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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Binarchy chiliarchy decadarchy demonarchy despotocracy duarchy dyarchy endarchy ethnocracy gerontocracy hoplarchy isocracy juntocracy neocracy pantarchy plousiocracy popocracy pornocracy prophetocracy punditocracy septarchy squirearchy stratarchy technocracy thearchy timocracy. Cosmarchy despotocracy dulocracy heroarchy hierocracy hyperarchy juntocracy merocracy metrocracy navarchy patriarchy pentarchy popocracy sociocracy squattocracy squirocracy whiggarchy.

Arithmocracy cannonarchy endarchy ethnarchy infantocracy kakistocracy kritarchy paedocracy pedantocracy phallocracy polarchy polycracy pornocracy psephocracy triarchy. Adhocracy albocracy autocracy decadarchy ecclesiarchy endarchy exarchy gymnasiarchy hagiocracy hierarchy idiocracy mesocracy metrocracy monocracy myriarchy nomocracy octarchy pantarchy pedantocracy phallocracy pigmentocracy plantocracy plousiocracy polyarchy prophetocracy squarsonocracy technocracy theocracy timarchy.

Adhocracy biarchy hendecarchy kakistocracy kritarchy paparchy plutocracy punditocracy quangocracy thalassocracy. Angelocracy aristarchy cannonarchy corpocracy decadarchy demonocracy ecclesiarchy endarchy exarchy gynarchy hagiarchy hagiocracy hendecarchy hetaerocracy kritarchy landocracy merocracy metrocracy monarchy paparchy pedantocracy plantocracy popocracy ptochocracy squatterarchy stratarchy thearchy timarchy. Anarchy anemocracy bestiocracy cottonocracy despotocracy hecatontarchy juntocracy kritarchy logocracy meritocracy monocracy pantarchy paparchy phylarchy polyarchy polycracy psephocracy snobocracy timarchy.
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