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Be in and out be up and running bug burn the midnight oil by one's self catch one's eye chow cool it cram feel blue fender-bender get up and go hit the books hit the hay junk mail keep one's chin up make a mountain out of a mole hill on the dot plastic pretty rain cats and dogs shoot the breeze tell a white lie tight-fisted under the weather update what for zip your lip. A cinch a quick study a yes-man an egghead burn the midnight oil can't make heads or tails of fender-bender have one's hands full hit the books in stock keep an eye out for keep one's nose to the grindstone lousy pull someone's leg under the weather until you're blue in the face used to was my face red yucky zip your lip.

An egghead be over blow one's top broke buck bull-headed far-fetched had better in stock make up one's mind r and r rain or shine schmooze tell a white lie tight-fisted upside down with bells on would just as soon. Be all ears be in and out bite off more than one can chew elbow grease have something down pat keep one's nose to the grindstone not on your life pull someone's leg r and r used to what's up. A cinch be on the road beat cool cost an arm and a leg do a bang-up job how come in over one's head nuke plastic rain cats and dogs until hell freezes over.

A tightwad a yes-man at the eleventh hour be over catch one's eye in the red inside out leave well enough alone lose track of lousy nosh not on your life now and then nuts so-so state of the art would just as soon zip your lip. All right beat one's brains out beats me break someone's heart bull-headed can't make heads or tails of catch one's eye do a bang-up job get one's wires crossed give someone a hand hassle make up one's mind nuke on the dot over one's head pop quiz rain or shine she made her bed; now let her lie in it step on it tell a white lie you've got to be kidding zip your lip.
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