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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Acracy androcracy antarchy barbarocracy beerocracy capelocracy demarchy dodecarchy gynaecocracy gynarchy heptarchy hierarchy hipparchy kritarchy mobocracy monocracy narcokleptocracy nomocracy oligarchy pollarchy polyarchy rotocracy shopocracy snobocracy synarchy thearchy tritarchy. Anarchy angelocracy antarchy aristarchy beerocracy corpocracy despotocracy dinarchy dodecarchy ethnarchy foolocracy gynaecocracy gynarchy hetaerocracy idiocracy kakistocracy mobocracy narcokleptocracy oligarchy pantarchy parsonarchy philosophocracy plousiocracy plutarchy polarchy polyarchy tritarchy.

Acracy bestiocracy demonarchy gynarchy hecatontarchy hendecarchy hoplarchy mesocracy patriarchy phallocracy phylarchy physiocracy polyarchy popocracy psephocracy rotocracy strumpetocracy synarchy. Beerocracy democracy diabolocracy dinarchy dyarchy gerontocracy gymnasiarchy jesuitocracy matriarchy millocracy monarchy thalassiarchy timocracy. Chromatocracy decarchy dodecarchy ethnarchy gynaecocracy kakistocracy matriarchy paedarchy papyrocracy partocracy policeocracy pollarchy stratocracy tetradarchy thalassiarchy thalassocracy theatrocracy timocracy.

Anarchy arithmocracy cannonarchy chiliarchy chrysoaristocracy decadarchy democracy diarchy ethnocracy gynarchy hecatontarchy millocracy moneyocracy monocracy octarchy pantisocracy popocracy psephocracy ptochocracy squirocracy timocracy tritheocracy. Antarchy biarchy binarchy cannonarchy diarchy juntocracy landocracy logocracy millocracy phallocracy squatterarchy thalassiarchy. Acracy adhocracy autarchy demonocracy diarchy dyarchy endarchy gynarchy hamarchy hyperarchy juntocracy kakistocracy kleptocracy metrocracy myriarchy narcokleptocracy nomocracy octarchy papyrocracy plousiocracy policeocracy tetradarchy thalassocracy tritarchy xenocracy.
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