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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Anarchy angelocracy antarchy argentocracy autarchy bestiocracy chirocracy cosmarchy kritarchy octarchy papyrocracy pentarchy polycracy prophetocracy rotocracy squirocracy stratocracy tetrarchy tritarchy. Anarchy doulocracy hierocracy hyperanarchy isocracy ochlocracy patriarchy philosophocracy polarchy prophetocracy quangocracy septarchy timocracy. Autocracy bestiocracy chirocracy chrysoaristocracy ergatocracy hamarchy heroarchy hoplarchy kritarchy meritocracy navarchy neocracy octarchy paedocracy quangocracy sociocracy squirearchy stratocracy synarchy triarchy.

Antarchy autocracy bestiocracy biarchy chrysoaristocracy doulocracy foolocracy gynarchy hagiarchy hagiocracy heterarchy isocracy jesuitocracy oligarchy papyrocracy partocracy philosophocracy physiocracy plantocracy quangocracy slavocracy stratarchy tetradarchy timarchy xenocracy. Binarchy dodecarchy idiocracy meritocracy narcokleptocracy rotocracy statocracy synarchy thalassiarchy tritarchy. Antarchy ethnarchy gynarchy gynocracy paedarchy pigmentocracy polyarchy ptochocracy shopocracy sociocracy tetradarchy xenocracy.

Acracy anarchy autarchy demonarchy demonocracy dinarchy duarchy gymnasiarchy hierarchy hierocracy idiocracy paedocracy philosophocracy plantocracy tetradarchy. Albocracy anarchy androcracy barbarocracy cannonarchy capelocracy chrysocracy cottonocracy hendecarchy heptarchy hetaerocracy meritocracy millocracy myriarchy nomocracy paedocracy partocracy polyarchy prophetocracy rotocracy septarchy sociocracy stratarchy theocracy timocracy tritarchy. Adhocracy arithmocracy bestiocracy capelocracy corpocracy cosmarchy cottonocracy cryptarchy diarchy dodecarchy ethnocracy hagiocracy hierarchy kakistocracy meritocracy millocracy myriarchy ochlocracy papyrocracy parsonarchy partocracy physiocracy plutarchy popocracy septarchy squattocracy tritarchy whiggarchy.
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