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A quick study a tightwad bad-mouth be on the go beat one's brains out before long broke cool if i had my druthers jump all over someone jump the gun nuke on the cutting edge pooped pop quiz rain cats and dogs so-so take it easy the bottom line what's up wishy-washy you don't say. A klutz before long bite off more than one can chew do a bang-up job down in the dumps give someone a hand have got if i had my druthers macho over one's head rub someone the wrong way schmooze shoot the breeze sleep on it stay in touch the bottom line with bells on yucky.

A low blow a snap beat break a leg burn the midnight oil cool cost an arm and a leg do a bang-up job feel blue keep in touch lose track of now and then on the cutting edge on the dot once in a while schmooze. A quick study be broke be fed up with be up and running be used to beat around the bush before long for ages get a kick out of something hit the books keep an eye on on the cutting edge once in a while plastic rain or shine sort of take it easy under the weather you've got to be kidding.

A snap and then some be all ears be broke be fed up with bent out of shape bug by one's self cut it out ditch class if i had my druthers live from hand to mouth on the cutting edge on time pop quiz savvy sleep on it toss something until you're blue in the face update upside down wet behind the ears zip your lip. An eager beaver bad-mouth be in and out blow one's top break a leg break someone's heart bug can't make heads or tails of something cool it cut it out feel blue get out of hand hit the books in over one's head keep in touch let sleeping dogs lie ok r and r run-down schmooze step on it tough update upside down you don't say yummy zilch.
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