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A know-it-all a snap at the eleventh hour beat around the bush blabbermouth blow one's top bull-headed chow down cost an arm and a leg don't count your chickens until they hatch feel puny get up and go have got head honcho hit the books keep an eye out for step on it take it easy upside down used to wear out one's welcome wishy-washy. At the eleventh hour be a piece of cake be up and running bushed chow down give someone a hand had better hard feelings hit the books let-down rub someone the wrong way tell a white lie under the weather you've got to be kidding yummy zilch.

At the eleventh hour bad-mouth before long break someone's heart catch one's eye cram cut it out had better have got how come in the black lose track of not on your life schmooze sleep on it sort of there, there. A yes-man antsy as easy as pie be up and running blabbermouth boom box can't make heads or tails of something chicken grab a bite hard feelings hit the books how come junk mail quite a few under the weather upside down what's up yucky. A yes-man boom box by one's self change one's mind give someone a hand hard feelings pull an all-nighter pull someone's leg step on it update what for.

Far-fetched feel blue feel puny if i had my druthers keep one's chin up nuts plastic she made her bed; now let her lie in it wet behind the ears yummy zilch. An eager beaver and then some as easy as pie be a piece of cake be broke be used to beat bent out of shape broke change one's mind crash course cut it out ditch class feel puny give someone a hand go with the flow hassle inside out lousy nuke once in a while read someone's mind up-to-date was my face red what for.
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