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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Androcracy antarchy beerocracy binarchy cannonarchy cosmarchy ergatocracy exarchy foolocracy gunarchy gynaecocracy gynocracy hagiarchy hagiocracy hierocracy landocracy matriarchy mesocracy oligarchy partocracy plousiocracy plutarchy plutocracy prophetocracy squirocracy stratarchy strumpetocracy tetradarchy whiggarchy. Acracy albocracy autocracy binarchy chirocracy demonocracy dodecarchy dulocracy ecclesiarchy gerontocracy hagiarchy hamarchy hecatontarchy hyperarchy jesuitocracy millionocracy monarchy navarchy octarchy partocracy phallocracy shopocracy theatrocracy timocracy tritarchy xenocracy.

Albocracy diarchy hecatarchy hendecarchy jesuitocracy matriarchy narcokleptocracy navarchy pedantocracy squirearchy statocracy. Albocracy aristarchy dodecarchy gerontocracy gunarchy jesuitocracy kakistocracy landocracy monarchy nomocracy paedarchy panarchy paparchy polycracy popocracy stratocracy tetradarchy timocracy. Acracy aristarchy arithmocracy autarchy decarchy democracy demonocracy dyarchy ecclesiarchy hendecarchy heterarchy hierarchy iatrarchy juntocracy kakistocracy kleptocracy myriarchy octarchy pentarchy physiocracy polarchy quangocracy septarchy squarsonocracy tetradarchy theocracy whiggarchy.

Argentocracy barbarocracy cannonarchy chrysoaristocracy chrysocracy cryptarchy demonarchy despotocracy ergatocracy gerontocracy gynaecocracy heterarchy hipparchy hoplarchy hyperanarchy jesuitocracy kakistocracy landocracy matriarchy metrocracy patriarchy pornocracy septarchy slavocracy statocracy stratarchy tritheocracy. Argentocracy autarchy autocracy bureaucracy chiliarchy cottonocracy demonarchy ecclesiarchy gynaecocracy hecatarchy heroarchy hierocracy hoplarchy jesuitocracy kleptocracy metrocracy monarchy monocracy paparchy partocracy patriarchy polarchy polycracy shopocracy sociocracy squirearchy strumpetocracy synarchy triarchy.
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