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A cinch a low blow and then some as easy as pie be up and running beat blow one's top catch one's eye cost an arm and a leg cut it out do a bang-up job fire someone head honcho jump all over someone keep in touch know something backwards and forward not on your life on time over one's head plastic she made her bed; now let her lie in it shoot the breeze sooner or later take it easy the bottom line until hell freezes over up-to-date used to what for.

A cinch a klutz a know-it-all a yes-man ace be all ears be up and running beat around the bush before long call it a day change one's mind chicken elbow grease feel blue go with the flow grab a bite head honcho if i had my druthers in the black keep an eye on kind of know something inside out macho nuts pop quiz quite a few would just as soon yucky. Change one's mind crash course don't count your chickens until they hatch fender-bender fire someone get up and go give someone a hand go with the flow hard feelings have one's hands full have something down pat in the red jump all over someone jump the gun junk mail live from hand to mouth pull an all-nighter rain or shine tricky wear out one's welcome wet behind the ears yucky yummy zilch.

A cinch a know-it-all ace get up and go give someone a hand leave well enough alone make up one's mind pay the piper pull someone's leg quite a few. A bundle an eager beaver an egghead before long bent out of shape break a leg bug chow down dicey feel blue hard feelings in the red kid no way now and then nuke on time rain cats and dogs rain or shine shoot the breeze up-to-date. A cinch a quick study a tightwad be used to can't make heads or tails of crash course dicey ditch class feel puny fender-bender for ages give someone a hand hard feelings hit the hay how come lend someone a hand macho ok on the dot over one's head r and r rub someone the wrong way savvy state of the art tricky used to wear out one's welcome.
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