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As easy as pie be in and out beat around the bush feel blue get it hassle head honcho in stock keep an eye on keep in touch let sleeping dogs lie pretty rain or shine savvy take it easy yucky. Antsy be on the go be over how come junk mail keep an eye on keep in touch plastic pop quiz the bottom line two-faced yucky. Break a leg broke cool cool it drop someone a line give someone a hand hit the books jump to conclusion on the cutting edge once in a while quite a few read someone's mind.

Break someone's heart buck bull-headed call it a day catch some zs change one's mind chicken couch potato go with the flow in stock so-so tricky until hell freezes over. A low blow and then some as easy as pie break someone's heart broke cost an arm and a leg down in the dumps drag one's feet easy does it jump all over someone kind of know something backwards and forward pop quiz step on it until hell freezes over update what for. A klutz a know-it-all a yes-man antsy be on the road be up and running beat around the bush chicken crash course get up and go give someone a hand have something down pat jump to conclusion keep an eye on keep an eye out for kind of on the cutting edge rub someone the wrong way schmooze take it easy up-to-date wear out one's welcome yucky.

A bundle a low blow a yes-man bad-mouth be all ears be in and out break a leg broke bug cool don't count your chickens until they hatch for ages if i had my druthers know something inside out pretty quite a few rain cats and dogs rain or shine read someone's mind step on it what for yummy. At the eleventh hour be a piece of cake be up and running bull-headed dicey feel puny go with the flow if i had my druthers inside out on the cutting edge on time step on it.
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