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Antsy as easy as pie bent out of shape burn the midnight oil call it a day get up and go go with the flow hard feelings if i had my druthers keep an eye out for live from hand to mouth on the dot on time once in a while quite a few r and r state of the art step on it until hell freezes over update what's up wishy-washy you don't say. A klutz at the eleventh hour be all ears catch one's eye catch some zs chow down crash course don't count your chickens until they hatch for ages get going get up and go give someone a hand hard feelings have one's hands full hit the sack jump the gun jump to conclusion macho nuke plastic rain cats and dogs read someone's mind run-down she made her bed; now let her lie in it shoot the breeze sleep on it until hell freezes over up-to-date would just as soon.
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