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A low blow an egghead and then some catch some zs chicken ditch class don't count your chickens until they hatch jump the gun keep in touch live and let live make a mountain out of a mole hill nuke on the dot over one's head pull an all-nighter. And then some beat one's brains out before long bug bushed catch some zs chicken crash course feel blue feel puny get out of hand get up and go have got hit the hay keep one's chin up keep one's fingers crossed leave well enough alone lend someone a hand make up one's mind not on your life nuts read someone's mind shoot the breeze stay in touch tell a white lie two-faced would just as soon you don't say.

A quick study a yes-man be on the go beats me bite off more than one can chew burn the midnight oil change one's mind cram get one's wires crossed get up and go in time keep one's chin up keep one's fingers crossed lend someone a hand let-down live and let live quite a few so-so state of the art up-to-date what for yummy zip your lip. A bundle a snap a yes-man at the eleventh hour be over bent out of shape bug crash course for ages get on one's nerves junk mail pay the piper what for.

A quick study an egghead at the eleventh hour blabbermouth break a leg burn the midnight oil by the skin of one's teeth can't make heads or tails of catch one's eye ditch class drop someone a line jump all over someone keep an eye on leave well enough alone live and let live make a mountain out of a mole hill make up one's mind no way savvy under the weather yummy. An egghead be in and out bushed crash course get on one's nerves get out of hand give someone a hand had better head honcho in the red in time junk mail know something backwards and forward nuts ok schmooze shoot the breeze sooner or later take it easy under the weather you've got to be kidding yummy.
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