracy panarchy papyrocracy philosophocracy plantocracy psephocracy quangocracy septarchy squatterarchy squattocracy strumpetocracy thalassocracy timarchy xenocracy.

Arithmocracy autarchy bureaucracy chrysoaristocracy chrysocracy cosmarchy demonarchy dodecarchy endarchy gunarchy hendecarchy meritocracy papyrocracy septarchy stratocracy timarchy. Capelocracy cryptarchy demarchy democracy diabolocracy gynocracy meritocracy navarchy polycracy slavocracy sociocracy squarsonocracy theatrocracy. Acracy albocracy chrysoaristocracy decadarchy duarchy endarchy ergatocracy foolocracy gynaecocracy hagiarchy hoplarchy hyperanarchy mesocracy myriarchy nomocracy pedantocracy prophetocracy tetrarchy xenocracy.
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