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A bundle an eager beaver be a piece of cake be on the road blow one's top call it a day chicken chow down cool it give someone a hand hit the books kid nuke nuts on the cutting edge rain or shine schmooze used to what for yummy. A bundle bull-headed can't make heads or tails of something get going get one's wires crossed jump the gun let sleeping dogs lie pay the piper quite a few rain cats and dogs under the weather wishy-washy with bells on. Be fed up with blow one's top broke chicken go with the flow have something down pat if i had my druthers in stock in the red live and let live live from hand to mouth nosh sleep on it the bottom line used to wear out one's welcome you don't say zilch.

A bundle a klutz a know-it-all a tightwad bad-mouth be on the go beat one's brains out blabbermouth buck can't make heads or tails of cost an arm and a leg couch potato dicey far-fetched get it hard feelings how come jump to conclusion lend someone a hand lousy nuke update upside down what for you've got to be kidding. A snap beat around the bush bushed ditch class drop someone a line get one's wires crossed in over one's head let-down live from hand to mouth macho not on your life savvy.

A cinch be over buck couch potato down in the dumps how come pay the piper quite a few schmooze shoot the breeze until hell freezes over with bells on. Ace and then some be fed up with be in and out be up and running beat around the bush beats me buck catch one's eye change one's mind chow down couch potato crash course down in the dumps feel blue feel puny for ages get out of hand hit the hay how come lend someone a hand let-down make a mountain out of a mole hill not on your life ok pop quiz stay in touch wear out one's welcome with bells on zip your lip.
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