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Word Lists: Forms of Government

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Anarchy barbarocracy chirocracy chromatocracy cryptarchy ergatocracy meritocracy mobocracy popocracy squatterarchy tritheocracy. Anarchy antarchy barbarocracy beerocracy capelocracy gynaecocracy gynocracy hamarchy heroarchy kakistocracy matriarchy mesocracy moneyocracy ochlocracy octarchy papyrocracy pigmentocracy squirearchy squirocracy statocracy strumpetocracy tetrarchy tritarchy. Anarchy arithmocracy biarchy cannonarchy cosmarchy demonocracy despotocracy hagiocracy hecatarchy hipparchy metrocracy monarchy neocracy rotocracy sociocracy statocracy.

Beerocracy binarchy demonarchy despotocracy dinarchy gynocracy hierarchy hyperarchy kritarchy landocracy metrocracy millionocracy nomocracy paedocracy physiocracy sociocracy squattocracy squirearchy squirocracy technocracy tetrarchy. Anarchy androcracy argentocracy chiliarchy duarchy endarchy ethnarchy hamarchy heptarchy millionocracy pantarchy pigmentocracy pollarchy polyarchy ptochocracy punditocracy septarchy squatterarchy statocracy stratarchy technocracy tetrarchy theatrocracy.

Autarchy binarchy corpocracy ergatocracy gunarchy hetaerocracy hoplarchy juntocracy kleptocracy millionocracy monocracy octarchy pantisocracy physiocracy quangocracy rotocracy sociocracy strumpetocracy technocracy tritheocracy. Albocracy anemocracy autarchy beerocracy bureaucracy capelocracy chiliarchy doulocracy ecclesiarchy hamarchy hecatarchy heroarchy hierocracy jesuitocracy kleptocracy millionocracy navarchy papyrocracy pedantocracy physiocracy pigmentocracy plantocracy septarchy slavocracy squatterarchy theocracy triarchy.
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