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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Anarchy cannonarchy chiliarchy chirocracy decarchy demonarchy gymnasiarchy hamarchy hecatontarchy heroarchy hyperarchy idiocracy myriarchy panarchy philosophocracy polyarchy slavocracy snobocracy squattocracy technocracy timarchy. Albocracy arithmocracy bureaucracy chiliarchy demonarchy dyarchy hagiarchy hamarchy hecatontarchy heroarchy hetaerocracy juntocracy kleptocracy navarchy neocracy pornocracy ptochocracy rotocracy thearchy whiggarchy. Diabolocracy dulocracy ethnarchy gynocracy hoplarchy monarchy panarchy pigmentocracy policeocracy quangocracy.

Anemocracy arithmocracy biarchy cryptarchy decadarchy democracy doulocracy foolocracy gunarchy hierarchy landocracy matriarchy mobocracy myriarchy narcokleptocracy navarchy paedarchy partocracy phylarchy physiocracy pigmentocracy plutarchy sociocracy synarchy thalassocracy theocracy whiggarchy. Antarchy chromatocracy demonocracy duarchy gynocracy heroarchy idiocracy kakistocracy kritarchy monarchy moneyocracy nomocracy paedocracy philosophocracy phylarchy pollarchy popocracy stratocracy synarchy tetrarchy thearchy theocracy.

Arithmocracy corpocracy ecclesiarchy matriarchy meritocracy panarchy pedantocracy phylarchy pornocracy rotocracy squattocracy synarchy whiggarchy. Adhocracy barbarocracy bestiocracy chromatocracy cosmarchy cottonocracy decarchy democracy dulocracy endarchy ergatocracy gerontocracy heroarchy heterarchy idiocracy infantocracy juntocracy meritocracy myriarchy oligarchy paedarchy phallocracy polyarchy ptochocracy snobocracy squattocracy technocracy.
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