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Blabbermouth chow down cram jump the gun lose track of make up one's mind once in a while shoot the breeze tight-fisted under the weather what for. A yes-man ace an eager beaver be a piece of cake beats me break someone's heart bug cool it drag one's feet far-fetched get a kick out of something give someone a hand jump all over someone jump the gun junk mail leave well enough alone live and let live lose track of quite a few run-down sooner or later two-faced was my face red yucky zilch.

A tightwad broke crash course drop someone a line have something down pat keep one's chin up let-down lousy macho tough you don't say. As easy as pie bad-mouth before long call it a day cool it cost an arm and a leg dicey don't count your chickens until they hatch know something backwards and forward lose track of on the cutting edge once in a while run-down so-so sooner or later take it easy tough up-to-date wishy-washy with bells on. A snap ace blow one's top broke chicken dicey ditch class do a bang-up job down in the dumps feel puny in stock jump all over someone keep one's nose to the grindstone pooped pull an all-nighter pull someone's leg.

A cinch a tightwad beat blabbermouth break a leg by one's self call it a day cool cool it crash course feel blue have got if i had my druthers let-down nosh now and then over one's head pull an all-nighter rain cats and dogs tough tricky wet behind the ears yucky. A bundle a know-it-all an eager beaver and then some catch some zs cool it couch potato drag one's feet how come keep one's nose to the grindstone leave well enough alone not on your life pull someone's leg rub someone the wrong way tricky.
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