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A quick study beat around the bush beats me bent out of shape chow down crash course elbow grease far-fetched fire someone give someone a hand have something down pat hit the books hit the hay in over one's head in the red junk mail keep one's chin up leave well enough alone make a mountain out of a mole hill nuts pull an all-nighter quite a few run-down schmooze state of the art tricky under the weather update used to what for. A low blow bad-mouth be broke be on the go beat beat around the bush break a leg break someone's heart do a bang-up job drag one's feet elbow grease fender-bender get out of hand hassle hit the sack keep an eye on keep one's nose to the grindstone let-down lose track of r and r she made her bed; now let her lie in it shoot the breeze so-so sort of tell a white lie tough update wear out one's welcome you don't say zilch.
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