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A bundle a quick study an eager beaver be all ears be broke boom box can't make heads or tails of chow down couch potato have something down pat jump to conclusion keep in touch keep one's fingers crossed lend someone a hand live from hand to mouth make a mountain out of a mole hill pull an all-nighter so-so the bottom line tight-fisted zilch. A bundle a know-it-all a tightwad an eager beaver be up and running beat one's brains out boom box can't make heads or tails of something chow chow down easy does it get going head honcho hit the hay jump the gun keep an eye on lend someone a hand lose track of make up one's mind not on your life ok on the dot pretty read someone's mind stay in touch tricky what's up.

A quick study antsy blow one's top cram don't count your chickens until they hatch easy does it hit the books inside out keep one's fingers crossed leave well enough alone sooner or later. A yes-man an eager beaver antsy be a piece of cake be over blabbermouth blow one's top by one's self can't make heads or tails of drag one's feet easy does it get on one's nerves head honcho hit the sack in the black in time keep an eye out for keep one's chin up keep one's fingers crossed let sleeping dogs lie lousy nosh nuts pretty stay in touch you've got to be kidding yummy.

A cinch an egghead cram how come in time keep an eye on keep one's nose to the grindstone pull someone's leg so-so tell a white lie. And then some bad-mouth bushed call it a day let sleeping dogs lie no way sleep on it toss something two-faced under the weather. A klutz a quick study before long break a leg break someone's heart do a bang-up job feel blue head honcho keep one's fingers crossed savvy schmooze update zilch. A klutz a yes-man beat one's brains out bent out of shape catch one's eye cut it out keep an eye on let sleeping dogs lie ok pull someone's leg rain or shine savvy the bottom line.
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