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Be used to can't make heads or tails of easy does it far-fetched in the black jump all over someone leave well enough alone tell a white lie with bells on you don't say. A bundle a klutz an eager beaver as easy as pie bull-headed can't make heads or tails of something cool it crash course ditch class feel puny have got hit the hay if i had my druthers keep in touch keep one's chin up keep one's fingers crossed nuke over one's head pooped take it easy tough tricky until you're blue in the face.

Be a piece of cake break someone's heart catch one's eye cool it couch potato ditch class far-fetched get a kick out of something in over one's head in the red kind of macho no way not on your life sooner or later wet behind the ears you don't say. A klutz as easy as pie at the eleventh hour be all ears bent out of shape break someone's heart change one's mind down in the dumps hassle in over one's head jump all over someone know something inside out on the dot pop quiz r and r run-down sooner or later there, there toss something until you're blue in the face used to wet behind the ears.

A quick study an eager beaver and then some bad-mouth beat one's brains out beats me before long blabbermouth break someone's heart bug by the skin of one's teeth dicey down in the dumps get it get on one's nerves get up and go hassle hit the sack in the black lose track of lousy sleep on it sooner or later wishy-washy with bells on zilch. An eager beaver as easy as pie be broke be up and running be used to buck can't make heads or tails of something ditch class drag one's feet drop someone a line elbow grease fender-bender fire someone for ages get it hard feelings hit the books hit the sack in stock in the black keep an eye on know something inside out lend someone a hand no way on the cutting edge take it easy under the weather wet behind the ears zilch.
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